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Seven & One are soo in love.

so, Seven is not home too often.   Seven and One are in love.  

It’s Saturday night.   Two and Three and having sleepovers.  Seven, One and I are home.  

ONE:  Mom, Can i please sleep with Dad?

SEVEN:  Yeah?  Can he??  Oh, nevermind.. SHE”S home…..

ME:   OMG.. I’m right here..

SEVEN:  Sorry Honey.

ONE:  We’re sorry THAT YOU”RE HOME

ME:  you are both assholes..  and I will totally sleep in Number Three’s bed, but I need you to acknowledge that I am awesome.

ONE:  you’re awesome.  dont’ come bother us.. we are sleeping in.

SEVEN:   yeah..   What he said….  AND I’ m taking my Hot &Messy wine glass to bed….


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8 Responses to "Seven & One are soo in love."

  1. Hot Mess Mom says:

    can i comment on my own blog to say that they suck?

    1. Donna George says:


  2. beth says:

    Its cute in a creepy way…. or is it creepy in a cute way?? Lol.:-) at least they’re related… wait… that didn’t make that situation sound any better…. O.o

  3. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to comment on your own blog. And I agree, they suck!

  4. Kati says:

    I see you changed the title of your post so as not to get Seven arrested LOL.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      i was a little drunk when i wrote it. my sober self thought it was maybe a tad inappropriate.

  5. anne rue says:

    Not Creepy! Very Cute! And D I would sleep with you ;) Ha! Ha!

  6. Julie says:

    Yeah, Grumposaur and Thing subvert bedtime every frickin night. We put him to bed, and in 15 minutes, he’s downstairs. Grumposaur puts him back two or three times, then it’s ‘get your ass over here and lay down on daddy. Close your eyes and don’t watch the TV.’ Every night. He’s a schmuck and a pushover for the little nugget.

    The Thing also likes to climb into bed with us around 3 am – I sigh in resignation, while Grumposaur snuggles him up. Whatevs.

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