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HMM’s un-edited student drop-off etiquette. {you’re welcome}


Several years ago, after spending months in a constant state of road rage while dropping off and picking up my kids from school, I took it upon myself to write “guide-lines” to be handed out to all parents who dropped off and/or picked up their children from school by car.   I honestly believed that the majority of offenders just didn’t know the rules.  They could not be that obtuse.  They just needed to see the rules in print.  That would solve everything!  The principal approved it, the PTA President tweaked it, and we have distributed these guidelines ever since.   It hasn’t changed a fucking thing.

As luck would have it… now I have a blog.  And I don’t have to get approval from the Principal.  Or the PTA.  Or anyone else for that matter.  I don’t have to be politically correct.  I don’t even have to be nice.

So, here you go.  HMM’s UN-EDITED Student drop-off etiquette:

  1. First and foremost- teach your child to buckle and unbuckle their own seat-belt before beginning school.  It’s not difficult.  It’s a life lesson.  Go ahead and do it.  NOW.
  2.   Do NOT get out of your car in the drop off  and/or pick uplane for any reason.  “Any reason” includes but is not limited to:
  • hugging your child
  • fixing a ponytail
  • tying a shoe
  • watching your child walk into school
  • hooking or unhooking a car seat
  • buckling or unbuckling a seatbelt
  • talking to administration
  • talking to another parent
  • talking in general

When you pull into the drop-off area, your child should be ready to get the fuck out of the car.  Backpack and lunchbox in hand.  Seatbelt undone.  Good-byes said and well-wishes wished.   If your child is scared or upset or needs a little longer with you… we get it… we all have kids..   GO PARK YOUR FUCKING CAR.   DO NOT hold up the other 300 cars while you parent.

3.  If the drop-off area is on the right-hand side of your car, don’t put your child’s car seat on the left-hand side of your car.  You cannot be that stupid.  It’s a fucking parking lot!  With moving cars in it!  WHY do you have the only child exiting the car on the wrong side?  Pay attention to what is happening around you.  For the love.  Oh, you have other children?  And their car seat is on the right side?  Well, why didn’t you say so!  I’ve never met anyone with more than one child before.   Fucking switch it.

4. During pick-up, if you see your child waiting but there are still 20 cars in front of you.. NO.. you cannot just drive by us.  I’m sorry.. that’s not how it works.  We all see our children.  But we are waiting for the fucktard up front to finish buckling her child’s seatbelt on the LEFT side of her car, then get back IN her car, fasten HER seatbelt, adjust her rearview mirror, feed her baby and eventually drive away.  It’s going to be a while.   Read the guidelines while you are waiting.

5.  If you are picking up in the car lane, you need to be a car.  If you want to park your car and walk to get your child, then pick up your child in the “walker” area.  Do NOT park your car, walk through the car line, retrieve your child, walk back through the car line, get in your car and expect ANYONE to let you out.  I’m sure you are very busy.  I bet you are even too busy to wait in this stupid car line.  Guess what Douchecanoe?  We all are.  And if you pull that shit when my car is blocking you, I may happen to run of of gas in front of you.  And I have a lot of friends.  One of them may just run out of gas behind you.

6.  If an area is marked “No Parking Any Time”, don’t fucking park there.  The sign is not there for shits and giggles.  It’s most likely marking an area utilized  by county and/or emergency vehicles when needed.  And if you cut me off to park there, an emergency vehicle will be needed.

7.  I know you love your children.  I love mine too.  I am betting that the asshat zigzagging through the car line loves hers too.  We are parents.  We love our kids.  Sometimes drop off is hard.  I get it.  I do.  But listen… YOUR children and YOUR time are NOT more important than MY children and MY time.  So, again… if there are issues… if you just can’t move on with your day without one last hug from your little angel;  if your angel can’t get through her day without one last hug from you; if he/she looks so little and scared walking into that big building and you just have to see her actually enter the door…. that is fine!  All of’s normal, it happens, and it’s fine.  It is not, however, an excuse to hold up the rest of us.   Just park your car.  Just park it.  In a parking spot.  In the parking lot.  Do NOT stay stopped in the drop off line.  Because the rest of us will turn on a dime from concerned and understanding parents to homicidal maniacs who are now late for OUR day because you are a self-absorbed prick.

Thank you for your attention and adherence to these rules.  Abide by them and we will all have a great school year.


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191 Responses to "HMM’s un-edited student drop-off etiquette. {you’re welcome}"

  1. Katie says:

    I fucking love it. Please write “if you are at the bus stop with my kid” guidelines.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      will do! I need a little more bus stop experience first 😉

      1. jacqui says:

        yes yes yes pls write “bus stop guidelines”!!!!!! and btw i just spit out a fairly expensive mouthful of wine laughing at that shit…

        1. Enjum Hamid says:

          Thanks for the laugh. It took me back 20 years to car pool. I ll do a granny taxi service for my grand kids if I m still driving by then and they dont walk or bus to school

    2. Erica says:

      Yasss!!! You could have a field day writing about these _______ (I’ll leave it blank because it’s not fit for public consumption) that are at my kids bus stop every morning, driving through 20-30 kids at warp speed like we don’t have 2 directions out of our neighborhood and they had no choice but to endanger these children with their stupidity. Or the asshats who wait at the stop with their kids and try to pull around the bus the second their child is out of the car, like there’s not a dozen kids trying to get on the bus too or even, hey, a big giant fucking bus in front of their vehicle, nah they just go bowling for kids and hope they all get out of the way because 2 minutes was just too damn hard to wait. Or my personal favorite dickhead the mom/dad who waits with their children at our stop who can’t wait, hell 15 or so minutes, to resume their daily smoke/curseing session. My son’s have learned curse words at that bus stop I didn’t even know because those idiots don’t know how to act in front of 5 year olds.

  2. KRISTY says:

    Thank you! Today was my first day ever at PPU. It took an hour from the time i enter the line to leaving with number 1. Number 2 and 3 lost their minds waiting if i had a tazer gun i would have used it on myself today!

  3. Dani says:

    I want the edited list emailed to me stat for my PTA meeting!!!!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      on it’s way… you will have to edit to make more specific to your school…

  4. Peanutlayne says:

    Haha! I freaking love it! As someone who suffers from a chronic case of road rage, these things drive me crazy!

  5. Muffy says:

    Ahhh…I feel my blood pressure starting to rise already in anticipation of the first day of school drop-off line. Good times.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I also LOATHE parents who smoke in the car line and throw there butts out…. trashy

  7. Amy M.R. says:

    Love, love this but at my school, afternoon pick-up is where I lose my mind. Drop off goes fairly quickly; but pick-up takes at least an hour. My kids are now registered as walkers and I pick them up a block from school. Much less chaos.

  8. Marissa says:

    You never cease to amaze me! I don’t have school pick up too soon in my future;however, when I am I will remember these kickass rules. You are so badass. I am scared for when your boys grow up and start dating…that poor girl that you aren’t a fan of. I can only imagine the thoughts that will go on in your head, forget what you actually say outloud!

  9. Sasha says:

    I will begin PPU in 2 weeks for the 1st time ever……This is just what I needed. Perhaps I could print if off in a little booklet and have it to hand out, cause I’m thinking I’m really gonna need it! Thanks ~ following you now from some random place that I’ve already forgotten but will remember as soon as I hit “Post Comment” 🙂

  10. lynne says:

    Ha! You are my hero! And your kids go to a smaller school than mine – imagine 2x the amount of kids and stupid parents! This year I get to deal with 4 schools and 4 car rider lines. Yay me.

  11. Earth Muffin says:

    My kids ride the bus, so I don’t do the school pick-up/drop-off very often, but this can also apply to summer camps! My boys both attend a great day camp at a local nature preserve and…well, douchecanoes inhabit the Midwest in the summertime too. Just sayin’.

