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Hot Mess Mom » Guest Bloggers » Please welcome the amazing guys from Point Counter-Point Point Point… my new favorite blog by far!!

Please welcome the amazing guys from Point Counter-Point Point Point… my new favorite blog by far!!

Hi. We’re the guys from Point Counter-Point Point Point. Hot Mess Mom has graciously, and probably foolishly, asked us to do a guest blog post for her. For those of you that are unfamiliar with us, we are more than one person. Two in fact. Christian and Pat.  I’m Christian and Pat is Pat.

We’re delighted to participate in this here little venture, because Pat and I both like to keep busy during the summer. For example I’m currently doing more work on my Jared from Subway fan-fiction while Pat continues looking for an organic substitute for Nutrasweet. But we weren’t too busy to do a guest post for HMM! Topic: Our Blog — A Love/Hate Relationship.

Christian: This is great. There’s a ton of things I hate about you Pat, and this is the perfect opportunity to talk about them.

Pat:  Hey! You dick! That’s not what she was talking about. It’s supposed to be what we love and hate about our BLOG, not our blog PARTNERS. Jerk.

Christian: Oh. Nevermind then.

Pat:  Hand over the reigns, buddy, I’ve got this one. I LOVE our blog. Sometimes I think my love for this blog has overtaken the love I have for my immediate and extended family. And beer. There…beat that!

Christian: Sure, I love our blog too. I also love purple flavored soda. But what is it about our blog that you love?

Pat: Oh. Umm…I was just trying to one-up you, but I didn’t really think about coming up with any evidence to back up what I say.

Hey! THAT’S what I love! I LOVE that our blog is an outlet for me to say things that are completely untrue, that are wholly without backing, and that I don’t really believe.

 I guess that might potentially negate a lot of past entries, yeah? Sorry.

Christian: Well, one thing I love about our blog is that it give us a chance to discuss interesting and hard hitting issues such as which way to flip the toilet paper or whether or not people that ask you to take off your shoes at their home are really just trying to steal them.

And maybe even more importantly, it has also given us an opportunity to try and improve ourselves as human beings. Where would you be now Pat, without all the work we’ve done in dealing with your irrational fear of latitudes (Session 1Session 2, and Session 3)?

And let us not forget about the guidance you gave me when I found myself in that age-old awkward social situation where you’re inadvertently stalking an HGTV House Hunters couple.  So not only are we helping ourselves, we are also helping each other help ourselves. So it’s like we are getting helped twice. You gotta love that.

Pat:  Wait a minute. “Purple flavored soda”? How did that slip by me? Do you TASTE colors, Christian?


Do you know what this means? I think it might mean you’re a synesthete. I think you might have synesthesia! That’s awesome! And weird.   Oh, buddy…we’re onto something here. Talk about helping each other help each other. Umm…do you also hear feelings? Can you see smells? Do you touch temperatures?

Not at all what I’m talking about, but wouldn’t it be cool if Christian looked like this?

Christian: OK, I no longer understand what you are talking about and you’ve started inserting terribly frightening pictures. I’m going to change the topic now to what we hate about our blog.  I know, I know, hate? What could we possible hate about the old PCPPP? It’s so adorable. Well for me I extremely dislike the money it is not giving us. Granted we’ve have pretty much made no effort to try and make money with it but still, I just assumed that if we kept writing posts, at some point random people would start giving us money. This has not happened.

Each post we write is like a child to us. It’s a lot of work to nurture, prepare, and publish a child into society. Shouldn’t in turn we be given money in exchange for our children? We… wait… that analogy didn’t work out right.

Not getting money. That’s what I hate. Pat?

Pat:  Were we SUPPOSED to be making money from this? I didn’t know that. I suppose I could have worked a little harder…put a little more effort into it. Really, I’ve only been giving you, like, 35 percent of what I’m capable of contributing. Maybe that’s what’s holding us back. I’ll try harder.

I suppose that’s what I hate about our blog (though, you need to know that every time I say–or type–the word “hate” I hear my daughter scream at me, “HATE IS A VERY STRONG WORD, DADDY!!!!!”). The lack of clarity. A lot of times I don’t know what I’m supposed to say–should I let my own natural brilliance with words take the helm, or is there something specific you’d like me to say as a lead-in for your next illuminating sentence? And that stress? It’s KILLING me!

Christian:  That reminds me of something illuminating I wanted to say. A sunrise always occurs in the east while a sunset always occurs in the west yet both of them together, make up a day. BAM! Talk about illuminating the shit out of something!

Anyhoo, we would like to thank Hot Mess Mom for inviting us to guest post over here, giving us the opportunity to talk about our blog and illuminate the shit out of stuff. Thanks!

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19 Responses to "Please welcome the amazing guys from Point Counter-Point Point Point… my new favorite blog by far!!"

  1. Chiz says:

    I thought I’d be self-employed as soon as I started a blog. I thought people would be so awed by my literary genius that they’d sponsor me. I thought I’d be invited to the Jay Leno show and have the opportunity to turn the offer down because Jay Leno is a nerd. Instead, I realized that all I’m doing is writing about imaginary topics that I think are silly.

    1. We too have dreamed of getting the opportunity to turn down Jay Leno.

  2. Liese says:

    Funny. Going to check out your shiz today and possibly start stalking you. You’ve been warned.

    1. Sweet! Don’t worry, we’re very stalker friendly at PCPPP.

  3. I LOVED your idea for both of you to go in on this together. And yes that picture is terrifying.

    1. We do everything together. No wait that doesn’t right. I don’t want to give you the wrong idea. We just do our blogging together. And showering.

      1. Yes, and there’s nothing gay about showering with your co-blogger. The best brainstorming is usually done in the shower, after all. Why not together…?

        1. Pat and I also sleep together because of that reason. Inspiration can strike in the middle of the night too. We also sleep naked.

  4. Cherie says:

    I know it’s 2 of you, but I like reading it as if its one facked up person with a split personality……so that’s what’s happening in my head……

    1. Who’s to say it isn’t jut one person? I mean besides Pat.

  5. poketherock says:

    wait! WAIT! I purple one of your favourite colours Chris?? I will find out eventually…also I will win that pictures..

    1. Yup. Purple is one of them. You’re half way there! And as a side note, if had to narrow it down to only one favorite color, purple would slightly win out over the other color.

  6. Brenda Boo says:

    I seriously just can’t get past the picture. I’m sorry. I tried. All I keep wondering is how this…..this….woman (I think) wipes herself with those nails. I grew up in Jersey during the 80′s. I can rock some acrylics like nobody’s business. But you know what is really hard to do with long nails, WIPE YOUR NETHER-LAND. It’s just. Wow. Yeah.

    1. I’m not even entirely sure that thing is human. Maybe it doesn’t have a “nether-land”.

  7. Pat says:

    C’mon…that’s totally a dude. EVERYONE can see that, geez!

  8. You guys are complete nutz and that’s why I read you. For the record, I hate the same thing about my blog. There should be a tiny gnome handing me a hundred dollar bill every time somebody commented…more if it was a real person…;o)

    1. Please sign us up for one of those money giving gnomes too. Actually, make it a couple of them.

  9. william says:

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