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What Happens To Your Vag During And After Pregnancy

While things are made to return to their normal upright position a few months after having a baby, that doesn’t mean the whole pregnancy and childbirth thing doesn’t utterly trash everything down there. Here’s what’s gonna happen that no one warned you about:

The vagina is at its most extreme during childbirth. It stretches enough to allow a cantaloupe with legs through it, after all. Things tear, poop happens, and there will probably be stitches. During this part, we recommend avoidance. No, you really DO NOT want to watch the baby come out.

You know all that stuff that was in your uterus that kept the baby comfy? That stuff has to come out. You will leak for AGES even if you have a c-section. The hospital will give you big, ugly undies and massive pads before you go home. TAKE THEM ALL AND ASK FOR EXTRA…

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