  12. Lisa says:

    Oh, HMM, this is spot on. A couple of more things to consider:

    As a follow up to having child ready at the drop off: For the love of God and all that is holy, keep the back pack up front with your child. Maybe on his/her lap. Yes, it may be a projectile hazard in the event of an accident, but you are driving maybe 5 blocks on city streets, in what I’m guessing to be a 30 mph zone (20 in the school zone). It’s not going to project that far. DO NOT, under any circumstances, put the backpacks and lunchboxes in the trunk. Don’t do it! Do NOT!

    Also, please, share these instructions with dads, grandparents, nannies or other care givers. I could always tell when a dad was doing drop off. All violations listed above, plus the back pack in the trunk, happened on his watch.

    My kids got out of school at 3:18. I lived less than a mile away (walkable by them when they were older, but driving required when younger ones were home napping and I needed nap time to stretch until the last possible moment). I found that leaving my house at 3:20 got me to school at the very end of the pick-up line. Yes, my child will be in therapy for years because he was always last or next-to-last being picked up, but I will not need meds to deal with cranky children woke up from their naps too early or the asshats you’ve described above.

    You’ve truly done a public service, HMM. And now, I shall end my novella comment.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      so funny! Our school gets out at 3pm. I live 2 miles away thru the neighborhood.. it takes about 5-7 minutes to get there. I generally leave my house at 3:05… it’s not as bad.. but it still ain’t good! 😉

      1. Michael says:

        I think we must be neighbors.
        And the moms who blame dads got it wrong- it’s not the dads. It’s the tourists who drop off or pick up 2x a year.

        If all the cars would just do what the kids are taught to do in the lunch line, success.

        Meanwhile- all I got is my flashlight and my horn.

  13. Holly Corbridge says:

    My kids are 23 and 21. I still remember how furious I got in the car line. I cheated and parked next door at the 7-11.How about the moms who cry when they drop their kid off. The kid freaks because they think somethings wrong!!! Crazy moms!!!! Thanks for all the laughs….

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      i can often be found parked at the 7-11 😉

  14. Madwoman says:

    Hahahahaha! FUCKING LOVE THIS………….I love when someone else gets mad and curses alot in a blog. It makes me look good

  15. Julie says:

    Thank the good Lord for Campus Club! I drop off at 7:15 – no line, maybe 3 cars in the lot. I pick up around 5 – no line, maybe 20 cars in the lot, unless it’s a game-day, then it’s stop in the fire-lane and honk time.

    Though, I have had the odd pick-up/drop-off day at the normal times, and it is, unfortunately, just as you’ve described. I especially loved the day that I picked up, but teach held dramasaur in the class because his nana did not walk up to the door to fetch him (we had to have a talk about that shit), so I was sitting in the line forever, frantically eyeballing every child heading towards the cars. I stopped the principal to ask if she’d seen him. I drove thru the line, around the lot and got back into line 3 times. 3! TIMES! Did I mention I had an infant and a crabby stanky-pants 3-year old in the car with me? And it was snack time/feeding time so the most horrifying death-shrieks were coming from the backseat of the car…
    Then he finally sauntered (yes, sauntered) out and looked at me like I had grown another head when I freaked out just a teensy bit. Whatevs. Again, thank gawd for campus club (onsite before/after school care for those not in the know)

  16. Julie B says:

    I was choking on laughter, with tears streaming down my face!! This is THE BEST!!! As a former teacher who’s dealt on the receiving side, and a parent who’s been in that line with those people, I can attest to your dead-on accuracy. I wonder if you live in Dunwoody, GA? You certainly seem to be describing our schools to a “T”!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      i’m in florida… they must all be eerily similar! 😉

  17. Giggles says:

    I have written almost this exact same list in my head a million and one fucking times. I’m dreading the damn carpool lane more than the homework and last minute projects.

  18. JulezMa says:

    I am a teacher who is sometime late for work because of the “douchecanoes” (I love that..I’m going to borrow it) in the drop off lane. We have volunteer parents who will open your car door, escort kids across the lot etc.. and the damn line still doesn’t run smoothly. I HATE the drop off lane!!!! Arghhhh!!
    PS You’re probably thinking if I just leave the house a little earlier I wouldn’t be caught in traffic, you’re right, but having a new baby, makes every piece of sleep precious!

  19. Aunt Bea says:

    this is exactly perfect.

  20. Anna Lisa says:

    Love this list!!!! I am a teacher at an Elementary School where I just so happen to have afternoon PPU duty. You have hit the nail on the head-spot on!!! I’m printing this list and hanging it the teachers’ lounge, so we can all appreciate your accuracy and a parent who finally gets it!!!!

  21. Rebecca Metro says:

    I absolutely love this!! I had NO IDEA that the carpool drop off line issues were such UNIVERSAL issues. I can totally relate to this!!

  22. This is so freakin hilarious!! I just wrote my post for tomorrow about Who you might Meet at your kids School Orientation – some real dumbasses!! I love your blog!

  23. TLevy says:

    If only this could be the one handed out on yellow paper Monday morning.

  24. joe dee says:

    love this. shit you not, at my daughters school there is a one-lan entrance, small 15 car/3 lane drop off area, and then an exit. one mom every day pulls up and parks right in the entrance (rear tires on the road, front of car in the entrance), so she does not have to wait behind other cars waiting to leave when she wants to leave. she then gets out, walks her kid inside, then comes back out, taps her horn for the multitude of cars waiting to drop off so she can back out instead of going forward like the common-folk. I have made it my mission to be there at the same time as her and put the bumper of my truck inches from her bumper thwarting her star-bellied sneech special parking privilege. i have thus far overcome the backup toots with a multitude of friendly middle finger flips and blown kisses. my truck is bigger than her volvo, i win. 🙂

    1. Connie Talada says:

      “star-bellied sneech” !!!!! I am dying here! 🙂

  25. Sandra Rivera says:

    Thanks D. Monday will be my first day. I will be sure to park my car 🙂

  26. Ann says:

    Our elem. school runs remarkably smooth. And that’s because the carool Nazis are in charge!
    Oh lord. I think we have received letters home similar to this (sans douchecanoe references) (( but my dear that is an amazing adjective!)). The Nazis run a tight ship! Two lanes of traffic, no less than 15 teachers moving kids out to waiting cars, three walkie-talkies shouting out kids names that are posted prominently in the left hand side of every vehicle’s windshield. No sign, no kid!!! And god forbid you should happen to use a mobile device while in te carpool lane! Mrs. hitler will confiscate that shit!
    I will say they move a ton of “precious cargo” quickly and efficiently.

  27. Kirstyn says:

    Huh, weird. Never have seen many cars there, it’s usually a ghost town…. Ohhhh, because I’m banging down the before-care door at 6:59 a.m. and screeching in for pick-up at 5:59 1/2 p.m…. Oops! I’m the “Oh shit, I have kids?” mom – LOL

    1. Tiffaroo says:


  28. Shelli says:

    “and if you cut me off to park there, an emergency vehicle will be needed.” hahahaha! Love it.

  29. HouseTalkN says:

    Oh, Baby Jesus. I just fell in love with you all over, again. As a PTA president that has to say things like “Let’s keep the line moving, puh-lease”, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I wrote a similar post but was too chicken s*** to post it.
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  30. Love this – our school doesn’t bus so EVERYONE drives except for about 6 parents who live close enough and aren’t too lazy to walk. We’re the ones getting run over by the people who aren’t following your rules. 😉

  31. PREACH IT, sister. Who are these self-centered dingleberries? Could you please turn this into an info-graphic that I can laminate and distribute at the next PTA meeting?

  32. Great fucking blog post! Having kids has made me HATE driving so much. My son’s middle school was the most regimented. The principal would come out every day to monitor the drop-off lane. Then when my kids hit high school, the madness started all over again.

