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My son is dating my friend(s)


Number Two has been dating Muffy for awhile.  They’ve gone to sports bars (just the two of them) to watch football, they’ve hung out after school.  He’s hugged her around the middle and told her “you’re like the mother I never had”.  She’s bought him gifts, taught him about the SEC, Big 10, Eastern Conference and whatever else there is.  She’s educated him on players and coaches and fed him chicken wings and Coke.

They are a little bit in love.

And that’s okay because Muffy’s son and I have been in love for WAY longer than Two & Muffy… WAY longer… YEARS!…  But he doesn’t show affection as openly as Number Two.. he exhibits his love for me by emailing me  things like “ What are you doing?”  ” I hate you”  ” I’m gonna start calling you Disco Grandma”  ” Please stop kissing me”…..  but that’s all code for ” I love you so much HMM…  “ so I’m clearly winning…

Tonight, Two cheated on Muff…  There was a chorus concert at the school.. (he was in chorus, but had to take a sabbatical for some extra tutoring).  Seven just got home after almost 2 weeks away,  I’m exhausted, Number One is finishing a science project that is past due.

Number Two:  Hey, can you take me to the school tonight to see the chorus concert?

Me:  Oh, honey.. I can’t..  I have a million things to catch up on, I’m sooo tired, and daddy’s coming home in about an hour… Didn’t you see it during school today?

Number Two:  yes, but they only did like 5 songs….

Me:  That sounds like a perfect chorus concert.

Number Two:  They have a LOT more than that.   I want to go.  Can the 2-Carat Princess take me?

Me:  you can call her

Number Two:  {ring, ring}  Hey Miss 2CP… Will you please pick me up and take me to the chorus concert tonight?  I really want to go.  What?   Oh, this is Number Two.    Okay..   I will.   K, bye”

Me:  Well?

Number Two:  She’s picking me up in 30 minutes.

He proceeds to scarf down pizza, shower, dress in jeans, a t-shirt with a long sleeved button down over it….

Number Two:  Hey Mom.. where’s the comb?  And my deodorant?

Me:  WTF?  I yell at you every morning to comb your hair and put on deodorant..  Do you think you’re on a date?

Number Two:  Maybe..  {snickering}

She picked him up, they had a lovely time, and then she took him out for ice cream… 8 pm  (his bedtime).

Tomorrow will be interesting…  He is usually a Muffy’s boy on Friday afternoons…. I wonder if he’ll call the 2CP to hang out instead…    Player.

{click that banner so I can afford therapy for me.. I mean for him.. }

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7 Responses to "My son is dating my friend(s)"

  1. ImakelovetoTito says:

    That’s awesome, you skinny bitch.

  2. Muffy and 2cp are some lucky ladies!!! Number Two is as smart as he is handsome.

  3. Muffy says:

    I’m totally breaking up with him.

  4. Muffy says:

    p.s. Your boyfriend ALSO wanted to go to that concert tonight. As if.

  5. WeezaFish says:

    When did babysitting become dating? *sigh* They grow up so quick.

  6. GL says:

    Here’s a perfect itunes App for our predicament.
    Good Luck


  7. mia says:

    Oooooh goody, I love it when I find another hilarious blog!!!

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