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Tuesdays with Gooley- Episode 24


Random Splooge

And now, another episode of Tuesday with Gooley. Problem is – I got nothing!

If you are even tuning in after Sundays unfortunate discloser, than you deserve a medal. It took almost a half-bottle of cheap vodka and a full bottle of good wine to release that from the dark parts of my psyche. I reread it the next morning and had a similar reaction to many of you. One part interesting to two parts disturbing – Shaken then splooged.  I do however feel better having told the tale. It is friggin’ hilarious…right?


This episode will be Seinfeldesque. – a blog about nothing. A blog about nothing more than what pops into my noggin as related to events prescient. Perhaps this is apropos as I fancy myself the Kramer of HMM; tall, goofy and not exactly balanced.

I will start by pulling together two of the above references – Splooge and Seinfeld – to introduce to you my new writing hero, Brenda Boo. You may recognize her from comments on earlier TWG posts. This girl/mommy/friend of HMM (and mine) is brilliant and has a way with words that is both entertaining and cerebral. HMM asked her to write a guest post and soon we will all be able to see inside of her mind. I can’t wait. The way she so effortlessly dispenses her thoughts using words like brush strokes pulls you in in a way that is rare. Even simple exchanges on FB turn into full-bodied cerebral Judo that I have a difficult time keeping time with. Make popcorn and pour your favorite liquid beverage as you digest her majesty.

In real time, I just spent an hour lost in the annals of Facebook looking for a priceless exchange between Brenda, HMM and I to include for your entertainment pleasure. After tearing out what’s left of my hair, I asked Messy where it was. Apparently, her reverence for Brenda is on par with mine as well as her intention to share the exchange. She deleted it and has her own plan. I’m sure it will be a hit.

Moving on…

This morning Big Balls asked more questions about the Million Milf March. It has become an odd topic in our household. He actually thinks it’s an event where a bunch of horny drunk women are gonna try to have sex with me. Although that may or may not be true, I led him to the website where he proceeded to read every word. Then tonight, he came to me and asked, “How do I become a sponsor?” Apparently he now approves after seeing that it is well organized around a good cause.

I then texted Messy about Big Balls’ intentions. Of course this led to another ridiculous exchange between HMM and I revolving around a gorilla. BB loves to support worthy causes and does so often and without any ego based need for recognition. In this case, he wants nothing EXCEPT to be recognized on the MMM site alongside a picture of a silverback gorilla. That’s all. Here’s the text exchange.




















So, what else? Sadly, nothing. Really. I’m tapped and tired and have nothing more in my well. The fun done run dry. I will however bring something ridiculous later this week. In the meantime stay tuned for Brenda Boo. I actually feel better keeping this post spare knowing that Brenda will blow your synapses with her take on..well…anything. Give her love and be sure not to over punctuate when you do. Trust me !!!!

Good night. I’m done :)

HMM here..  so funny that while Gooley was writing this , I was writing THIS….  these two posts really must go hand in hand..   So, today instead of just Tuesday with Gooley.. you are getting the bonus plan…    Ladies & Gentlemen~ Meet Brenda Boo.

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8 Responses to "Tuesdays with Gooley- Episode 24"

  1. Dan Mcsherry says:

    K Have not read this yet but took the cue from your introduction to glance back to your last post. The tragic pee story must be very liberating to you. Some of the worst things I have seen or heard are much more disturbing enduring it alone….I get it. It was his pee I assume? Jim I am going to go out on a limb here…IT DOESNT FUCKING WORK! I dont give a shit what anybody says. Your body works all day to get rid of this piss and you stick it back in? Thats some crazy ass shit…And when I meet BB I will tell him…AND YOU! YOU ASSPISSER YOU! Just tell him the shit dont work…How bout you draw some fecal fluid too. Freakshow! Okay I am now going to read your next offering…Be back in a minute…

  2. Dan Mcsherry says:

    Jim it might be just left to me eventually to extoll your virtues…did he pick the Gorilla just to FUCK with me? Why would someone pick a Gorilla? Yes I do hate Chimpanzees worse then Gorillas but they will fuck your shit up too….Monkeys ! Everywhere I turn …They will kill you…Ever see planet of the Apes? Those directors see the future….Kill monkeys now! All of them…Its hard to take a rec on a women from the likes of you but I will take a look at Boo….I gotta be the only hetero spending this much time on a website without seeing some ass…The things I do to stay involved with my friends….Anyway they shut down silicon valley porn momentarily for a syphillis outbreak…

  3. Gooley says:

    I’ll be sure to tell BB of your grand wisdom. He’s read your comments and already has deep respect for your intelligence. :)

  4. Dan Mcsherry says:

    Intelligence? I might play the fool sometimes and embellish but Im not the guy mainlining PISS!! I can be intelligent if I want to so…there! This is my escape too…So now I hope those milfs do hold you down and dry hump your ass….I do repect the unbridled unapologetic confessions though…Keep them coming!

  5. Nikki says:

    Thanks for the morning laugh sweetness!

  6. Shelli says:

    Please let Dan take a turn on your blog. He has so much to say.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      yeah… that’s probably not going to happen.. ;)

      1. Dan Mcsherry says:

        Its very hard for me to be involved with anything at any level without being counted. Just very passionate. In fact I have been villified and come back for more. I even get my first backhanded compliment and you poo-poo me. Biatch! And I know that fucking monkey has to be posted to shame me..

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