    You should write a post about parental etiquette at hockey, soccer, baseball, football practices and/or games as well. That would be a hoot 🙂

  33. Dan Mcsherry says:

    Love it Hot Mom Mess 😉 I had three kids at St. Johns for several years and nobody waited a single frickin second for the McSherry’s to get out. The backpack in the trunk kills me every fucking time personally. Get those fucking little pricks out of your damn mini van like it was on fire you fucking slice of shit! I loved it and I thank you!!!!!

  34. Pick-up and drop-off from school — it’s the one real horror no one tells you about parenting. Kind of like no one tells you about in-laws before you get married.

  35. Brett Minor says:

    We have the same issues at my daughter’s school. Luckily she is in high school and I can get away with dropping her off a block away. Once you actually enter the “school zone” it is at least a 30 minute debacle to get back out of there. The same for pick up. I call on my way in tell her which direction to start walking since people can’t follow the simplest of courtesy.

    I feel the same way about the idiots in stores who block the entire aisle with their carts. Stand to one side and let others by.

  36. Erica says:

    Thank you! There is a jerk at our school that parks in the bus lane, walks into school to get his kid & takes his time. The principal has talked to him repeatedly but he still does it! Ridiculous! Love your blog, cracks me up daily!

  37. Megan Rone says:

    Word. I can’t wait til my kid starts school- so much to look forward to!

  38. Ugh so NOT looking forward to having to deal with this in the future! People are idiots!

  39. This was so perfect. There was so much perfection I don’t know where to start, so I’ll give a suggestion. You know those cannon guns that blast t-shirts into the crowd at ballgames? You should get one of those, load it with your rules, and give the idiots something to think about. 🙂 Ellen

  40. Kelly says:

    Well played. Slow clapping my ass off over here!!

  41. It’s enough to make you want to homeschool – oh wait I DO HOMESCHOOL now 😉 I remember wanting to stand there and hand out ‘TICKETS’ at my chldren’s former Elementary school …. I offered to wear a yelloe vest and ‘direct’ traffic but the principal told me she tried that and a parent tried to run her down – she just couldn’t prove it was on purpose;)

  42. T says:

    Or the little brats can all ride the bus like they should. Quit adding to greenhouse gasses by your selfish need to personally transport your kids, when taxpayers are already paying for the gas & drivers on busses that only carry half of their capacity because you are a better driver (guess what? You really aren’t!) All of you either walked or rode the bus – not likely many of you got more than an occasional ride when you missed the bus!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      well, as sweet and lovely as that sentiment is, in our district, we are not offered bus transportation til middle school- Grade 6. And as most of us are 3-4 miles from the school, I don’t think sending your 6 or 7 year old on a death march to school is the best parenting option.

      1. Laura says:

        LMAO ~~ Thank you for the giggle!

      2. Michelle says:

        I know this is many years later but I am just seeing this now. I’m soo glad you responded to this one HMM. I tell you, you have way more tact than I do.

  43. Hilarious! I’ll have to remember those when my kids are older. I am wondering though, what happened to the good old yellow school bus? I mean when I was little, no one dropped their kids off, we all just waited at the end of our driveways, and the bus would pick us up. They don’t do that anymore? I have been gone a long time, so I have no idea….

    Oh wait, I just saw the mean comment about little brats riding the bus, and your answer. What, you don’t want to walk 4 miles at a child’s pace to school (which would take like 5 hours) while they no doubt whinged for the first mile, wanted you to do 1-2-3 wee for the second, and then be carried for the rest? Mind blown.

    Also, it’s obnoxious that people making mean comments never have the balls to use their names.

  44. Cheryl says:

    When you have a child with special needs, then we’ll talk — with civility.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      This is in no way directed at parents with valid reasons for stopping. At our school, we have a totally different drop off area for children with special needs. We have an incredible ASD program at our school – both inclusion and not, with children covering the spectrum… as well a severe disability program. We have an entirely different drop off area for these parents and children, where time is no issue and there are ample places to stop. As a matter of fact, my “don’t park in no parking” comment refers to that area… to the area set aside specifically for parents of special needs children.

  45. Lindsay says:

    I live a block and a half from an elementary school and I’d like to give a big ole F you to this crazy parents you’re referring to. They act like they’re dropping their kids off in a war zone with a minefield in between the car and the building – parking in the middle of the street, leaving all car doors open, walking around the car like a caged lion – get out of the street!!! I’m just trying to get out of my neighborhood!!

  46. Kesh C. says:

    OMG! This was hysterical! Given that my children aren’t of school age yet, I’m glad I stumbled across this beforehand, so that I can anti up on my child drop off etiquette. lmao!

  47. Rebecca J. says:

    Oh if we could only get this list of rules approved to hand out!

  48. Rebecca J. says:

    Can I get the “edited” version?

  49. […] written in a few days.   I left you on Thursday with my student drop-off/ pick-up guidelines and  Middle School […]

  50. Meredith says:

    “douchecanoe”….I think I like it!

  51. Let’s find a way to slip these guidelines and my Back to School shopping list into the orientation packets. I’ll spring for the copy paper and toner.

    Great post, HMM!

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      i’ve gotten emails from so many teachers saying they have them posted in the teacher’s lounge… yes.. you and I together.. we could rule the school 🙂

  52. Robbie says:

    I think IQ tests should be administered and clearance required before people can pick up and drop off their kids. This is hysterical.

    1. Cakes says:

      I agree! If I ask you what one plus one is and you reply “Purple!” you are not allowed in drop off line. You are instantly shunned to ‘worst spot on site’

    2. JenA says:

      I agree! Actually, I am of the opinion that anyone who wants to be a PARENT should have to pass an IQ test and a PSYCH exam! That would solve A LOT of problems. People should need a license to become a parent. Why not? You need one to drive a car, or catch a fish, why not to RAISE A CHILD?? just saying, lol

  53. Laura says:

    Parent Pickup continues to be the worst part EVER of parenting in general. I would rather clean up poop and vomit all day long, go to countless birthday parties at the dirtiest place on earth–Chuck E Cheese, make 1000 paper mache volcanoes with exploding food colored lava and spend hours playing Pokemon’ then go to parent pick up.

  54. Cherie says:

    Can I get a copy of the edited version also? My husband just called me cursing the whole school because car line drop off was wrapped around the block cause one freaking kid was having a shit-fit!

  55. […] HMM’s un-edited student drop-off etiquette. {you’re welcome} […]

  56. My son started preschool this year, and I wanted to say thank you for making me a drop off professional!!! I would also like to say thanks for the laughs while I sat and watched the people in front of me make all of the mistakes on your list!!! I actually talked to the principal today and told her that I had read a great letter about what to do in the drop off line, and I would see if I could get her a copy to attach to the next newsletter. I know I will only find this humorous for about… oh who am I kidding, I was annoyed by the second day : ) So for the sake of my sanity, and my lovely principal’s, I was wondering if you please could send me a copy of the edited version!

  57. karen walker says:

    I am one of the asshats whose child gets out of the car on the driver’s side because I have other children…4 children that all require car seats. This year, I get to change the car seats since now only 1 child needs assistance with her car seat (too young to go-to school). Proud to say that this won’t be occurring this year
    What always pIsses me off is when the parents decide that they can just pull ahead to the front of the line, putting my kid at danger. We are all busy. Chill outand wait your turn.
    But, what really pissed me off is that our school does rolling releases, kindergartners first, then on up every 5 minutes. Some parents and grandparents (who obviously have nothing else going on in their lives) arrive an hour or more before school ends, just to get a good spot. It gets better though. Those jerks are picking up older kids! Get behind us kindergarten moms, you jackasses!
    Sorry…just had to vent.

    1. Kat Williams says:

      oh my lord!!! the grandma squad, our release is the same way and there are grandmas of 6th graders blocking all the spots so you cannot pick up your younger child. WHY?! Since when is a place in line a status symbol?

  58. OMGoodness Mom says:

    OMG that is F’n awesome! That was my morning…road rage. I almost swore at all the teachers standing there waving us to move to pretty much no where. I mean, they were waving me to move an inch every minute. WTF. Honestly this was what I needed. LOVE IT!

