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There is also a  “Favorites” section that shows the Top 3 reviewed posts at all times.   But, due to popular demand, here are some other reader faves:



4 Responses to "Favorites"

  1. Ken Feldman says:

    I am an all ages musician and I made a song for all parents
    can I send it to you for review?
    I”m looking for publicity


  2. I would like a water bottle w straw that says there’s a chance this is tequila n one that says there’s a chance this could b rum

    1. Lisa says:

      Please make a this could be tequila water bottle!!!

  3. stephanie says:

    First, i fucking love your blog. Hilarious. Next, I was trying to read your above article “getting married and making babies” but its the same link as the wine hoarder story. Which was also hilarious. Creepy hoarders.

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