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Thanksgiving Chicken and vegefruit.


Me:  Number Three, what did you have for lunch?

Him:  Um…  chicken………..

Me:  What kind of chicken?

Him:  You know.. Thanskgiving chicken.  Since it’s almost Thanksgiving.

Me:  So, turkey?

Him:  yeah, turkey.

Me:  What else?

Him:  well,  fruit of course,  and chocolate milk.  and…………….

Me:  Stuffing?  Potatoes?

Him:  yes! Potatoes!  And I had mine with gravy.

Me:  Were there any other vegetables or were the potatoes the vegetable?

Him:  Well, the fruit was the vegetable.   It was pears.  And they are green.  So they are pretty much a vegetable AND a fruit.

Me:  Huh.  Alright then.

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  2. K-dawg says:

    Don’t you just love the wholesome, healthy slop they serve in public school. Ick. Oh and green pears are by far the best option yet. Gross.

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