  59. Ok, first of all I am going to make a pillow that says “Douchecanoe” on it. Because, no couch is complete without one. Secondly, I just about ripped off a teachers head today. My daughter goes to the later kindergarten. As my 5 and 2 year olds were walking (after we parked our cars in the proper parking area) to the drop off gate. This teacher sees us 37 inches from her door, stops my girls and me and decides to dismiss her entire class. Really biznitch? You couldn’t let us go to bring her to kindergarten? I finally give her a nasty look and she says “Oops, I should have let you go first so you didn’t have to wait for all of us.” Ya think? I’m going to make her a douchecanoe pillow too. One for her fat ass at her desk since she is clearly in a rush to go back to sit on it.

  60. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Please come teach a class at our school–pretty please?

  61. CarrieJO says:

    I FREAKIN Love this. I was reading it and laughing so hard I was crying. I prefer to park and walk and get my child and my cousins kids. But know I have to go thru the car line b/c I have a baby and just today at my school the Aids, that ALWAYS make it a point to tell me they will help the kids and Please don’t get out of the car decide to stand in one place today, I am sitting there with my car door open b/c my 40 pound kid can’t shut the heavy door and the Aide is motioning for cars to go around me and I am NOT suppose to get out of my car but I have no other way to get the car door shut b/c the Super Motivated Aide can’t walk over 10 steps to shut the door. She kept waving me on and I was looking at her saying the door is open?!?!?! So finally I am yelling out the window hey kid, hey kid can you shut my door. I forgot to mention the same lady was in a Hover Round scooter yesterday, WHY?? Is she even helping at pick up time? Just a little irritated today. I am so happy I found your blog so I could share.

  62. HotMessin FL says:

    Couldn’t be any MORE TRUE!!!!! I was recently with our Ass. Principal reorganizing their procedures!!!

  63. Cakes says:

    Holy effing crap!
    Just found this site, and this post is exactly what I have been angrily texting my hubs the last two years while I wait behind jack monkeys taking 10 minutes in front of me in the drop off line.
    Why your kindergartener has a rolling suit case for a back pack is beyond me. Yes, she is 5 and 3 feet tall, but if she can lug a chair to the counter for cookies, she can schlep 1/2lb of pink cloth over her shoulder. Hey, I wouldn’t care if sweet little Suzie could operate it herself. However, that isn’t the case & mommy dearest can’t bear the thought of any independence for her child. Even something as simple as pressing a release button on a handle. So said fuck sock–errr mom I mean, must race around to let out said child, pull handle on over sized under needed luggage, and give me two more gray hairs while I turn red and curse under my breath. I hope this child learns this valuable life skill that is depressing buttons or her life will be one ball of disappointment at gas pumps and furious crowds on elevators.
    Sorry to vent, just glad someone else sees eye to eye with me–even if its only exasperated glances through the rear view mirror.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      omg.. the rolling suitcase backpack… nothing worse.. seriously… crayons and paper do not need wheels. I hate people.

  64. Jessica says:

    I can’t stop laughing! so true

  65. Jen says:

    OMG, dying here. As a mom with a Kindergartener who takes the bus I been spared the drop off. My beef is with the school lunch health craze…please for the love of god bring back the hot lunch that an average 6 year old will eat and leave out the “healthy side dishes” like broccoli salad with carrot and onion. Even I won’t eat that crap !!!

    Sorry for the vent.

  66. […] that people behave that way intentionally.  They just must not know.   For example, I wrote School Pick-up & Drop-off guidelines not because I am an angry elf, but because I was doing a public service.  When I threatened to […]

  67. Michelle G says:

    OMG! The drop off line at our school makes my blood pressure skyrocket! The other day there was a guy with a Kindergartener who had him 1) on the left hand side of the car, 2) in a car seat, 3) his backpack was in the trunk and 4) the kid didn’t want to be dropped off. He got him out, he got the backpack out, he kissed and hugged him, etc, etc…all the while my son is complaining because he has to be in class in T minus 2 minutes (when the Kindergartener didn’t have to be in class for 20, WTF!)

    The car line mom finally got the dad back into his car and the kid looked up at her and said “I’m in room 23.” She said “Yea???” He just looked at her. “Where’s room 23?” she asked him. “Ummmm….” he replied. She just looked at us like WTF am I suppose to do with this kid???? So this post is a little more than perfect! I’d love the edited version. 🙂

  68. 2boymom says:

    Love the post! Just one thing that really gets me about dropping off – there is enough room for 6-7 cars to drop off at once, but EVERY morning some jackass thinks their special child needs to be in the number one spot messing up the whole rotation. No doubt this is the same jackass that can’t merge on the freeway or double parks at the grocery store.

  69. South Carolina Mom says:

    I love this Blog way to go maybe you need to tell Southern drivers how to drive and where the enter and exit signs are. Also there are only suppose to be two lanes not make your own 3rd lane and they try to ram your car in or if your stopping to let a child cross the street don’t feel like you have to go around and get in line in front of me such rude people and I understand why you needed to write this keep it going.

  70. Judy says:

    That is just awesome….so very freaking true!! AND we all been there! thanks for the chuckle!

  71. Kelly Breece says:

    I drive a Jeep Wrangler and we also have a (hand over mouth muffled sound)…a silver mini van. When I have the top off the cool white Jeep Wrangler and I pass another Jeep-ster, I get this totally cool, you’re in the club they’re not, wave! It’s awesome. It’s a “Jeep thing” you know.

    Okay well, when I’m dropping the kids off at school in my mini…no one waves from the other mini drivers. I don’t get it. I decided that all us mini drivers need a very special, exclusive wave…any ideas?

    I’m thinking…middle finger bent and stuck up the nose…?! ha ha.

  72. Ed Gaile says:

    I cannot tell you how much I love this post. So so true. I may either print this off and pass out or preach it with a bull horn during the next few drop offs. Seriously, the drop off should be a Mission Impossible precision operation or like a NASCAR pit stop – in and out!! I sense a need for a drop off/pick up boot camp.

  73. Rebecca says:

    As a mom (that has children that attend where I teach) AND a teacher, I so agree with you. May the teacher part of me add… If the drop off line happens to be right by the entrance drive for the school staff, since it’s already marked in red, as DO NOT STOP here, please do not stop here and block me from entering to park, so I can go to work. ESPECIALLY on those days when my own children have been particularly ass-dragging brats and I am now on the cusp of being late if I don’t get in a parking spot and get my arse in the classroom. Especially when you sit there and watch your 10 year walk into the school, my god, it’s not like they are a freaking 5 or 6 year old kindergartner! Move your ass!

  74. Anna says:

    I am so homeschooling!!!!

    This is so funny, it would make for a great screenplay for a parenting comedy movie…

  75. Dani Ryan says:

    OMG, this is hysterical! I will keep this handy for when my little one starts school! People really are stupid, aren’t they?!

    Thanks for linking up today.


  76. Would you consider re-writing the Driver’s Handbook? I think you could bring the same clarity to the rules of the road as you did to the rules of school drop off. That way I wouldn’t have to turn into an enraged ranty witch every time I need to get somewhere.

