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I don’t know why my life is a hot mess.

It just is.

  • For the purpose of this blog, my husband is referred to as “SEVEN”
  • My boys are referred to as “Number One” (age: 12), “Number Two” (age 9) , and “Number Three” (age8)
  • Funnily enough, we call them that in real life as well.   When you have 3 boys in 3 years, it’s hard to remember names.
  • ( And no..that is not the same way Husband became Seven )


I can be reached at and I do my best to respond to all emails.   Advertising, product reviews and guest speaking are available.  Email me for pricing/ availability. 

Also~  Please “LIKE” Hot Mess Mom on Facebook for post updates and other ridiculousness….

If you want to know about my family.. this pic pretty much sums it up. 










HMM feature on Local 6 Orlando Feb 2013

Interview on how Hot Mess Mom began and how it has turned into a business.  (FastForward to minute 11)  April 2013


103 Responses to "About"

  1. Karrie says:

    You are a funny funny lady! I swear you are the sister I never had- comedy right up my alley!
    Thank you for what you do!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      Thank you! I’ve been having a great time sharing my ridiculous life 😉

      1. belinda says:


  2. Kelly Bahr says:

    I love your blog…. I am friends with your cousin Rachelle and she has turned us on to your website. Girl you are too funny— just what I need to read every day! Good luck… btw I have a seven, a one, two, three and four!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      Thank you! And God Bless You! If I had a Number Four, all you’d be reading is my Obituary…

  3. Love the blog, especially the name!!

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  5. Elise says:

    As a new mom of a baby girl, who is two weeks old, i have already started to loose some of my extremely patient mind. So i was looking for a blog to make me find hope in humanity and i have found it your hilarious and once i saw the ” as usual im drunk and full of pills ” i knew i had found what i was looking for lol Thank you for saving my sanity its greatly appreciated

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      Congrats on the new baby!! And thank you for being here! And I LOVE that you would choose a site like this in leu of one that features “my birth story” and is nothing but sunshine and roses! Having babies is great. But it’s hard. And if you don’t see the humor in it EVERY SINGLE DAY… you will lose your mind! 😉

      This is post you may want to read…

  6. Laura says:

    Hey! I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. For more info, go to

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      cool! thanks!! heading there now 🙂

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    1. Hot Mess Mom says:


      Thank you.
      You can send samples to

      PO Box 916374
      Longwood, Fl 32791

  8. Mari says:

    I would love-love to feature you on our site.. You’re hilarious. Shoot me a note at Very interested.


  9. marz says:

    Love this!!! You really are funny!

  10. Wow…that is a lot of boys. I have one and I feel like I have my hands full. I’m gonna come here whenever I feel overwhelmed:)

  11. shana says:

    omg i’m so glad i found your blog. i discovered you through word of mouth. The million milf march is starting to generate some buzz here in our city ( you know how New Orleanians are)
    you are a genius and hilarious. i don’t know how you do it with 3 boys and a husband. I go butt freaking nuts with one son and husband and acrazy MIL. lol. keep up the awesome work.

    p.s I work for a limo company, If y’all are interested in some rides i may be able to talk to the sales department and get you some discounts!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      that would be great! Make sure you LIKE Million Milf March on Facebook to stay in the loop!!

  12. Molly Hart says:

    Your blog is a hoot. Honest, irreverent and full of giggles. Keep wondering if you are perhaps a “petite ya-ya?” Loved both of those books! Also, God bless you for keeping your boys faces private.

  13. Caprice says:

    I love your blog and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here is the link:

  14. Diane Bracher says:

    I think I’m gonna like it here!!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      Glad you are here!! (and sorry for the delayed reply… life has been crazy)

  15. Angela Monique says:

    Love your blog! I stumbled upon it quite by accident one day and now I recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for sharing your experiences and bringing an ounce of levity to my day whenever I need it!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      Thank you!! Glad you are here!!!

  16. Erin Moroni says:

    OMG. You are hysterical. Bravo!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      why thank you 🙂

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  18. Lisa says:

    I love your non pottery barn, wine drinking, travel whoring, cvs flipflop wearing smart ass. This blog is inspiring and a total breath of fresh air from the helicopter-mom kooks I’m surrounded by. I went on a month long road trip last June, just me and my 3 youngins….wish I’d blogged about it! Thank you and thanks to your readers for letting me know I’m not the only goofass mom in this wonderful world!

  19. Jenn says:

    I love love love your blog. I have to small boys myself and you put into words so beautifully the things that I also go through. It is an absolute joy to read your postings! I laugh outloud, nod in agreement, and shake my head in understanding. Question – what do you take your pictures with? Is it instagram? Love the effects your pictures have.

