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Hot Mess Mom » Guest Bloggers » Summer Guest Blogging Series welcomes THE COOL GIRL!! (she is y’all.. she is definitely cool)

Summer Guest Blogging Series welcomes THE COOL GIRL!! (she is y’all.. she is definitely cool)

My Blog And Me And Our Love/Hate Affair

When The Hot Mess herself asked me to guest blog an eternity ago (it seems like anyway), I was really excited! We have had plenty of guest bloggers over at but have never guest blogged for anyone else. Suddenly I was awash with feelings of holy shit, what if her readers hate my writing! What if they figure out the “cool” girl is a little more geeky than cool? Well, fuck it. Since that is the same emotion that I go through every single time I hit “publish” on a new post, we’re just going to go with it, m’mkay? Besides, HMM promised me a long time ago that she would tell me this one story about working at a nudist colony over here in my neck of the woods, and I’m STILL waiting. So, maybe this will butter her up a little so I can find out about all of these interesting things that I need to laugh at…

I have an awful love/hate relationship with my blog. For the longest time I refused to even call it a blog. It was a website. An informative website that all women would love because we have a little of everything. In my head that was the perfect description. In reality it has become something totally different, almost its own living being. Sometimes I want to nurture it, sometimes I want to ignore it and pretend it died. For like a minute. Then I get over it.

When it comes to the blog, there are two of us. I just happen to be the big mouth of the duo. Sally and I (not her real name just like Harley Quinn isn’t my real name. But you knew that right?) have spent countless hours shaping and reshaping the blog format and sections and adding in all the things we love (some that we even just like a little). Some things we have barely dabbled in, some parts of the blog have exploded. She has a pesky full time business to run over in Sweden, so most of what she has time to do these days is in the form of aesthetics and back end updates to our website in general, and maybe a fun post here or there when she has a little free time (which isn’t much free time, because she is a super busy gal). She was the one that had the thought of starting to begin with, so I owe her both a debt of gratitude and a kick in the shins for this little project that has become almost like my second child.

I have found a lot out about myself through this blog, and for that I am thankful. I have discovered that I can’t write about something interesting every day and have it be something worth reading. I have found that I have a genuine love for music of all kinds, and that sharing both my playlists and my latest blog posts with the masses honestly kind of feels like standing naked in a room full of strangers waiting to be judged for both my gunt (as HMM so eloquently calls it) and my love of 80’s & 90’s R&B. Well damn, side by side I can see there may be a correlation between the two. Maybe… I have also found that what we once referred to as a website or online magazine, is in all reality just a fabulously fun blog showcasing the depths of our ADD. Because really, why pick just ONE thing to be your niche when you can PICK ALL THE TOPICS!!!

So, at the end of the day, when I take too long to post the Cool Girl of The Month post, or to write a guest blog for a certain fabulous blogger friend, just know it is me and not you. It is me having that momentary hate relationship with the blog and all it entails for a minute. Until I don’t. Then I write words

**OK HMM, your turn to spill it… I’ve only been waiting a year for that PL story. I’m just sayin’…

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2 Responses to "Summer Guest Blogging Series welcomes THE COOL GIRL!! (she is y’all.. she is definitely cool)"

  1. Harley Quinn says:

    Thanks for having me <3 After re-reading this piece, I have decided it is the less funny blog equivalent of an old Seinfeld episode… about nothing and everything all at once. ;)

  2. BettyRants says:

    Well done, HQ, TCG!
    I love your site, your blog, and you!!!

    (And holy snot, NO WAY! PL?!??!! I want the story, too! I’m totally pulling the neighborhood card on this one!)

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