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Sooooo… you know I am a compulsive online shopper.  It’s a problem.  Especially when I’m drinking.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see that I have an entire board named “Shit I buy when I’m drunk or bored”.   It may be my most populated board.

Truly, online shopping is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to me.  I get overwhelmed when shopping in a store.  It’s sensory overload.  I go in looking for a black dress and walk out with pants, shirts, and a hot pink dress that a) I don’t need, b) I’ll never wear, and c) I won’t return because the cycle will start all over when I walk back into the store.

When shopping online, I can filter and view only those items that I want to see.  I can read reviews from others who have purchased the same product.  “looks much cheaper than photo.  don’t buy”  “great deal!”  “most comfy shoes ever!”  “dress hides my tummy”..  I can do it all, push one button, and viola’ a few days later, as I hear the rumble of the UPS truck heading to my home I run outside and tear through my packages like a kid on Christmas morning.

I’m currently looking for a dress for my husband’s company holiday party next weekend.  I have looked EVERYWHERE.. all my normal stores.. all my old haunts… nothing is grabbing me.  Well, that’s not totally true..  nothing IN MY PRICE range is grabbing me.

When playing on Google and trying to find stores that I hadn’t already considered, I stumbled upon  Remember Spiegel?  I remember being a little girl, in my grandparents kitchen, sitting at the Formica table and perusing the Spiegel catalog.  It was so much better than the Sears catalog, which was the only other one I’d seen.  The ladies were so pretty.  The clothes were fashionable instead of functional.  It was my favorite.   Memories of my grandma and her kitchen and the furniture and the ONE phone with a cord long enough to carry throughout the entire house came flooding back to me just by seeing the word Spiegel.

Of course, I had to visit the site.  And.. guess what?   I think I found my dress! {and two pair of shoes I don’t need and a kick-ass necklace}.

I’m not thrilled with their shipping rates, as I am accustomed to free or reduced shipping rates when placing an order over $50, I really love the dress {and the shoes, and the necklace} and they were all on sale so I have justified paying the extra shipping fee with the money I saved on the items themselves, but I would be more likely to become a regular Speigel customer with a more buyer-friendly shipping plan.

Anyhoo..  I cannot wait for this dress to arrive… I really hope it fits.  It’s not at all what I was looking for (long sleeved tunic dress) but it’s speaking to me..  “buy me!!  try me on!!  you look good in strapless!!”… So I’m listening..   Wish me luck!  {and go check out their site for some great holiday dresses that I haven’t seen elsewhere ;}

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5 Responses to " ~ I think I found my party outfit"

  1. I love that dress and your perky rack will hold it up perfectly. Therefore, I hate you and u r dumb.

  2. New Evil-Step-Mom says:

    Spiegel!!!!!!!!! Ahh my them were the days!! My mom was always one of those that wouldn’t just ware stuff from the department store, and we live in the country, so no big shopping mecca in the area. But My mom always looked good, no matter what, business trip with Dad, drag us kids to the beach for a long weekend, or just a night out with the bowling team! My mom was in style, and looked good. It was all because she was a Penny Pinching Spiegel Nut. There clothes were always more expensive, but had the highest quality and lasted forever if taken care of, and if you used all the codes and discounts and frequent buyer points and all the sales gimmicks over the years as my mom did, she could get twice as much from spiegel than any department store, and let me tell you I think I saw her in a 30 year old sweater the other day and it came from Spiegel, it has been in hibernation, waiting for the trend to come back around I swear!!

    But It was when I went to college and choose a business school that required business attire that she really got her bang for her buck, first off I was built wrong for suits, I needed different sizes on top then on the bottom, (broad shoulders, big bust, narrow skinny ass hips and no ass) So back in the day you bought a 12 or you bought an 8, you could not buy an 8 suit pant with a 12 suit coat. Well at Spiegel you could and let me say I went to school with some of the best made nicest looking 2, 3, and sometimes with interchangeable skirt, 4 piece suits! All Thanks to Spiegel.

  3. wheelsfelloff says:

    love, love, love the dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. krissylou says:

    Love Spiegel, and their cheaper, knock-off cousin Newport News. I forgot about them – I used to have at least a shipment a month arriving from them! (I too have an online shopping problem. Who doesn’t??) Paying for shipping blows. Especially when you return it and pay for shipping both ways.

  5. Denise says:

    I thought you were going with the floral fifties one. If I don’t have to worry we will be wearing the same thing, then that will totally be mine. AND. My mom still has a Spiegel catalog on her coffee table. Circa 1990. They were the best.

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