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Zits. HMM style

The 2 Carat Princess had quite a blemish going on this week. I was fairly unforgiving about it. I had to explain to everyone that I was not being mean… well, not really mean.. I kept telling her that I thought a spider had laid eggs in her face and when she popped that bad boy, hundreds of baby spiders were going to spill out.

As Karma generally does… I (who almost never get zits) got 2 the next day. One was little. One was not.

I went to my parents tonight for dinner. (Let’s keep in mind that I am 40 years old)

My Mom: What’s on your face??

Me: It’s a zit, Mom.

My Mom: Oh my God..

then yells to my sister

Go get an extra chair! D brought a friend to dinner…

And THAT,my friends, is how I lived my teenage years.. If we got a pimple, my mom would set another plate at the table and ask us throughout the meal..

“What’s your friends name? Is it hungry? It looks like it could eat a whole burger”

Explains a lot, huh?

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11 Responses to "Zits. HMM style"

  1. KareBear says:


  2. Ann says:

    I used to joke with my friend at work when there was a new pustule on board, “who’s the new girl?” We would laugh and laugh. Good times!

  3. judy says:

    you crack me up!!

  4. Julie says:

    AWESOME. See, my mom never did stuff like that, so I guess I was just born amazingly sarcastic :)

  5. Leslie says:

    OMG!!! This is SO FUNNY!!! Thanks for my morning laugh =) totally needed it!!

  6. Nadine says:

    I think that is hilarious. I never had acne growing up and today I woke up with one zit. I tried to pop it and it got very angry. :/

  7. Samantha says:

    My daughter asked me today how to get the “bumps” off her forehead. I corrected her with “War zone of acne”. But anywhoooo’ I told her to wash her forehead with this acne wash. And her response to me was “Wait’ your suppose to wash your forehead”. Needless to say I probably have a concusion after slamming my head into the wall a few times.

  8. kate says:

    hahaha… thats so funny. they really do have a sense of humour

  9. RobininHouston says:


  10. MANDA says:

    LMAO!! love it!!

  11. Karen says:

    I don’t think we have enough seating in the entire house to set extra places for all the “friends” my twin 16 yr old boys bring home daily!! LOL

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