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Why I don’t show my kids’ faces…

  I’ve been at this blogging thing for a while now. I get a lot of comments.  I get a lot of questions. “HMM, how do you stay so skinny?”  “HMM, how do you stay so beautiful?”  “HMM, how do you keep it all together so flawlessly?”.. “HMM, WHY NO FACES??”.       So, yeah.. the faces question… that’s pretty much the only one…   1.  It was my decision to share my life with the vastness of the interweb.  Mine, not my kids’.  Now that they are older, I don’t post any of their stories without their permission, however I still write about them a lot.   My oldest son is in 8th grade.  I have cleaning ladies for the SOLE reason that I don’t want to change his sheets.   My children will have enough … Read entire article »


The village that raises you is always your village.

  I was very blessed in my youth to be a part of many different “families” or “villages”.   My parents’ friends and their children, my own friends and their parents, and our entire High School community during those special years. I am so lucky, at age 42 to still have my own parents as well as almost all of my friends’ parents.  Actually, more of my friends have left this earth than has the older generation. Last night, we lost a wonderful man.  He was a father of four boys and a grandfather of nine girls.  He was a “surrogate” father to countless others, myself being one. I was best friends with one of his sons during our … Read entire article »

Showers, shits and public nakedness- a peak into my subconscious.

  If you’ve been on this blog awhile, you’ve read about some of my other F*ed up Dreams..   There is a whole category on them. (you can find more of them at the bottom of this page under “Related Posts and Interests”). It’s been a long time since I’ve documented one of my nighttime adventures…     yeah…  here ya go. I’m on Saint Simons Island with my friends who live there and the 4 of us are traveling around the island on a motorcycle with wine glasses in each hand.  NOTE:  One motorcycle.  With a banana seat.  And 4 grown women asses.  And 8 glasses of wine.  Just traipsing all over the island like conjoined quadruplet … Read entire article »

and THIS is why so many kids these days are pussies

  Honestly,  I cannot even believe that I am writing this post, but after I posted a pic of a text conversation with my son on Facebook and then  some of the comments, I had to drop everything and share this with you. As you may or may not know, I have one highly gifted child, one with a learning disability, and one  who is fairly smart and extremely hard working.   The latter two receive A’s and B’s on every report card and progress report.  Number One gets C’s.  And sometime’s D’s.   Wanna guess which one is “off the charts gifted”?   Yeah.. that one. When I was working, I went to a management conference and … Read entire article »

Everything that I never knew I wanted.

  In 2004, when my husband began traveling extensively for work, my world was turned upside down.  With three sons under 4 years old, we had always shared the parenting responsibilities.  We both worked full time jobs and had scheduled our work hours accordingly.  I worked from 7am – 3pm while he took care of the children.  He worked from 3pm – 11pm while I did.  {Occasionally we even got to sleep!} Our offices were close to one another and we met every day to do the “hand off”. My husband has always been a great dad.  Back then, he was also a great mom.   He had the day shift.  He made pancakes, changed diapers, got them all … Read entire article »

Why being a bad “parent” makes me a good “mom”

  Admittedly, I’m never going to be in the running for Parent of the Year.  Never, ever, EVER going to happen.  Ever.  {ever} Sometimes my house is a mess.  Sometimes I forget to pay the bills and services get disconnected. Sometimes my kids come home from school to a messy house without power.  Or cable.  Or without power AND cable. Sometimes, when my kids beg to sleep in or play hooky, I let them. Sometimes I feed them bushels of fruits and veggies. Sometimes I feed them processed foods. Sometimes I even feed them GMO’s. Sometimes I don’t register them for sports in time and they don’t get on the “right” team. Sometimes I don’t register them for sports at all because the … Read entire article »

I am BLESSED and I don’t care who knows it.

  I just returned from a weekend in New York City with my first born. It was an incredible few days.  Truly, one of those weekends that many can only dream of.  I am blessed. There.  I said it.  I am BLESSED.  Change “blessed” to lucky, fortunate, or any other word of your choosing.  THAT is how I feel and THAT is what I am. Every minute of every day I am grateful.  I am grateful for the things that I have earned and the things that I have been given.  I am grateful for plain, dumb luck. This blog (and specifically the Facebook page that accompanies it) has grown exponentially over the past few months.   While posting on … Read entire article »

To blog or to Facebook? That is the question….

  New Year, New resolutions, New blog post. Same bullshit. In addition to my normal “let me be better” goals of lose weight, exercise more, drink less, don’t smoke, blah blah blah….  I REALLY do want to get to back to writing on the blog on a semi-regular basis (ie: weekly). But here’s the rub.   Writing on the blog is kind of a pain in the ass. Let me e’splain…  No, it’s too much…  Let me sum up .. I need access to a computer.   I’m a busy bee.  I’m not home that often.   I have a smartphone.  Updating a Facebook status with my thumbs is easy.  It’s quick.  It’s painless.  It offers immediate gratification. I do not run … Read entire article »

Why December kicks my ass. Every fracking year.

  I’ve written and bragged and yelled from the rooftops to anyone who will listen about how I make Christmas my bitch.   I do.  I really do.  But every year.. EVERY fracking year..  there are a fucktillion things that I’m in charge of, outside of my own family’s Christmas, that get the best of me. When I was working, we had a two weeks of mid-year reviews the middle 2 weeks of December.  2 weeks of 12-hour work days with business dinners at night.  When I quit working, I was so excited to have my holidays FREE!  Then I volunteered to be in charge of several activities and chair several committees that all culminated around the … Read entire article »

There’s a chance THIS IS MINE!!! {half explanation and half angry rant}

  Hello!! My name Inigo Montoya, you kill my father.. prepare to die. No, wait.. that’s not right.. Hello!  My name is Hot Mess Mom!  I am the sole owner of Hot Mess Events & Entertainment.  I write a blog.  I hold events.  I sell merchandise. One morning in 2012, I got out of the shower, wrapped in a towel and said to myself Self? You know what would be funny?  Water bottles with “there’s a chance this is vodka” written on them.  Ha Ha Ha!! You are soooooooo funny! So, I called my printer, ordered a few cases of bottles and had him print them.  My invoice for this order was $1500.   I had no money and no guarantee … Read entire article »