  77. Amy says:

    This was great! I thought I was the only one that was transformed from a laid-back, patient person to a crazed one. You have covered all the main areas of frustration but I have noticed a strange thing here in CT. If a mom brings a dog along to pickup/drop off, you can be assured she is in the idiot club. I live in a community with many SAHMs. For some reason, they feel they must bring Fido to accompany them to the circle. I have a German Shepherd. Believe me, he would rather stay home and sleep. How fucking needy ARE these women? They are the same ones that get out of the car, hug their children like they are going off to war, and stand and watch them go into the building. Then they saunter back to their cars SLOWLY. I get so mad because it’s so fucking ENTITLED. I have to drop off two kids at two different schools that start at the same time. It doesn’t seem to click with these ladies that some of us have THINGS to do – like make sure our other kids aren’t LATE! Thanks for the essay and for letting me vent.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      omg.. the dog people! Nice add! I too have a lab/german shephard mix… neither of us has the need to accompany each other on errands. Or sit in the front seat. On the lap. by the steering wheel!! ;(

      1. JenA says:

        Our school actually banned fido from being part of the whole drop-off scene, which was a huge help. Who the hell wants to walk their Kindergartener past a couple of pitbulls that are lunging at their kid’s face, while listening to the idiot mother telling me, Oh, it’s okay, they’re really friendly… Ok, whatever moron. Or, to have to make sure both of us avoid stepping in their monstrous pile of poop that she hasn’t cleaned up yet right near the school entrance (which is prob the real reason they were banned, but I’ll take it either way, lol).
        Love, love, love your blog… 🙂

  78. Cassandra says:

    OMG, this is my BIGGEST school-related pet peeve! And I don’t even pick up/drop off my kid!! At our school, the drop off area is very tiny, but still they insist that each child must be dropped AT THE DOOR, ONE AT A TIME, with the Janitor (who writes children’s books that they push us to buy constantly) acting as Valet and opening the door for each child! Oh my fucking Goddess, I want to pull a Lizzie Grubman (look it up people, I have 5 kids and no time to cite references) on their asses every time I’m forced to dance that dance! And don’t even get me started about the moms who DRIVE to the bus stop…we are 1 cup-de-sac street with 12 houses, and the farthest any of us is from the stop is 100 yards…every single day to drop off their precious 4th and 5th graders. I know they talk about me & what a horrible mom I am, because I let my 1st grader go to & from the bus stop every single day {gasp} ALONE! Oh, and every morning at exactly 9:05 I say “get out of my house and take the garbage with you” as I send my precious, irreplaceable, sure to cure cancer and invent time travel, 4th child to school each day! Can we get a fucking fucktard bus stop etiquette guideline please??

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      you may be officially my new favorite commenter ever. ” Lizzie Grubman (look it up people, I have 5 kids and no time to cite references)” LOL!!!!!

  79. amber says:

    Lol that is great at least I now know I’m not the only one in my car wanting to choke the shit out of dumb ass parents. Could you please email this to me my kids school could use it. Thanks for laugh love the blog!!

  80. Jennifer says:

    I love this! I stumbled upon your blog from Twitter, I have to say this is why I stopped picking my kids up from school! We live in a small town and most of the moms are SAHM like myself. School lets out 2:50 but idiot parents will start lining up for pick up at 12:30! It’s ridiculous! I’m not sitting there for over 2 hours when I have things I could be doing and if I get in at the end of the line I’ll still be waiting an hour! Then I realized that by the time I picked up all 3 kids at 3 different schools I was getting home the same time the bus was riding by our house! Screw that! Drop off isn’t as bad in the mornings, so I still drop them off, but they ride the bus home now! I didn’t last 2 weeks!

  81. Monica says:

    Thanks for the laugh. Just found your blog and I think I will be back often!!

  82. Love it.

    I probably have annoyed parents before. I’m not sorry. I don’t really care about their problems. Usually though, because my kid (1st grade) is on the autism spectrum and takes FOREVER to do anything, I park in one of the handicapped spots or a place nobody is at, right next to the drop off zone but out of everyone’s way because I’m all about moving the traffic along. I usually have 2 other kids in the car, and I’m definitely not dragging out 3 kids across the entire parking lot to take one into school just so some hyped up mom on coffee can get out the lot faster. I’ve had people give me looks like twice for stopping in the handicapped spot (because I’m not handicapped), but since I generally look like the wicked witch of the east (is that the one who died by getting smothered by a house? as that’s the symbolism I’m going for), my looks back are much uglier and scarier.

    Now I will purposely hold up traffic and be a real nasty person about it when people are rude. One parent can mess it up for all. I’m a very aggressive person with anger management issues, so when a stupid parent decides to be rude about letting someone through or almost hits a kid with their car because they are in such a hurry to get out… yeah, I sadistically hold up the line on purpose, and generally I’ll point at the parent and say where they can read my lips, “It’s your fault.”

    My favorite one I did, after school, there was a line of cars waiting to join the line of cars out of the lot, and usually everyone is cool about it. Usually, we treat it like a stop sign taking turns. One day, like 5 parents in a row decided not to. So I weaved around the lot through unparked spots (safely), go in front of the mean parents, cut in like I’m driving in Boston (something people don’t do here), and then motioned the whole line trying to get through (the one I was in) to go first forcing all those people who weren’t going to let any of them in to let them ALL in ahead of them. Then I stuck my tongue out at the mean parents and proceeded forward. I swear I’m the parking lot troll, but in the name of everything good.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      I should have been more specific in my original post that our school has a separate drop off area for special needs which includes, but is not limited to, our standard ASD program, any special needs children, and others who’s children may be having a ‘hard morning’.
      These are not the parents I want to cut… 😉

  83. Kaarin Brooke says:

    Please email me your edited list please! This was a great post!

  84. steve says:

    We have an entry to the drop-off lane. Most people go around and form a single line, but MANY selfish women, in order to save themselves a block of driving, try to turn left into the drop-off area, causing massive congestion, as they block the whole damn street, especially for those who are just trying to get by. The same bunch does it EVERY morning,and has been doing it for years. They never learn. I will wreck them before I let them in; but they think I am the dummy.

  85. KP says:

    I just stumbled upon this…good times!! I have spent way too much of my life in pick up and drop off lines. My high school and middle school kids are just as likely to get pissed at the Ass hats that can’t follow the basic rules as I am. No busses here, and we are a 15 minute drive from school, so we do this every day… the HS/MS drop off is a little different and people do park and wait. What kills me is that every car leaves an extra half car between them …ummm, the rest of us could pull up to get our kids if you all just learn how to park! Also, we have a subgroup of parents here that make me swear every single morning… they are dropping off middle school children and after their kids get out of the car they stay sitting there parked…just hanging? Watching? I have know idea why they sit there taking up one of maybe 10 spots for the 350 children that may want to use that entrance and sit backed up in a line of rude drivers for 30 minutes. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to get out and knock on the window to ask what the tuck they were waiting for. I did just realise while reading comments that these moms do all seem to have small dogs. Maybe there is a correlation. I hope one of these kids gets a drivers license soon!

    1. TooBadForYou says:

      They’re waiting for their children to safely enter the school.

  86. Vanessa says:

    So here we are, more than 2/3 of the school year down and I’m still having to deal with fucktards in the drop off lane in middle school!!! Because of carpool, I only drive 2 times a week, sometimes 3. Yet those mornings my blood pressure sky rockets! I wish for just 1 week I could have a James Bond type car so I can press a button or turn a dial and eliminate the offenders…..
    As always, thanks for the laughs!

  87. Kelley says:

    Ha! This is perfect! I mean, I’ve been guilty of the “give me a quick kiss” before, but that was in his Kindergarten years. I now realize ain’t nobody got time fo dat. Glad you sent this to me!

  88. […] teacher sees it. To read a totally hilarious carpool blog post from the parent’s perspective, visit this post. The Hot Mess Mom gets it! What are your carpool pet peeves? Everyone with school aged children has […]

  89. Caitlin says:

    Wrote a blog about the teacher’s version of carpool today (– added a link to your post. My tips are not nearly as funny!

  90. Hannah says:

    Uh-may-zing! Love the brutal honesty! Ever watched Jenna marbles? This is like a mom version of her videos lol

  91. Laura says:

    This is so funny, I can feel your rage seeping through my computer screen. Hahah!

  92. Dennie says:

    So much of this happens everywhere I bet. The hard part about dropping kids off is keeping your thoughts to yourself…no nasty verbal comments while your kid is still in the car.