    You make me smile. Love how your love your boys.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      thank you!! and WELCOME!!!

      i use an app on my iPhone called Hipstamatic 😉

  20. Dana says:

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  21. MikeTaylor says:

    D, As someone that has met both you and Seven, I can honestly say that you are both crazy (you’ve got the lead). I’ve been rading the psots and can not stop laughing at/with you. You’ve done an incredible job with the site. Keep it up and I;ll keep reading. Thanks for the laugh. Mike (Ross’ son in law)

  22. Kat says:

    Hey HMM! I must say I love your page! Love, Love, Love!!!


  23. Janine Duffy says:

    I just found your page today through “Theroommom” (She nominated both of us for an award)and I LOVE IT!!! Absolutely hilarious! I hope you’ll check out my blog too!

  24. Loved your blog and found you through a link on the roommom. I am a grandma, a mom and a teacher and love this blog. Had to re-nominate you.

  25. rachel says:

    The old saying “if you dont laugh, you’ll cry” I think I’m gonna choose to laugh!

  26. Favorite says:

    I am so glad I am now a confirmed subscriber to your blog!!! What a relief! You’re totes saving me like four mouse clicks.
    Ps, you’re a whore.

  27. Straight from the hip. I like it!

  28. Nikisha says:

    I ran across your site today, thru a post made by someone on my FB. I am hooked! Girl, you tell it how it is. I love it! Thank you for being you and not being afraid to write about what most of us live daily. I wish I had known about the MMM earlier. I would’ve so been there! Enjoy! Thanks for making my work day (slacker, I know), a little brighter!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      welcome! and you still have 3 weeks til the MMM!! you can do it! 😉

  29. Hi, just came across your blog today from another blog that I follow!! I can’t wait to read and to keep up with your hilarious stories. 🙂

  30. Debi says:

    OMG – My friend just forwarded the student drop off etiquette and I cannot stop laughing. You’re a hoot! I just signed up for your newsletters and can’t wait to read the next one. I also call my husband by “husband”. It drives his mother crazy…..Oh Well!!!! Keep writing girl ~ you ROCK!!!!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      thank you! and welcome to HMM 😉

  31. Well, you’re kind of hilarious. I will be visiting your site very often. And I actually did not know what a DH was until now.

  32. Kristen says:

    Holy shit- I just found your blog and have not stopped laughing! (While sitting in a HS English class as a substitute teacher) You are hilarious! All of a sudden my life as a mom and wife works for me-Keep on keepin’ on

  33. Erin says:

    So I was searching for a good mommy blog to read and I stumbled upon yours…I ended up reading the whole year + of posts in less than 2 weeks while being a SAHM with a 2 yr old little boy. Needless to say, I’m hooked. Damn! Now I wish I hadn’t read them all so fast because I feel like a crack whore jonesing for another fix until your next post! 😉 You are hilarious, honest, driven, and a great mom! I wish I lived on your street! I cannot wait for the MMM because I’ve seen the pics and that’s enough to make me say “I’m SO there next year!” You have another loyal fan! Don’t ever stop…you have such a gift!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      omg. Thank you so much! Cannot wait to meet you in Sept 😉

  34. Amberly says:

    I love how are you so bluntly honest about motherhood. You replicate how I feel a lot of the time. You never apologize for being who you are and I admire that. I too have 3 kids; ages 12, 10 and 4. ( 2 boys and a girl.) Thanks for keeping me entertained.

  35. Kathy says:

    I refer to my kids by numbers as well they are all girls (9,6,4 & 2yrs old)

  36. Liz says:

    You are awesome and this blog makes my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you

  37. Nikki says:

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  39. Shane says:

    Hi! I’m a dad blogger at

    I am presenting the daddy side of the story in a house full of kids! Also sharing funny pics and stories of anyone who has toddlers destroying, er, running around their house. 🙂

    Just wanted to share some of my pages I think your readers might be interested in!

    Here are a couple classic toddler tales I think you’ll enjoy (and yes, they are 100% true lol…)



    Shane Sams

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  41. Karen says:

    Hi hotmess mom,
    I’m new to the mom blogging, and yours is my favorite! I read like 15 posts in one day! Your sense of humor is refreshing! I just started a new blog, Come check it out and let me know what you think. I’m doing this all on my own and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have an 8 year old daughter, a 6 month old son, and a 9 year old step son (although I dont really mention him out of respect to the bio mom, but i love him just the same) My life is a hot mess too lol.

