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Happy Night


We do Happy Hour most Fridays.  4-5 families-outside–fire pit, bikes, scooters and lots of yummy food.  I’ve written of it before..  Sometimes it uneventful.  Sometimes it’s SHOCKING.  It’s always fun.

Number Two just asked “Are we having happy hour tomorrow?”

Me:  “Yep”

Number Three:  “Why do we call it happy HOUR?  We are there for way more than an hour..  We are there for the whole night.   I’m going to call it ‘happy night’” 

lol…. They are following a little too closely in my college footsteps..


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6 Responses to "Happy Night"

  1. Brooke Jacob says:

    Hey Hot Mess Mom, and all the other Hot Messes out there,

    Your blog made me laugh. I’m a bit of a hot mess myself. I’m a babysitter and I created a really funny web-series called SITTING ON BABIES about babysitting in New York with my writing partner, who is also a babysitter. We just released episode 4 and think all the HOT MESS MOMS will get a kick out of it. If you’ve ever had a babysitter, you will laugh at our ridiculous adventures.


  2. That’s cute! Speaking of happy hour…I NEED one!

  3. Julie says:

    Hmmm, I might need to start a new neighborhood tradition!

  4. I want Happy Hour!! Can’t do it, we live in the country, so everyone has to drive. I do “Hubby Pick Me Up Nights” with my best friend. I tell him I will be passed out in the dog pile on the sofa, dig me out and take me home on your way by. Works only once every 6 weeks (his shift and kids at grams only lines up once every 6 weeks!) Not often enough do the planets align.

    You is lucky! Neighbors, fire pits, and wildlife all in one little spot! Ever catch the wildlife drinking at the fire pit? LOL as long as the wildlife doesn’t eat the neighbors it would be so cool!

  5. Leslie says:

    I want vodka babies for Endymion 1-4
    Do you have any in stock

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      just replied to you. I don’t ;( They are all custom made.. I generally need at least 2-3 weeks notice..

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