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Hot Mess Mom » Family, Travel » Thanksgiving 2012 in New Orleans- a pictorial

Thanksgiving 2012 in New Orleans- a pictorial



I always WANT to write about Thanksgiving with my family, but then I just can’t..  There aren’t words.

So, here are pics from our week in New Orleans.

Swamp tour, French Quarter, Plantations, friends, family, food, drink and lots and lots of playtime. 


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5 Responses to "Thanksgiving 2012 in New Orleans- a pictorial"

  1. Elaine says:

    Great pics. Makes me miss home.

  2. Loving this says:

    Best post ever!!!!!! I love you and your family. How boring am I?? No snark or bitchiness…very uncomfortable warm fuzzies happening. My gooey center is showing again.

  3. Jason says:

    oh…THAT swamp, not THEE SWAMP!!

    Oh well….still looks like you had a nice holiday! :P

  4. Dee, Liese's Mommie says:

    Soooo glad you were here and had a great time. Wonderful pictures and next time you are here I hope you can come by the house in the French Quarter for a glass of wine or bottle of wine or multiples of your choice. I’m not so sure about being ready for Christmas this early unless it means you finally finished evrything for Christmas, 2011.
    THAT,I understand!

  5. A picture is worth a thousand words. So well done, in explaining, how much fun you had with your family! Happy Holidays :)

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