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Today~ I cheat.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for 18 days.     I have been SUCH a rule follower since I started this diet.    I have had 4-5 drinks total during this time.   I have eaten nothing but grilled chicken, fish, fruit, veggies and brown rice.    I have lost 12 pounds.  It has been worth it.

It’s a 24-day challenge.   I”m not done.  I have another week.   But TODAY…. I cheat.    And I will cheat big time! 

You know the 3 other families that we do so much with?    {if you are new to the blog, visit almost any post under ANTICS and you’ll know about our little group of alcoholic pranksters}.    Tonight is our  Valentine’s Day.    Because honestly…  with 50+ years of marriage between us, nobody wants to spend Valentine’s Day alone with their spouse.    And certainly no one wants to spend Valentine’s Day ON Valentine’s Day.    Ick.

So,  tonight is our Valentine’s Day.   Our incredible meal will be eaten at a table beautifully set with the 2-carat Princess’s wedding china.   We will drink good wine, eat good food, laugh like hyenas and dance in the kitchen.    And most importantly.. there will be butter.      

 I dreamed about it last night.   I did. Cheese!!   Steak and crab cakes and hollandaise sauce!  And dessert!  And champagne!  And wine!   And Irish coffees.   And cigarettes if I’m lucky!!

Muffy and I will slur. Seven will translate. Scooter will sneak off to puke bed.   Homeless Hair will break wine glasses and 2-carat Princess will clean it up.  Pterodactyl and Eeyore will attempt to violate someone~~ most likely Homeless Hair. 

It’s going to be grand.   I cannot wait.   I may lick a stick of butter today in preparation.  




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9 Responses to "Today~ I cheat."

  1. Muffy says:

    I can’t decide if I should starve myself all day and risk passing out before dessert, or eat all day and risk being too full to enjoy dinner but put off my slurring until the third beer. It’s a dilemma for sure! Here’s to VD!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      i’m having the same dilemma…

  2. Earth Muffin says:

    Eat, drink and be a hot mess!

  3. liese531 says:

    Muffy’s “Here’s to VD” cracked me the fuck up.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      we call it VD.. I even painted a canvas last year pink and heart-y.. it says.. VD~ it’s contagious.

  4. Claire Lopez says:

    You ARE a hot mess. I can sooooo relate!

  5. Cayce says:

    I love you D! I enjoy every single post and wish I was part of your travel adventures – meaning, I don’t like to travel, really wish that I did but I just don’t. Wish you and your 3 (or 4) boys would travel up here and visit and crack me up! Pretty sure our boys would get along!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      aww~~ thanks Cayce! I’m sure we’ll make it up your way over the summer!!

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