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What Happens To Your Vag During And After Pregnancy

While things are made to return to their normal upright position a few months after having a baby, that doesn’t mean the whole pregnancy and childbirth thing doesn’t utterly trash everything down there. Here’s what’s gonna happen that no one warned you about: The vagina is at its most extreme during childbirth. It stretches enough to allow a cantaloupe with legs through it, after all. Things tear, poop happens, and there will probably be stitches. During this part, we recommend avoidance. No, you really DO NOT want to watch the baby come out. You know all that stuff that was in your uterus that kept the baby comfy? That stuff has to come out. You will leak for AGES even if you have … Read entire article »


When Everyone You Know Is Pregnant, Infertility Is Extra Painful

A million tests were done on me. My blood was drawn at two different parts of my menstrual cycle. I got a pelvic sonogram and an hysterosalpinogram (otherwise known as an HSG – a fun one, where liquid dye is shot through your fallopian tubes and an x-ray is taken). We even did a “postcoital test,” where a sample is taken from your vagina after sex, and examined under a microscope. Absolutely thrilling. I was kind of shocked that everything came back normal for me (I think many women blame themselves initially when faced with infertility). I was even more shocked when we got the news that my … Read entire article »

Some Time Away From EVERYONE

As I sit here in my basement home office, it’s hard to ignore the screams. Despite the way it sounds, no, we’re not running a bone-grinding factory, and no one is meeting their death. It’s just my two-year-old screaming because Mom is not in sight. Days like these make it painfully clear why I need time away from everyone — including my family. Or maybe especially my family. Read more … Read entire article »


Louisville is probably best known as home of the Kentucky Derby, but this historic Southern city is absolutely loaded with charm, culture, and plenty of family-friendly attractions. After several visits, I’m convinced everyone needs to add a Louisville family vacation to their travel bucket list. Check out this list of our favorite places to play, eat, and stay and you’ll understand why. Read more … Read entire article »

My Parenting Advice

Parents, if I can offer one piece of advice from the world of parenthood, it is this: find your person. Not the cutest diaper bag. Not the sleekest car or the fanciest preschool. Not the car seat that is also a stroller that is also a high chair that is also a jet pack. Read more … Read entire article »

Being A Natural Caretaker

Since I was a little girl, I have always taken on the role of caregiver. My parents broke up when I was young, and I immediately assumed a grown-up role, offering them advice and support – especially my mother, who was left by my father when she was six months pregnant with my little sister. Read more … Read entire article »

What I Want My Kids To Understand About Date Night

Dear Kids, This may be hard to believe, but I was once a woman — not just a mom, not just a walking-talking to-do list. I was once considered hot, could rock a thong and do a mean pirouette in stilettos. TMI? I so get it. No kid wants to think of their mom having sex, or worse—don’t plug your ears—enjoying it. Read more … Read entire article »

“The Year My Marriage Almost Broke” as featured on Scary Mommy

……………………We understand now that anger does not equal hatred. We realize that frustration is different from resentment. We recognize that sharing our lives doesn’t negate the fact that we are separate and independent individuals with our own goals, our own moods and our own baggage. We get cranky and impatient, and sometimes we get so fucking angry with one another we can hardly stand to be in the same room. We laugh………………. You can read the whole article HERE  … Read entire article »

WORDS & MEANINGS from Men &Women

WORDS & MEANINGS from Men &Women

Words What Women mean What Men mean Honey, where are the keys? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find the keys. Before I get up and walk to the exact spot that the keys are always kept, can you please verify that they are there? Ugh, I think I’m getting sick. I have a fever of 102, the cold sweats and my body aches. I’m sure it’s … Read entire article »