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Thoughtful, homemade AND alcoholic…. makes a damn good gift.


Teacher gifts piss me off.   It’s not that I don’t appreciate teachers..  it’s the opposite.  My kids have been blessed with amazing teachers.  The gifted kid has extra teachers…the SLD kid has extra teachers…. add to that tutors and music teachers.. it’s half of my Christmas list.   And I’m a thoughtful gift giver.. I’m not generally a “walk through Marshall’s, pick up some stationary or some expired chocolates” type of shopper.    I like to put thought into my shizzle….

I have 3 kids.. they’ve been in school for a combined total of 22 years… I’m done.  I’m out of ideas.  I’m sick of monogramming.

THIS year, they are getting liquor!!   {anyone who teaches my kids every day deserves liquor}.   I found a recipe and was very excited to make homemade Limoncello.  I bought really cool bottles from Ikea, made my recipient list, downloaded the recipe and was ready to go.  Until I actually read the directions and A) you have to let it ferment for 4-6 weeks and B) you have to peel about 20 fucktillion lemons and make sure to get 100% of the white stuff off of the rind…  that’s a lot of lemon zest, a lot of time, and a lot of “hell no..”.

So I searched far and wide (10 minutes on Google) for something else that sounded yummy..


Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur..  mmmm… right??

I found a lot of recipes that contained raw eggs.  I opted not to use those, but it is noted in those recipes that the raw eggs make the liqueur more frothy when served.

Took one minute.  Literallly…. it took ONE MINUTE to make..  y’all have been blowing up my Facebook all day for the recipe.  Here ya go…Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur

It looks amazing.  I only tasted a tiny bit and it tasted amazing… and STRONG!  Stronger than expected… therefore, better than expected.

I made cute labels for each bottle (including allergen info and calories/etc.) and will attach some pretty ribbon….  hope the teachers enjoy boozing it up:)

{click that banner and liquor up the teachers.. }

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Mean Halloween

the creator of the school lunches does not have children. {according to Number Two}

Seven better watch it or he'll be eating frozen pizza.

Perfect children, cheese and chocolate.

19 Responses to "Thoughtful, homemade AND alcoholic…. makes a damn good gift."

  1. There is literally no other person in the world who would get away with giving a teacher alcohol.

  2. Teachers drink too! They will either love you, or think you are a closet alcoholic and keep their eyes on your children for signs of neglect. Lets hope for the first one :)

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      either way.. it would be a win/win :)

  3. Lori says:

    As someone who has worked for 15 years at an after-school program, I can tell you that liquor is BRILLIANT and warranted idea :))
    Your teachers are lucky to have a fun, brave Mom like you!

    I’d kill for a bottle of this. Hope some of our parents are reading this :) the phrase “fuck trillion”. I try and use it whenever possible

  4. Current Teacher says:

    I wish there was a LOVE button!!! Very original and unfortunately not enough parents ever think that we teachers would enjoy a gift like the one that you made. Thank you for making people aware that teachers are human too….enjoy a good drink now and again!

  5. Former teacher says:

    As a former teacher, I have to say that receiving alcohol was appreciated. I got wine a few times. However, to avoid seeing your kids’ favorite teachers get fired, I’d like to suggest a couple of delivery options. Either label them with each teacher’s name and give them to the principal to distribute at whatever time he or she seems apropriate, or send a note to each teacher to come to the parking lot to meet you for their gift so that they can put it directly into their cars. Some schools have very strict policies about alcohol on school property and you don’t want your children or the teachers held accountable! Great gift!!!

  6. Wow – you are a lot more crafty than i am – Do you think I can just go pick up a bunch of 40′s????

  7. Carol Louise says:

    I remember now why I love you! Very thoughtful. And I agree. Don’t let your kids bring the bottles to school–you know your kids will make history being the first kids ever to get busted with alcohol possession and the intent to distribute! I’m watching the news just in case ;)

  8. Margo says:

    If giving gifts to teachers makes you mad don’t. Make your children do it. Giving alcohol sends the wrong message to the kids. Tell your kids to make a thoughtful gift. I understand your trying to be nice but really what kind of message does this send to our children. I understand that the point of your blog is typical mom behavior anarchy. However this one is not funny. This type of stunt is one that will make other moms hate you. It’s our duty as mothers to stick together to teach our children core values. If you send this kind of message your not helping out. Your just adding to the problem. This just adds to the other mother that believes its ok to put a fish bowl of condoms on the back of her teenage boys toilet. I’m sick of thinking about what’s taught at home in the homes of my children’s classmates. Really! Lets stick together. Common I’m out here and I need help to teach my kids morrals. Leave the alcohol on your own turf. Don’t bring it into our children’s school. That’s my turf or our turf.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      A) I volunteer at the school 3 days per week. I have a great relationship with the teachers and will absolutely give them alcohol. My kids won’t be bringing in to school in their backpacks.. it’s not a 6-pack of canned beer. it’s a lovely bottle full of yumminess.

      B) What kind of message does it send to the kids? I’m fairly certain it sends no message at all. Nor does a monogrammed bag, a box of chocolates or a lunchbox.

      C) Alcohol is a part of our social life. We talk to our kids about drinking all of the time. My kids understand that IF you are old enough and IF you do not drink to excess and NEVER EVER drive… then drinking alcohol is a perfectly acceptable part of being an adult.

      and D) this is soooo not a stunt that make the other moms hate me… but if they do.. that’s on them. I’m 10000% comfortable with my decision and my gifts.

  9. Old Faithful says:

    We should totally pretend like teachers don’t drink and no one uses condoms. That works.

  10. Ann says:

    Dear Margo.
    You do not have to agree with everything you read on the internet. Some things are written for entertainment purposes. Similarly you do not need to comment on everything you disagree with. Nobody really gives a shit about your high horse or your opinions. If they did, you may have your own blog maybe called “prissy mommy jeans”.
    We all teach our kids morals. On our kids’ turf. This is mommy blog turf. If you don’t like it, stay off the lawn!

  11. Madwoman says:

    HMM Don’t listen to that garbage. Fishbowls of condoms don’t make people have sex. I have assloads of Halloween candy still sitting in plain view, uneaten. Smart parents teach their children self control. I’m much more concerned about rampant stupidity. My eyes started to burn when I got to the 2nd or 3rd misuse of *your* instead of *you’re*.

    1. ImakelovetoTito says:

      Love! Love! Love!

  12. Sasha says:

    Great post..Good use of home made things…

  13. LOVED this! Makes me want to teach your kids! Can I get there in time to get on the gift list? :)

  14. Julie says:

    Love this idea! As a college professor, I’d *love* to receive this from my students.

  15. Janis says:

    This was my first time going to read any blogs and needless to say I was laughing at the comments. My sister and her husband are both teachers and a friend of theirs on their wedding day got them a jagermeister machine. Teachers drink too they do not just sit and read books all day. My sister and her husband are both in a band together and travel on the east coast playing shows…and oh wait…they are parents of two little girls under 3. I’ve never seen their machine used but no teacher would refuse a kindly homemade gift of alcohol. Oh and while I was reading this I had been trying to make dinner needless to say I burnt our pork chops…and almost set off our fire alarm :) Thank you for the laugh.

  16. J-ho says:

    1)Margo is a douche
    2)Fucking awesome idea … stealing it from ya but will credit HMM on my labels
    3)Recipe says 16 servings … does make one of those killer bottles from Ikea?

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