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Life has gotten in the way, and I’m sorry.


Where to begin, where to begin???

First of all, you guys must hate me.  Or, if you already hated me, then you probably love me ‘cuz I am NOT writing.   Remember when I used to pride myself on the fact that I was a blogger who actually BLOGGED?  Hot Mess Mom was more than just a Facebook page.  It’s not anymore.  Not really.  And I hate that.

I have legitimate excuses to explain my lack of quality time with my laptop.  I do.  Flood in the house.  2 months of living in a gutted house and through a semi-renovation.  No internet during a portion of that time.  End of school responsibilities.  Vacation.  Doctors appointments. Life.

Life has gotten in the way.  And it sucks.  (Not my life, my life is awesome.. but I hate that my life has gotten in the way of writing about my life… wth?)

And then, there is the VERY BIG, VERY AWESOME fact that Hot Mess Mom went from a blog to a company in less than 18 months.  A real company.  With an accountant and tax forms and all other such businessy things.  It’s a wonderful problem to have, but it’s still a problem.

Most of you are aware (unless you are living under a rock or have me hidden from your Facebook feed and banned from your email) about the Million MILF March and mythere’s a chance this is vodka®” product line.   As I’ve built this blog on over-sharing, I’m going to go ahead and give you information that is no one’s business by my own.  I’m going to share some numbers with you.  It’s a bad business decision to do so.  It’s private information.  But YOU are the ones who built this company and I feel that I owe you an explanation as to why I suck so bad these last 6 months.

The Million MILF March is a HUGE undertaking.  It has a budget of over $50,000.  I do it all myself (financially speaking).  So, the logistics and sponsorships and every other significant and insignificant detail are the sole responsibility of yours truly.  If attendance is lacking or another hurricane hits or something goes over-budget.. I am still responsible to pay the bills.  I’ve often compared the MMM to planning a wedding for strangers without RSVP cards.   It’s a gamble.  And it gives me ulcers.  And liver damage.

But the MMM is not at fault for the downfall of the blog.  I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret…  “there’s a chance this is vodka®” is going to make me or break me.  I’ve been attacked online by other pages calling me a “bully” for defending my trademark against people who decide to add my slogan to their Cafe Press, Zazzle or Etsy shops.  And maybe I am.  And here and now I will tell you why.

I purchase about $40,000 of inventory at a time.  Yes.. that is three zero’s.   I currently average about $15,000 a month in sales.  The products are $15-$20 a piece. Do the math.  I process, pack and ship every order myself.  EVERY order.  I do not have a staff.  I do not have help.  It is me.  And that is my choice.  I would love to get through another year with no overhead and make sure the product line continues to grow.  I feel it’s imperative for me to use any and all profits to continue to purchase more inventory and to fight trademark violations.  (By the way, lawyers are expensive.)

Every day, I play mom, wife, friend and daughter.  And when the sun goes down and those jobs are over, I work another  4-6 hours into the early morning to fill orders.   It’s a WONDERFUL problem to have..  it is.  Have I mentioned that?  Let me say it one more time.. I WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING!  I am so lucky to have such a “problem”.  But it has effected the blog negatively.

I am the type of person who wants to do something well or not at all.  I am not blogging well.  Knowing that I haven’t written and have to write something weighs on me.. It give me a stomach ache, it makes my head hurt.  And then, because I know I’m sucking, I put it off for another week.

I apologize.  Truly.

Hot Mess Mom has been life changing for me.  I am the person I have always wanted to be.

You spend your life growing and being better and changing.  You search for you passion.  I’ve found mine. All of it.  The blog, the MMM, the product line.. I’m doing EXACTLY what I want to be doing every single day.  Except I want to do more.  I want to ship product, plan the MMM AND write!   I want to. I also want to summer in Italy……. that doesn’t mean I can.

I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to guest post for me this summer while I catch up.  Since I’m at such a crossroads with the blog, I have asked them to all write on the same topic… “Me & my blog~~ A love/ hate relationship”.   That’s what it is.  I love my blog, but I’m not doing it well these days and I hate that.

I am going to take the summer and try to catch up.  The majority of my time will be spent on orders and planning the MMM.  I promise to write when I can, even if it’s only to say hello and over-share about my period, my weight, or what I had for dinner.  It’s not much, but it’s a start.  I need to retrain myself to write.  I need to carve out 30 minutes and just do it.  I’m going to try.  I promise.

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11 Responses to "Life has gotten in the way, and I’m sorry."

  1. Angela Johnson says:

    I’m fairly certain your loyal fans understood this without you having to explain your life and responsibilities, but I appreciate your candor and honesty. You aren’t just a “blogger”, you’re a WRITER, you have an incredible talent.(hey can you add “compiling the best of my swag” into a book? Because you aren’t busy enough right!) Anyway, the funniest people can’t be funny every day. Even without all the responsibilities that you listed, sometimes there’s just not anything to write about. But don’t you worry, something or something will have you hollering “WHAT.THE.FAWK.” And you will tell us about it, in that blow-coffee-out-your-nose eloquent way that your’e globally famous for.

    And we will be here waiting.

  2. Ann says:

    Woman of Steel. They should make a movie (or a musical) about your life. You are amazing, and inspirational. Everyone wishes they could do exactly what they want and how they want to do it. Most do not have the balls to do it. (by most I mean me). You rock my world. Keep on Keeping On!

  3. Mel says:

    You ROCK! I’d be huddled in a corner somewhere. And I totally think of you as still writing posts. Don’t discount your FB posts (microblogging…or something like that.) I LOOK for your posts on Twitter and FB. You kept us up to date in a hilarious way via these social medias. So, dammit, you’ve been blogging! Congrats on your successes, girl!

  4. Trying to write when other shit is going on is hard! And I don’t even have awesome weather, beaches and house renovations to distract me. You’re forgiven because you’re awesome!

  5. Girl, you kick ass. I am SO proud and envious of all your major successes! And, trying to deal with life after a flood is really difficult – speaking from experience. You are awesome. No one is going anywhere.

  6. J says:

    I often wonder “how the fuck does she do all this shit?” It’s refreshing to hear that even super woman needs a break
    I appreciate your honestly but it doesn’t make you a douche for not writing everyday so stop beating yourself up & go relax!! **slaps HMMs face** or **licks it**

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      lol! I’m gonna call you. I think I”m gonna come cuddle with you tomorrow night ;)

  7. Momarchy Ladies says:

    We’re happy you’re back! And GO YOU! Congratulations on your success and don’t mind the people who complain you don’t blog enough.. you’re out there living!!

  8. I love it when I have wonderful problems! All I can say is, if I could walk to New Orleans, I would. Just to meet you. Dammit. Not happening this year. However, at least you know this is one RSVP you didn’t expect not to get and didn’t get it. I’m looking forward to the guest posts. Especially mine! lmao!!!

  9. Liese says:

    Cartoon world problems…

  10. Apryl says:

    Don’t listen to the haters about your slogan! We are all behind you! It is your baby and they should pay a fee to use it just like producers of films pay musicians to use their music in their film score! As for the MMM and all else, you are SUPER-HMM!

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