  93. Jenifer says:

    I have been banned from speaking my mind in the car by my husband. I guess when the kids started repeating it he’d had enough. Our school had the police sit out front on and off all year so if you turned out of the in road you got nailed. It was fantastic. I just don’t understand why people have to walk around being idiots. I would also love the edited version of these rules to present to the PTA. Thanks!

  94. Jacqui says:

    Honestly, with school about to start, I’m amazed at the things ppl do in the pick up line. With us, there are several lines.. you pull into one of those lines, go get your kid and then they start releasing the lines. Easy, right? Not so much. There are the idiots who don’t get to their car in time, leaving a whole line of cars waiting. So, they let the next lane go, which then pisses off everyone who was in the previous lane. It’s all the same crap… talking with other parents, talking with teachers, blah, blah, blah. Just get in your car and GO!

  95. Catherine says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog when our Facebook page for our school moms was ranting about pickup craziness. It gave all of us the exact burst of humor we needed. (We had been planning egg throwing contests just before someone added the link to your blog.) I publish community magazines for families in our local area and I would love to print your rant in one or more of my magazines. Is there a pg version available?? As funny as this is, I cannot print it like this 😉

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      lol! not a pg version but I can try to edit it a tad 😉

  96. Alison says:

    I was actually saddened by this post. I’m a first time Kindergartener mom & I’m really struggling with how to get my kid to school. I have other children with me, so park & walk is not an option. But my just turned 5 year old is physically not strong enough to unbuckle his car seat harness. According to your post, I’ve got no business being in carline. It’s disheartening to know there is so much intolerance for trying to do the right thing.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      It’s not intolerance.. it’s information. If you are a first timer.. this is a public service 🙂
      Leave a few minutes early, park and walk with your other kids.. You do it at the grocery store.. you can do it at the school.. We all did.
      And yes.. I will stand by the fact that if your kid can’t unbuckle his own car seat and you are required to leave your car then you do have no business in the car line.

    2. Amy says:

      I see how it can seem harsh, Alison. As a first-time school parent, it does seem snippy, right? I think people become that way when they see other moms not being aware of their surroundings. I think it’s okay if you have to jump out and unbuckle the car seat. Just jog when you are doing it. That doesn’t bother me in the pickup line. There are just people who slooooowly get out of the car, and saunter out to unbuckle the kid and then (this is my favorite) give a long, long hug and kiss good bye, and then put the backpack on the kid’s shoulders and then start walking them in. That’s just inconsiderate in my opinion. Moms do have a lot to accomplish during the few hours the kids are in school. I think it’s all about being efficient and not self absorbed (which I am sure you are not). But there are a lot of clueless parents out there and that starts to build every day and makes people aggressive. It is unfortunate but that’s how it builds.

    3. Really? says:

      I agree with you Alison. Some of these posters think they are funny, but they are really just short tempered and mean.

  97. TheRoomMom says:

    @Alison– there is no tolerance in the carpool line. It’s vicious! I am a teacher and call the names, so kids load correctly into their cars. I did not want the caller job– but the teacher who actually was assigned to do it cried when she found out, so I volunteered. Parents get really angry at me if the line does not move. Whatever you have to do, the goal is to MOVE the line. I posted this earlier, but here is what is happening on the teacher end of carpool

  98. Monica says:

    Your kids are all just lucky that you even drop them off or pick them up at school. My mom walked me to school in elementary school then jr high and high school was bus and walking for me! In high school I pulled double duty walking my elementary aged brother home from school as well. So all of this is hilarious, ridiculous non-sense to me. I wish I would be able to take my kids to and from school but I work full-time starting at 6am so they will probably be walking/bussing or we will have to rely on someone else to take them. I would be thankful to be in that line dropping my kids off but Instead I’ll be at work wondering how they are doing and if they got to school ok.

    1. April Armstrong Campbell says:

      Why do people that don’t drive their kids assume that dropping off and picking up your kids is a wonderful choice for those of us that have to do it? I do it because 1) I have a daughter with special needs for whom the bus is tough; 2) we are not in walking distance of the school unless we’d like to start super early and walk on my misaligned hips and bad ankle, and then I can take narcotics when I get home for my trouble, all of which would be especially fun with my younger child in tow in, say, -15 temperatures and snow; 3) taking the bus adds an extra two hours to our day. Yes, I love my kids, but I am not dropping them off/picking them up because of their special snowflake status, or because I am aiming to make Supermom of the Year, or because we’re too good for the bus, or too lazy to walk. And don’t get me started on the bus-watching middleschool aged kids get off a bus literally TWO driveways away from the last stop makes me apoplectic when I am caught behind the bus on a long residential street. If your %$#^ing kid is old enough to let themselves into the house with a key and be in it alone, they are old enough to walk two goddamned driveways over to their own home.

  99. Mary says:

    Love the list. I am a first time school parent. I am dreading the car line because I remember reading this last year. Can I have the edited version, please? I want to take it to my meet and great on Thursday. Thanks again for the list.

  100. […] If you need help with morning drop off tips, you can read a totally hilarious (not PG) carpool blog post from the Hot Mess Mom’s perspective by clicking here. […]

  101. Katie O says:

    I came in search of this to reread today. It never ceases to amaze me of the ASSHATS who can’t comprehend student drop off. This morning, a mom had PARKED her mini van in the drop off lane, and was outside of the vehicle fighting with her two boys, one who was hysterically crying. There is a parking lot 20 feet from the drop off lane. PARK THERE, MORON! If your kids are fighting you not to go to school, load them back up in the van, move said van, and deal with it there. People who do this risk the safety of all the kids who have to be dropped off further from the sidewalk. And it pisses me off. There is only room for 4 cars in the drop off lane, everyone else has to hang out on the road. AAAHHH!!! How stupid can people be!?! Gah – I am still so mad. FUCK A DUCK!

  102. Sara says:

    I find myself coming back to read this post over and over and over and over again!!! I’m pretty sure I need to print this on sticker paper(maybe neon orange) and plaster it to the nincompoops that abandon their vehicles in the drop off lane! Can you please email me the “edited” version? Thanks for the constant laughs!!!

  103. Christy says:

    Love it! Do you have an edited version online, would love to post the link on our PTA Facebook page!

  104. Amy says:

    Okay. I have a new one for you. It’s the first day of school. People drive into the DROP OFF Circle, get out, park, turn off their cars and photograph their children in front of the school’s sign for their first day. Yes. All of us had to wait as these completely self absorbed people took the “first day picture” in front of the school’s sign. And it wasn’t a quickie, it was leisurely. I am stunned. I always take first day pictures. But they happen at our HOUSE. Evidently, the allure of the school’s sign just makes it “official”.

    I had made a pact with myself to try to be calm, forgiving, patient with other parents. I did not honk. I just shook my head.

    Some people are just…stunning.

  105. Debra says:

    Such reasonable guidelines! So why can’t some parents understand this kind of common courtesy? It’s pathetic. Nearly every single school morning there’s at least one parent who stops their car at the end of the drop off instead of pulling up all the way. These kids don’t appear to have bum legs, so make them walk a little! I promise they won’t encounter a blizzard/hailstorm/serial killer/whatever your overactive mind is thinking and die if you make them walk 50 extra feet. Meanwhile, me and the other parents are held up in our cars, waiting for you to get out of the frigging way. We don’t want our kids to be late or us late for work because you think your precious pooh-pooh kid is going faint if they walk more than 30 feet to the school entrance. Ugh! Show some courtesy to others, will you? Or were you raised in a barn? Oh, and one more thing…if you’re in the drop-off area, drop your kids off and leave! If you want to park your car and chit-chat with another parent, don’t be a moron; park in the parking area. Because if you happen to do that stupid shit in front of me and I don’t have work that day, I will teach you a lesson. (After I park in the parking area. Because I’m not a douche like you are.)

