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The recipe for getting blissful sleep ~ Sponsored Post

This post came in this morning minutes after I complained about my ever-increasing insomnia and 24 hours after I purchased a new mattress.  I’m taking it as a sign ;)    This information is provided by Wedo. Simple. Shopping. 

Although bedtime should be a restful part of any day, a British study shows that barely 39% of adults sleep well at night and the causes involved include insomnia, sleep apnea and partner disturbance such as teeth-grinding, snoring and especially the other’s midnight shuffles.
Let us focus on the issue of “partner disturbances”. The Sleep Council has conducted a poll showing that one in four couples have decided to sleep in separate bedrooms in order not to suffer the other’s bad sleep habits and eventually enjoying the sleeping space they deserve.



We believe this is quite a radical solution and we would rather suggest other ways to bring peace to households,such as sleeping with earplugs or simply getting a bigger bed. We have therefore shortlisted some of our favourite ideas that we hope will be inspiring:

-          Sleeping on the side
The body position plays an important role during sleep and it is said that it even has an effect on individuals who suffer from snoring and teeth-grinding. For example, back positions (starfish and soldier positions) are good to prevent back and neck pains but are bad positions in terms of snoring as back sleepers generally end up not breathing as well during night as side sleepers. If this solution doesn’t work for you, you should consider wearing earplugs as they do a great job of lowering the volume of outside noises.

 Zip and link mattress
If your partner is particularly bad at tucking and rolling, you should consider a zip and link mattress. Zip and links are basically two single or small single mattresses that are held together with a zipped cover. Whether you choose to attach two single or two small single mattresses together, you will either sleep on a king size mattress or a super-king mattress. Zip and Link mattresses have the advantage of not only extending each sleeper’s sleeping space, but they also allow you to comfortably sleep in your own bed without being affected by your partner moves. Each sleeper can then choose the mattress type that works best for them, allowing both partners to sleep soundly and move as much as they want during the night without waking each other up.

-          Change the type of mattress
Consider investing in a pocket sprung mattress or a multi zoned mattress. These types of mattresses are particularly appropriate when two people with difference in weight or in size share a bed together. A zoned mattress or a pocket sprung mattress will do a better job of providing targeted support for each sleeper. Pocket springs help to avoid the “roll together” effect as individual springs react to the weight applied directly to each one.

-          Size up the bed
Ergonomic studies have also shown that couples sleep better in a bigger bed. A British double bed is 135cm wide which basically gives each person just the width of a baby’s cot to sleep.  Considering that a double bed hardly gives two adults enough room to get a good night’s sleep, it comes as no surprise that one sleeps better in a king size bed or a super-king bed, which are respectively 150cm and 180cm wider than a double bed.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to ensuring that a shared bed is comfortable for both sleepers. Whether you decide to go for a zip and link bed set, a pocket sprung mattress, ear plugs or a king size bed, the secret to most issues is get more space in bed to roll around and act as if no one was sleeping next to you.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I don’t mean to advertise for them, but everyone in our family has terrible insomnia and hangovers (minors excluded) heheh and we like the biomat…just sayin’

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