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Hot Mess Mom » Dear Diary, Food, Ramblings » i just ate a baguette. (yes, a whole one)

i just ate a baguette. (yes, a whole one)


Well, I think we all know how my “pre-Thanksgiving, pre-Holiday, post-rockstar bender” diet went…     in two words:   not well.   Seriously, I think I gained weight.  I’m an uncaged animal. I cannot stop.  The eating, the drinking, the eating.  The drinking.   I just really enjoy those things.  I was raised on great food.   Eating was the focus of the day.  The focus of the family.   We do not “eat to live”  we “live to eat”.  

This was fine when I was a kid.  And okay in my 20′s.  A little troublesome in my 30′s, but I was pregnant most of that time, so whatevs…    but NOW… NOW that I am knocking on 40′s door…  something has got to give!   ( something other than the button on my jeans!)    

I have clearly proven to myself that not eating delicious food and abstaining from delicious drinks is not really my thing.   So I am going to have to start exercising.   I have too.  Seriously.  I’m growing out of my clothes.   So, I will start exercising today!  Except for I’ve already had a beer.  And I’m leaving tomorrow for a week in New Orleans.  And really..  even I’M not delusional enough to think I’ll be exercising or eating/ drinking sensibly in my home town..  So then..  Right after Thanksgiving!   Except for my December calendar is already full of nighttime parties and daytime festivities.   So …  right after Christmas!    Except for then we are going camping.  And there will be bourbon and smores.   Okay~ so right after New Years!  Except for then we are road-tripping with the boys to see snow and I’ll need extra blubber to keep me warm and they don’t have gyms in the mountains.  So… when I get back from THAT…  January 15, 2012~~  I will start exercising!  

In the meantime, I ate a baguette today.  For lunch.  I was going to make a sandwich with it.  But I didn’t.  I just picked peice after peice after peice.  No butter.  No olive oil.  No cheese.  Just a baguette.  An entire fucking baguette.   It really is shocking that my pants don’t fit.  

BTW~  My wieght  gain since Summer Leisure Tour 2011 has officially topped off at 13 pounds.   Fuck me running.  Or don’t.  ‘Cuz running is exercise and I just told you I’m not doing that shit until January 15, 2012!

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10 Responses to "i just ate a baguette. (yes, a whole one)"

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      everytime you say that it makes me giggle!

  1. Kelley says:

    I just like the way you think!!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      That’s cuz you got the bayou in you! ;)

  2. NicolleDPhotography says:

    …just can’t stop giggling! You could have at least dipped it in some olive oil and called it healthy! Haven’t I taught you a thing? I’m hungry now…for a flippin’ baguette.

  3. karrie says:

    oh HMM… I got all excited with you and then kept nodding in agreement with your reasons for not being able to excercise. I thought I was going to be able to work out in November… as soon as I finished X and Y and … Now I am looking at December.. but that probably won’t work. January? I like your date. Here’s to 1/15/12!

  4. Anne rue says:

    Ok that is funny! I suggest running to the liquer store. That way u can kill 2 birds with one stone.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      Anne~ I love that you have always been a multi-tasker !

  5. Liz says:

    I love eating And DRINKING too!!! My husband is thinking about having our first kid (yeah, right like he could carry it. He couldn’t handle it.) and that is the part I will MISS!

  6. Rheya says:

    HAHA I love your sight!!! Thanks for visiting as well!! Anyway though you told me to visit so I did! hilarious, I will definitely be a regular. :)))

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