  106. Suzette says:

    Love this post. I spend my afternoons in the pick up line, coming up with ways I can avoid this. (There isn’t any). I like to watch the few parents who think they are above the rules and then when they are noticed and called out on it, I just smirk! I have finally resolved myself that I will be waiting for as long as it takes and there is no other way to pick up my child. (I have daydreamed about a personal hovercraft and how cool that would be!). 🙂

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      i don’t even leave my house until 3pm (the school’s dismissal time)… and when I get there, there is STILL a crazy line. My boy start their homework while they wait. It’s a win/win 😉

  107. jamie says:

    This is fantabulous.. I especially liked number 4 lmao!!stay awesome lady

  108. Natalie says:

    I threatened to pull a Gru, and start moving vehicles with mine, at drop off today, so a friend directed me to this post to ease my 20 minute wait. Waiting, of course because some precious little asshat parked behind me, which parked me in, and then sat on their thumb for 20 minutes. Seriously!?!? Who does that??? You know you’re parked illegally. You know someone can’t leave because of you… You had better be running, knees up, to get back before I find you there!
    It happens everyday. I know a mom who used her wait time, and her car key, to write a thank you note on the car behind her. In her defense, she asked the driver not to park there, as she was in a hurry and wanted to be able to leave. He called her a bitch and parked her in anyway, and intentionally took his time. -which gave her lots of time to write her thank you note.

    I wish you could see our clusterfuck of a parking lot. An elementary school with 600 kids and we have roughly 60 parking spots. Do the math.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  109. sara says:

    love this!!! hate (and i rarely use that word) hate the car drop off / pick up lane. keep trying to get my kiddos to ride the bus instead! at our school, the buses need to go through the car pick up to get to their spots at the end of school. people will park & pretend they don’t hear or see the buses honking their horns at them to get the heck out of the way. so many times i end up getting out of the line (before the kiddos are out of school) so the buses have some room. it’s crazy to see the lack of respect shown towards one another in the school drop off lanes!

  110. tina says:

    This is our school spot-on! We are lucky that we don’t have the pick up line. One time per day is enough for me! LOL!

  111. Parentdrop off rage says:

    I am laughing so hard…we call those people parent drop off rookies! I ha an incident today of a women who got out if her car opened her trunk rummaged arous held her child out in backpacks etc! So annoying! Love your candidness!

  112. Liz says:

    OMG!! Someone messaged me this list because I exploded on FB yesterday creating my own list… And requested people please share and threatened to start photographing and posting violators!! Hence why someone sent me your list. I was good and didn’t swear in my post… But ohhhh I wanted to and usually do! And the friends of mine who are now reading your article since I have shared it… Claim your just like me!! And “douschecanoe” is now my new favorite phrase!!! I can’t stop rereading this!!! Love it!

  113. Susan says:

    People know the rules, they just choose not to follow them.

  114. […] There have been numerous posts about the drop off lane at schools in the past few years.  You can read one of my favorites Here. […]

  115. Andra Bungard says:

    I seriously could not of said it better. I Fucking love this!!!!

  116. Really? says:

    I guess I am one of the “fucktard” parents who doesn’t know the rules. I’m sure you were the parent who was angrily honking and honking behind me this morning because my child’s door was unbeknownst to me frozen shut and he couldn’t get out of the car. Because parents are not “under any circumstances” allowed to get out of the car in the drop-off lane, I couldn’t get out to help him- you surely would have had a honk-fest if I had done that- and I had to let him get out on the traffic side (the door that wasn’t frozen shut) because you were honking behind me. You kept honking because I watched to ensure he was OK. Don’t assume that all parents who have issues in the drop off line are fucktarded selfish douchebags who are out to make your lives miserable. Sometimes shit just happens.

  117. Louisville Mom says:

    Thank God, I don’t have to do pick-up anymore. I’d like to add “When they say, MOVE TO THE FIRST SPOT IN THE LINE, don’t stop at the 4th teacher just because that’s where your little angels happen to be standing at the moment.

    Oh, and what is with the “Status” of being the first car in line? Seriously, at the last 3 schools my kids have attended, some asshats are parked there waiting almost an HOUR before dismissal. God forbid, you have a parent conference scheduled and need to actually get into the building…

    I think the guy that opened the liquor store two buildings away from my kids’ elementary school was a f’n genius. The pick up line backs up long enough that I could park my car, run in, grab my wine and vodka stash and come back out before the line moved.

  118. Teacher 109 says:

    Nobody hates pick up more than the teachers who spent all day with rude kids and their equally rude parents calling for reasons that make no difference in the whole scheme of things. These are also the ones who will call 15 minutes before dismissal and tell you they need their kids right now. We know what is going on!
    We have a problem when it rains. For some reason everyone has children who will melt in the rain. One car at a time they pull up and wait so nobody can move on. Even though we ask them to move up, and supply an adult with an umbrella to keep them dry, they won’t move. The funny part is the only kids who get wet are the ones closest to the door. They are right by the drain off the roof and these drivers will actually sit there and let their kids get drowned rather than pull up.

    And you might like this, one of our local cops had to pick up his daughter this week while her mom is on travel for work. He has discovered the “street sneaks” who try to cut line by taking the side streets that lead to the school. They can snarl our dismissal for a good 15-20 additional minutes. One day this week he actually got out and wrote tickets for not stopping at the stop signs and made several go around the block and get in line with everyone else. You could hear the cheers of parents and grandparents when this happened. He has not put a dent in the problem yet but today he blocked the side street where the worst offenders go to cut line. He sat there with his lights on until the drivers who were in line got past. Then he pulled in and the others got to go behind him. Loved it!

  119. J says:

    ***years later*** still douchecanoes still asshats still funny shit! Never gets old! Should be resurrected every August

  120. Amy says:

    Wow, just found this and yes! Whew, it is not just me! The school even sends out a message that tells everyone. “Do not pull through the bus zone it is for busses only.” I yell and wag my finger at them, “Don’t you know the rules?” We even have a nifty one way only entrance and exit, at opposite ends of the parking area. ONE way!! Ok, that is all, thanks 🙂

  121. April says:

    Oh my gracious. This is awesome and I think it everyday. Especially in the Kindergarten line! haha

  122. Sarah says:

    Wow, I relate WAY too much to this level of frustration when dropping my little boy off every morning. Teach your kids how to unbuckle their seat belts everybody, the world will be a better place!

  123. Susie says:

    Where were you and this list when I was dropping my now Sr. in high school off??? I love, love, love it!!!! I could have added a few other dipshitcicle moves, that have seriously made me wonder what my or is in number would be, but you have this pretty well covered, thanks for a great laugh!!

  124. Christi says:

    you forgot to add,DON’T DOUBLE PARK ASS FUCKS,I WANT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Margie says:

    Love, love this!! Every school needs to print this & hand it out!!!

  126. ciara says:

    The middle school line is worse!
    The reason that its worse is
    A) they are middle schoolers how many kisses really need to be gave out in the morning ( personal my mom shes not a morning person, she’d tell me to fuck off in the morning.
    B) youd think be time they already done pick up / drop off a fucktilllon amount of times theyd get it. But we live among a bunch of dumb asses and in longwood theres a bunch of lakemary stuck up to good for thier own child(s) school bitches so for some fucking reason they think they are superior ,they are not. Anywho i attend all the lake mary school from elme – high and im only 20 and i have a kid of my own now who will be 3 and i know yoi should not be holding up the line all willy nilly
    My mom dropped me off at the 7-11 to many times to count in elme and at the libary next to middle and high school to many times. Because she cant stand the cunt in the drop off line and i could not stand the buses reason being thought id share
    I have 2 younger brothers who were in 6th when i was in 8th they are twins and would get picked on because the both have a speech impedamemt and they where the weird twins that no one could tell apart there fore as a bigger sister mind you im probably 8inches shorter the my widdle brothers would kick people in the balls , pull out weave and bitch slap any one whod mess with them so yeah i got kicked off the bus lol .car line will be the death of me when my daughter start kindergarten.