    I’m looking into MMM, it looks awesome! Congratulations on the empire you’ve built…girl, your amazing! Hope to hear from you soon,


  42. Jessica says:

    Found the blog thru a friend’s discovery. I have been having fun going thru the posts and one day (soon) will have read them all. This is more my speed of a mom blog. I like crafting and doing homemade stuff but I also have other aspects to life and don’t love every parenting moment. I work outside the house and many days use that as an excuse of why I don’t have a clean house or messes organized. Work in progress. My 4 year old already understands sarcasm which she learned from me. Your style suits me. Looking forward to see what is to come.

  43. Priscilla says:

    I am so happy to have found your blog! It makes me feel like I’m not alone in this crazy motherhood! I have six kids. 2 girls, 13 and 15, and 4 boys, 11, 9, 8, and 3. I used to blog myself about all of the crazy antics in my life but quit for a reason I can’t even remember. You are an inspiration! Keep it up, girl!!

  44. Randi says:

    I’m subscribing to your blog because reading your posts really help to get me through my day! You say it the way I’m usually thinking it and knowing that no matter how hard I’m having it and any given moment, you can lighten the mood and make me feel alot less alone in the battle. Don’t ever underestimate your value to do that for people!!! I’m a mom of 2, 6 and 9, single and proud of what I have been able to give to my kids. But on the other side of that coin, this shit is fucking hard!!! And although they love me unconditionally, it doesn’t stop them from trying to drive me insane on a daily basis! But taking a quick break, reading a post and having a good laugh (or cry) reading your blog is like taking a mental power nap. For that I thank you! Keep up the awesome writing!!!

  45. Here’s a song I wrote about bullying. When I’m not touring as Arlo Guthrie’s drummer I sing for children and families. Please share. Braver To Be Kind / Terry A La Berry

  46. Tone Stadler says:

    Hey your blog is funny! I’ll be sure to like you on Facebook when I get home from work (darn filters)…

    I used to write a blog call but it was way too hard.. so I decided to do some YouTube vlogging instead (frying pan to the pressure cooker actually)

    Anyway, I just posted a video entitled “9 Things you should NEVER say to your kids”… which is based off a CNN article of the same name. It’s over-the-top satire, but fun and I think parents will get a kick out of it. If you like it, feel free to post it on your blog or share it with others.


  47. Kat says:

    Hello, I love your blog! It makes me smile and laugh! I love the witty banter…
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    He also has instructional videos which are helpful. 🙂
    Keep up the good humor!! 🙂

  48. Jasmine says:

    Wow! So, I’m not the only one losing my mind! You’ve made me laugh so much in just a few minutes of reading. Thank you for being so honest, and helping us realize it’s ok if we’re not perfect. Trying to be perfect takes way too much time and is overwhelming and exhausting!!! I look forward to more of your hotmess stories.

  49. Laura says:

    I just found your blog and I am a fan! I was hoping I could offer your readers a free gift once their booking was paid in full if they selected me as their agent at Once Upon a Vacation. How much do you charge to advertise on your site? I would like to become a sponsor.

    Thank you!

  50. Tristan says:

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I just wanted to thank you for the term “douche canoe.” It is amazing. Your blog is hilarious and my boss likes me to read aloud the funnies you post. We have adopted the term “canoe” and it has become code for the dickhead sales rep that works for our company. It has also morphed its way into my boss’s nickname…. His name is B.C. and we often give him grief about being a “fairy” because he likes froofy girl coffee. Somehow, a couple of times, we have addressed him as “Barry.” Now, he is affectionately known as “Captain Barry Canoe.” I just thought I would share, and give you an entire office’s thanks!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      love it!! Tell Captain Canoe that the world needs more bosses like him 😉

  51. Ida says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m your newest Twitter follower: @scggirl

  52. Tiffany says:

    I love #1, #2 & #3! I have 8 year old triplet boys and most often end up calling them Not You, Or you, and Yeah, YOU! I think numbered 1 through 3 is a better system. We’ll try that out. As it is, my 10 year old daughter is the only one we call by the name we spent 9 months debating & researching!

    Was just introduced to your blog and am really enjoying it! Glad to know I’m not the only hot mess!

  53. Caryn says:

    I cannot believe it took me this long to find your blog!! HILARIOUS!! And right on the money- I’m going to do everything I can to make it to this years Million MILF March!! It sounds like a blast! Woot!!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      it’ll be worth it!! I promise!

