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Moms Investing in Laughter & Frivolity

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and THIS is why so many kids these days are pussies

Everything that I never knew I wanted.

There's a chance THIS IS MINE!!! {half explanation and half angry rant}

Summer 2013 Guest Blogging series welcomes Robyn from Hollow Tree Ventures!

Summer 2013 Guest Blogging series welcomes the ONE and ONLY... Diary of a Madwoman!!!

One Response to "Moms Investing in Laughter & Frivolity"

  1. traci amberbride says:

    I have found that family,as amazing and wonderful as they may be, are not always your biggest cheering group. And this sucks big balls. I think what you are doing is amazing, and wonderful, and hilarious, and righteous, and fabulous, and the list goes on….

    I’m a big believe in chosen family, as well as genetic family. The family you have chosen supports you – it is so clearly obvious.

    Keep being your bad-ass self! The good fight isn’t always the popular one.


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