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When Everyone You Know Is Pregnant, Infertility Is Extra Painful

A million tests were done on me. My blood was drawn at two different parts of my menstrual cycle. I got a pelvic sonogram and an hysterosalpinogram (otherwise known as an HSG – a fun one, where liquid dye is shot through your fallopian tubes and an x-ray is taken). We even did a “postcoital test,” where a sample is taken from your vagina after sex, and examined under a microscope. Absolutely thrilling.

I was kind of shocked that everything came back normal for me (I think many women blame themselves initially when faced with infertility). I was even more shocked when we got the news that my husband had low sperm count – so low, in fact, that the doctor told us IVF might be our only option for a viable conception.

So that’s where I was when that photo was taken – happily grinning because Jane’s son was so delicious – and yet totally shattered as I digested the news that my quest for a child of my own was suddenly becoming much more complicated and stressful than I ever expected it to be.

My story has a good ending. Once we’d found out the news about my husband’s sperm count, we immediately took steps to increase sperm production, and lo and behold, that very month we conceived our first son.

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