  54. Jacob says:

    My wife came to the realization last fall, that there needs to be changing tables in the men’s rooms in all restaurants. As a stay at home father, I whole-heartedly agreed with her. There are too many times where I have taken my children into the bathroom to change a diaper, and have been forced to put the changing pad on the floor or counter.

    I started an online petition and spread the word to family and friends. We want people to be aware of this situation. I know a good number of restaurants have changing tables in the women’s restrooms, but few in the men. It costs $100-300 to purchase a changing station, and then the labor to install it. Our bottom line is this: If a restaurant is going to offer a high chair or booster seat, they better have the changing tables in the restrooms.

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    Jacob A. Smithers

  55. Chelsey says:

    I fumbled across your blog and I’m so happy I did! I’m a mommy to be and I am really looking forward to coming by again to read more articles! From one blogging mom to another. Come stop by at!

  56. Hmm it seems like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long)
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  57. Shani Taylor says:


    I am a new blogger, after thinking about it for months on end. I decided to close my eyes and throw myself into it. Too many crazy things going on in my life for me to keep it all to myself! I had originally wanted to write a book about it and maybe I still will in the future, but for now this seems a little bit more fun and engaging.

    Keep up the great work!

  58. VivDaMom says:

    You are a funny lady. How in the world do you find the time and the hilarity. Keep up the madness for all of us!

  59. Lisa says:

    Hey, hey! I have so enjoyed your FB posts, and can’t wait to read up on all your blogs. I am also a mom of 3 boys, my husband and I call them Big, Middle, and Little. 19, 18, & 16. I can’t wait to catch up on your blogs. I feel like a day without wine is a day wasted! Oh shoot maybe that was suppose to say laughter! Oh yeah, A day without laughter is a day wasted! 😉

  60. 2FnFunny says:

    Holy shit! I cannot stop laughing at your ‘sums it up’ family pic above! Does One not like to hear the sound of urine splashing onto the plants? Hahahahahaha! OMG. My cheeks hurt. I won’t tell you which ones.

  61. 1Mom5sons says:

    Have been following you on FB for while long while now but just found your site here. LOVE IT! I have lived so much of what you are going through the ages of your boys. Mine are (2 are step sons but I have raised them for the MAJORITY of their lives, so it counts) 20, 19, 17, 17, and 15. Yeah. I even used to blog about them years ago. It was a LOT of fun to do so. There was a cornucopia of shenanigans to work with. Keep at it. You’re a riot! Plus a wonderful writer!!

  62. Mary Edwards says:

    I’m not a new mom by a long shot. In fact, I have 2 toddler great-grandchildren!!! They live so far away that I just bought a house 2 block down from me and they are moving here. Was I crazy or a good person? Since I’m over 65 now, I’m ready to have some fun. I love your page. I need to laugh. After retiring after 27 years as an RN, now I care for my THING who had both legs amputated last year. I’ve never emptied so many pee jugs in my life. There is not enough time to begin to tell you of the things I’ve gone through (camping on an island through a hurricane with kids 9 & 4). That was fun!. My close friends call me “Magnolia” cause I’m a sweet Southern belle who is hot to trot!. Love ya.

  63. MKimura says:

    I totally needed this today! You will wind up being my go-to blog to make me laugh daily. I am an almost 41 year old mother of a 3 year old boy. I am still trying to find my way back to myself, but for now, I will be a crazy old mother, trying to get through the day. I am in Florida and (I think?) I am within a couple of hours from you. There is something about Florida that just makes us even more crazy. Must be the heat. Anyway, thank you for this blog. I stumbled upon this at the perfect time and I will be forever grateful!

  64. Terri Shortell says:

    I think you are hilarious and right on when it comes to life. You really help me when I need a lift. Thank you for sharing your life and comedic style.

  65. Tasha says:

    Did your husband become “seven” due to a certain episode of Friends, by any chance? 😉

  66. Terri Longo says:

    I just have to say, this is awesome! I live in Pittsburgh, PA and am also am the mother of 3 boys (who are all teenagers now, God help me!!!) They are exhausting everyday, but I couldn’t ask for more happiness. I too am “blessed”. However, they do cause you to need to drink on a daily basis. LOL! My friends and I love your “vodka” products and are the hit of the ball field with our matching cups. (I will try to remember to send you a pic this summer –if this snow ever stops!) Thank you for this site, and products, it gives me a laugh, which on most days is much needed. I think if we met, we would be instant friends 🙂

  67. Maddi says:

    This is awesome 🙂 If I were 21 and could get away with walking around with that, I would, in a heartbeat!
    I <3 your blog!

