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Hot Mess Mom » Drunk Blogging, Grown-up time, Ramblings » One of my stranger text conversations. aka: Do you label(l) underwear for camp?

One of my stranger text conversations. aka: Do you label(l) underwear for camp?

Possibly one of the wierdest text conversations I’ve eve had..  And I’ve had some bizarre ones…

I still don’t understand the whole “no name in the underwear” rule…  thoughts?

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9 Responses to "One of my stranger text conversations. aka: Do you label(l) underwear for camp?"

  1. Foxy says:

    No names on undies.

  2. Ho-maker says:

    NO UNDIE LABELS! Trust those of us who’ve tread before you.

  3. Shannon says:

    OMG…for real??? if you shit your pants, just throw the effing things in the garbage!!! FOTL’s are cheaper than diapers, so dont worry about it. I always go to the dollar general and buy CAMP towels, sheets, a pillow, underwear, undershirts, and socks. I pack each day of clothes in gallon size ziplocks to keep clean clothes fresh and dry. I could care less what comes back from camp…less laundry for me!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      well shit Shannon!! why didn’t you comment on my FIRST camp post?? The gallon bag idea is BRILLIANT!! but I”m already packed and not unpacking now. damn it.
      also.. why hasn’t your ass booked the MMM yet????

  4. Roly says:

    no unfdies works too :)

  5. Kristen Mae says:

    This is hilarious. I would have totally written my kid’s name in his underwear. Cautious duly noted.

  6. Rebecca says:

    every time I went to camp I NEVER had my name on my undies. but i always kept up with my stuff. and i NEVER ran out of clean clothes. going for a week? pack for 2. going for a couple days? pack for a week. I even had my own little bag just for undies and bras. I kept with me till i got to camp and i kept that bag on my bed at all times. but then again I was a 14, 15, or 16 year old girl wearing lace and really cute undies. most of mine coated more then a pack of 5 at Walmart. lol. so i have to agree no names on the undies.

  7. Renee says:

    I have had some strange conversations in my life but this one beats them all. I LOVE your blog. I’m new … still catching on to some of your lingo, but I think you are brilliant. There have been many a day lately that I have needed a pick-me-up and my first thought is to snoop around your website! Thank you! xo

  8. Maia says:

    Oh my…thank you so much for this post! Despite the screaming 2 yr and 3 yr old, screaming and tearing through the living room, this post made me laugh like a crazy woman. My husband thinks I’m insane. Thanks for lightening the mood in my living room, if even for only a moment. Keep it up sister!

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