  127. Joanne says:

    This site made me sad. I agree that most parents don’t follow the rules and it can be really irritating but as one of the pick-up Grandmothers that tries to follow all the rules I am having a hard time seeing all the foul language. If this is how our young mothers speak what can we expect from the kids in the future. I am not a prude but offensive language is called that for a reason. I was taught the F-word was an adverb not an adjective.

  128. Carrie A says:

    This is awesome. Let’s disregard the safety of out children so parents can kick their kids out faster and drive away with them as quickly as possible. What about children that are still resurfacing, or older kids that follow the safest guidelines for their children regarding car safety and have their kids in a 5point harness? What about kids you don’t want to be able to unbuckle themselves because they are not mature enough to handle it? Then let’s throw in children with low muscle tone, motor skills and learning disabilities. You see for some people, especially those in 5 point harnesses or even regular booster seats this may be very difficult.. (Some of these issues apply to buckling as well)

    I am also going to put their seat and sit my child where it is safest for them, not where it is most convenient to kick them out of the car and speed away. And if you are pulling away and get on the road and your child is not properly buckled that is a ticket and if you were to get in an accident or slam your breaks on(school zone equals kids everywhere) they could fly out of their seat and be injured or die.
    What about the kid that we’ve now taught to unbuckle and then now roam the car and now tries to get out of a moving car and you have to put the child locks on?

    When did we become a society that getting in and out faster is more important than child safety? Not to mention you don’t want me to get out of my car to give my child a hug and a kiss before they go to school? What if this is the last time I see them? (Get in a car accident on the way home etc)

    It sounds like this and interpretation wants parents to disregard child safety in order to drop kids off a minute faster. And get annoyed when I give my kid a hug and a kiss goodbye. Forget my child’s safety, I need to get you in and out of this car as quickly as possible, skip showing that I love you with a hug and a kiss so everyone can get where they need to a minute or 2 faster.

    I agree with not standing around. It would be interesting to have a police officer come and see how many moving violations people have and point out things that are unsafe.

    1. JenA says:

      I’m sorry, but if a child is not “mature” enough to unbuckle a seatbelt by the time they are going to school, maybe they are not ready for school yet. And if they are still in a 5-point harness they are probably not even in Kindergarten yet, and I do believe this post was written with elementary schools in mind.
      As far as you being worried that you need to kiss and hug your child, because “What if this is the last time I see them?”, then this article was so obviously written ABOUT you! Kiss and hug your child at home, before you strap them into their seatbelts. The seatbelts that you’ve taught them how to unbuckle when you are in front of the school door. Or, PULL OVER INTO THE PARKING LOT AND WALK THEM INTO SCHOOL. DON’T waste everyone else’s time!!
      One last thing, if you really believe that by slamming on your brakes in the school zone your child “could fly out of their seat and be injured or die”, I think you should probably just homeschool your kids. Honestly, I think there is just way to much pressure and stress in this whole drop-off thing for you to handle…

      1. Hot Mess Mom says:

        omg. Thanks for handling that for me. 😉 Seriously.. EXACTLY who this post was written for/about.

        1. JenA says:

          Sorry if I overstepped, but I couldn’t help myself! Love, love, love your blog and your parenting approach 😉

  129. Mary Ellen says:

    this was a riot, I walk into work every morning during the school year with what I call “carpool rage”, I will be having this mounted on a billboard outside of my sons school

  130. Tracy says:

    You must have been at my children’s school when you wrote this!! Sad thing is even at the end of the school year people are still dumbasses!! This is 100% true!!!

  131. Nancy says:

    I can’t believe it is like this everywhere! You have closely described any given morning at my children’s school in small-town Massachusetts. I just started dropping off my kids this past April when I was laid off from a 23 year job. They are in 3rd and 5th grade and I had never previously participated in this ritual. I never read the instructions that were sent home, since I never drove my kids to school. It is common sense, I figured it out by the second day, and by the first week I was limiting my second cup of coffee until I came home as any more caffeine in my blood at that time may have enabled me to get out of the car and explain the rules to other people.

  132. Michelle says:

    You know, very few of you would have to go through this crap if you just let the damned kids ride the bus like everyone else – or are they too good to do that? I can see picking them up on special occasions – appointments, music lessons, job etc – but day in and out the same people tying up the long lines in their fancy hummers and SUV’s, one person to a car, burning up all the gas, to what” Make a social statement and fit in with all the other soccer helicopter moms? And they may live only a few blocks way with sidewalks in the neighborhood too! Why in the hell don’t you make use of the buses that your taxes are paying for? Buses coming and going with sometimes at most a half dozen kids riding. What a waste! Sorry for the rant but sometimes people are their own worst enemies.

    1. Mack says:

      You are a genius. But you make too much sense for any of the readers here to understand. They’d rather sit and bitch than try something else for a change.

    2. Hot Mess Mom says:

      We don’t have bus service at our school. It’s drive, walk or ride. That’s it.

  133. Leanna says:

    I literally share this several times a year. Just shared it again today in anticipation of next week. Several teachers re-shared! I’m praying this year people get their heads out of their asses.

  134. Samantha says:

    I was reminded of this awesome set of guidelines while dropping my youngest for his first day of 4th grade this morning. It’s a miracle that I didn’t have to call anyone for bail money.

  135. Tabitha King says:

    Dude ur so fuckin funny LOVE IT UR AWESOME

  136. Amanda Adams says:

    OMG! The drop-off area at my boy’s school is horrible!! Parents triple park, make illegal, u-turns, let their children run in the middle of the street, run through the crosswalks as children are crossing (we have a safety patrol that’s ignored), and much more. I have talked to the office, principal, local police department. Nothing has been done, in the 2 years of my, and other parents, bitching. I don’t know what else to do. I want to print this and put it on all the cars 🙂

  137. Melissa says:

    OMG! This is hysterical! I fussed and griped for years when my kids were younger because of exactly this type of thing. I was so glad when they were out of Jr. High and I didn’t have to go to that area of our school anymore (we are a very small town and the whole school is on one campus). Now my son has some classes in the Jr. High wing and I occasionally have to drop him off there again… Drives me insane!

  138. Becky says:

    Best. Post. Ever.

  139. Suzanne says:

    This was totally my life when my kids were in elementary school. I bought a scooter (the motorcycle kind, not the razor kind) and used it exclusively for school trips, kids on the back. Went right around the cars and up on the sidewalk. It saved me endless frustration. I was the PTA president; the principal directed traffic in the parking lot.

  140. Stephanie I. says:

    I agree with all but #3. As a mom of four with 3 in car seats someone has to sit behind the driver so it’s the oldest who isn’t in a car seat so we all fit. And forget about ombing through, he’s 10 and can’t maneuver over siblings in adjacent rear facing car seats to get out with a backpack because well, they have those pesky things called legs. We thought about amputation but that’s a bit extreme to solve the problem. Don’t drive around the car in front of you and boom safety prevails. So I can sympathize with all points except this one. Get the f over it. It’s carpool. If you don’t want to deal with it put your kids on the damn bus and save some gas, time, and $! Respectfully submitted, thanks for the laughs.

  141. Jodie says:

    OMG! You nailed it!!!! Oh and you could probably add… on the first day of school, if you want to take pictures… PARK YOUR FUCKING CAR! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  142. Sarah Williams says:

    Seriously, so on point. Who are these people who abandon their vehicles in line to walk and go pick up their child? Can I have a copy of the edited version? Thank you!

  143. Teresa says:

    I think I’ll edit it and take it with me to my PTA meeting next Thursday.

  144. beth says:

    have read this each year, and each year it makes me laugh! thanks!

  145. Sara Thyme says:

    I always just park my car and walk in to get my kid. Giggling as I drive away to see parents still in line that I would’ve waited behind. I don’t get it.

  146. Christy Ludwig says:

    Can you send me a copy of the edited version? Please

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