  68. Kristin says:

    My cousin has liked u on Facebook so I checked out ur page today. And I love it! U r a very funny woman! Icant wait to see what u have to say next! I’m still not 100% sure on how the best way to follow u is though? Facebook or this website? Thanks for keeping me laughing!

  69. Jamie says:

    My boyfriend came across your Facebook page about a month ago and called me immediatly to tell me about it. I too am a Hot Mess . I am a single Mother of 2 amazing boys who are only 15 months apart. My oldest (7) Has Extreamly High-Functioning Autism coupled with ADHD and my youngest (6) has ADHD. I also have ADHD. So life is awesomely fun in my house. I am un organized, I swear like a sailor. My room always looks like my closet and dresser have vomited all over my room. I sometimes go a month without mowing my lawn and it becomes a jumgle. I forget things all the time, and I am often late for appointments. I’m the mom at the soccer field who does not cheer for other peoples kids. I DO NOT DO PLAY DATES or BIRTHDAY PARTY’S with people I’m not friends with. I let my children watch innapropiate movies with me(Anchorman,Dodgeball, Joe Dirt,Hot Rod,Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.)And that’s just the tip of the iceberg that could sink the Titantic of what a Hot Mess I am.
    However, I do live in a world where we laugh alot, do stupid things together and have fun. My boys are happy and healthy and get great grades in school. So if being a hot mess is wrong I have no intention of ever being right:)
    I think you are amazingly funny and love how your honest about your life. You don’t try to be perfect or pretend to be. Your a real mom.
    Keep up the awesome work you do in all aspects of your life. And thank you for sharing your life with the world. To me it’s a pretty amazing one:)

  70. Lynette says:

    I wish I had a best friend like you!

  71. Monica says:

    You’re awesome!!

  72. Florencia says:

    I dont know how I came across your page on facebook one day, but I’m glad I did. I am also a Hot Mess Mom & I’m always on the go & miss out on your numerous amount of FB post but I love each & every one of them which is why I have finally subscribed to your page so that I never miss out on all the fun! Thanks for all that you do & keep up the great work!

  73. Tameka C says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, FB page and comic. I never actually believed my mommying was the only HOT MESS, but it’s so very refreshing to know how relatably (my word, patent pending) you are. I am a HMM of 4, 3 boys (16,13&11) and 1 girl age 9. Just the thought of whats to come exhausts me. Thank God today is National Moscato day!! Not that I needed a reason at 10am. Thank you for sharing your messiness with us all. Btw HAPPY HOT MESS MOTHER’S DAY early!! sn:pardon the spelling, auto correct hates me (shrugs and sips)

  74. Kat says:

    I’m too fuckin tired to gush about how funny you are at the moment. Will you take a rain check? #ifnotthentoughtits #loveyaanyways

  75. Yolanda Lopez says:

    I have for boys, spread or a little more in age, but I call them by their numbers too. We stated that after the fourth. Love it!

  76. sherry (another hmm) says:

    Thank you so much foralways cheering me up even in the worst of times I needed a good laugh this week because my son just had a finger amputated and reconstructive surgery after a terrible fireworks accident and you made my day not only with your comics with you and your wonderful blogs and your family and your wonderful sense of humor and the fact that you took my plea to heart and made my entire month I’ve had the hardest month I’ve had in the last 4 years and you just made me feel so wonderful about myself by responding to what I had an emailed to you..:-) 🙂 God bless your family keep the laughter coming and I can’t wait for my new cup!! Can’t wait till I can get a pink one!! Thanks for the laughs! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  77. Heather says:

    So happy to have found this blog. You are often describing my life and making me not feel so alone! Haha

  78. Kristine says:

    Where have you been all my life! Not only do I have an off-the-chart gifted son with straight C’s, I have to applaud your resilience to keep the electronics away. I am a bit of a marshmallow and know I have to toughen up because my daughter is turning 13 in weeks. She has been setting me up for failure for 12 years being an exemplary child. The devil will emerge and I will be ill-equipped!

  79. Mar says:

    I LOVE YOU! I just started on your blog here but I’ve been following your Facebook for some time now. But you gotta key me in. I’m absolutely DYING to know why is Seven called Seven. I understand it’s not his real name but why that nickname?

  80. Irby Vaughn says:

    I love your stuff HMM..and wanna contribute occasionally–i know some four letter words and even one starting with “f’ and all the ones George Carlin said we could not say on TV…ok?

  81. Cara says:

    Just started following your posts, and have been following you on fb. You are one of my favorites. Keep the laughter coming. It’s the best medicine in the world, and you my friend have probably saved many lives both literally and figuratively. May God bless and keep you and yours.

  82. SEema says:


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