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Hot Mess Mom » Dear Diary » Why December kicks my ass. Every fracking year.

Why December kicks my ass. Every fracking year.


I’ve written and bragged and yelled from the rooftops to anyone who will listen about how I make Christmas my bitch.   I do.  I really do.  But every year.. EVERY fracking year..  there are a fucktillion things that I’m in charge of, outside of my own family’s Christmas, that get the best of me.

When I was working, we had a two weeks of mid-year reviews the middle 2 weeks of December.  2 weeks of 12-hour work days with business dinners at night.  When I quit working, I was so excited to have my holidays FREE!  Then I volunteered to be in charge of several activities and chair several committees that all culminated around the Holidays.  And that was okay.. I’m a good scheduler..    I was overwhelmed, but made it happen.

And now I have There’s a chance this is vodka®.  Which, luckily enough has turned into a full fledged business requiring 80+ hours a week of my blood, sweat and tears.  And while I’ve cut back on some other obligations in my life, I take my holiday commitments very seriously and can’t seem to let them go.

So, when you see me post on FB about being exhausted or my fingers bleeding or being exhausted or needing wine or being exhausted..Or needing more wine…  Here is a quick overview of my December responsibilities.

Operation Christmas Child : I head up this AMAZING outreach program for our church.  This year we collected over 100 boxes to be sent worldwide by Samaritan’s Purse  to over 300 Third-world countries.

IMG_7501[1] IMG_7502[1]


How awesome is that?  My boys assembled the boxes, helped me pick them up, sort, and deliver to the drop off location.  Can’t give THAT up!

Elementary School Holiday Shop:  This is my baby.  I started it 3 years ago.  I purchase (with PTA funds) over $3,000 worth of merchandise and assemble it into gift baskets for the students to purchase family gifts under $10.  I assemble, stock, re-stock, set up, break down, and run this store every day for a week.  It’s so much work, but it is one of my favorite things of the year.. Honestly.. the kids are sooo happy!!

What starts as this:

IMG_7395[1] IMG_7399[1]


becomes THIS:

IMG_8062[1] IMG_8061[1] IMG_8060[1]IMG_8059[1]


How awesome is THAT?  I love it!  I’ll be in exhausted tears by Friday after doing it for a week, but clearly I can’t give THAT up!

Collecting gifts for kids in need:  In 2011, the school guidance counselor and I partnered to get gifts for the 5 needy families at our school.  It was 11 children.  In 2012, we had 21 children.  This year we have 42.   I solicit the school parents for donations and gift fulfilling, organize gifts by family and leave with the counselor for distribution.   I never know what kids the gifts are for, only the gender and age.  Another of my favorite things of the year.

{No pics for this one.. it’s not my story to tell}

And then there’s this.



which begets this:



and this


and THIS



Which every day, leads to this:


And, of course.. the regular Christmas holiday duties of this, this, and this…

3 2 8

But it’s totally worth it because then I have THIS!

1 5


And just when I think I’m about to fall over, I look out the window and see this:



And then I know, that even though every year, December KICKS MY ASS….   I’ll do the same things again next year.. because I love them.  But I’ll take time to vent.  And to nap..  Because I do NOT want to end up like this guy.  He is really not handling the stress well at all.

7 IMG_8071[1]

Nope,  he’s not doing well at all…

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17 Responses to "Why December kicks my ass. Every fracking year."

  1. Liese says:

    You are amazing! And disgusting. Good job, mrs. Yvonne!

  2. jennifer says:

    You rock and are an inspiration. When I want to whine about my obligations I’ll think of you :-)

  3. Gerardette McCarthy says:

    What u do is wonderful and I would be exhausted just thinking about it! But u do make a difference in people’s lives and that is great,especially around this time!! Kudos to you! It is truly a happy holiday for those less fortunate than we are when there are people in the world like you!!!

  4. sabrina baker says:

    you are totally awesome!! here I thought my job as a stay at home mom was tough. Not anymore! I commend u hmm!! & I also love u to pieces! my kids school used to have a shop like that.& the girls loved the fact they could shop for us themselves! but they don’t now. Idk what happened. except we live in a very small town & we’re broke. (grades prek-12 in one school)
    I love reading ur blog & fb posts! uve definitely got more creative genes than I!
    keep on keeping on!! u & a few select others tend to make my day waaaay better or just make me Lmao! thanx for all u do!
    & one day I WILL have ur whole set of ” there’s a chance this is vodka” line! ♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡

  5. Mandy says:

    Love it or hate it or both! Thus is life right? You do more than most you have right to bitch whine and mpan every now and again! Really you are doing some amazinud and you are definitely not a DTWFC!

  6. I’m completely in awe of you on the regular then you do this and I look at myself and say “Self, get your shit together” Awesomeness at it’s fullest and what wonderful humans you are raising!

  7. Heather says:

    I love you! Your blog and fb posts are awesome and I love reading them! My 5 year old’s Kindergarten class, as well as his entire school, participated in OCC this year so I know exactly how time consuming that is! And listen, if you ever need any decorations or wreaths for any occasion, hit me up! I make them to order, from small to extra large and the wreaths are all made out of grapevine so they’re sturdy. You just tell me the occasion or holiday, how full or sparse you want it filled and what colors you’d like and I’ll have it done in no time! I figure everybody needs a little boost now and then and what better way than to have someone else make something unique and pretty!

  8. TJ says:

    New favorite word, “fucktillion”! Absofuckinlutely love it!!! Don’t know how you get it all done. Love, love, love your blog.

  9. dana says:

    Hats off to you lady!! :)

  10. Martha says:

    Way to make me feel like I suck…LOL. Your awesome and I have no idea when you find time for Vodka.

  11. Oh my gosh, girl!!! I need a nap after thinking about everything you do!!

    Good for you–and for all the families you help!

  12. Mary says:

    wow you rock

  13. April D says:

    I love you!!!! Every time I’m having a bum moment, you happen to just pop up in my news feed and just like that I can turn my frown upside down. Lol, what a fruitcake. You are amazing and all your fans support you! Thanks from this mess of a mom in CA!

  14. Jo Ann Simko says:

    I love everything you do! I wish I could do more things like you. I was doing my Elementary school holiday shop but I don’t think I can this year..I would truly love see your baskets and pick your brain on ideas for what I saw.

  15. Those are some impressive good deeds you’re doing there. May Santa bring you a stocking full of vodka this year.

  16. Granna Zee says:

    I stumbled across your website to day and thought I should really follow this blog but then I read your December Kick Ass post!!
    I can’t possibly follow someone who puts me to shame as you do!! Seriously, there are not enough hours in the day for all that!!
    I am retired ans STILL wouldn’t achieve as much …. and my new favourite word is no fucktillion!!!!
    PS. I have to follow you now cause I need some inspiration

  17. Stacey says:

    How wonderful that you are doing all of the above while keeping your home with three kids afloat!

    Giving is absolutely the spirit of Christmas, and the best gift to give of all is your time. Congratulations!!!

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