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Hot Mess Mom » Family » “dude..cover your mouth”. and other parenting lessons

“dude..cover your mouth”. and other parenting lessons


Poor Number Two has had fever for a solid 24 hours.  He went to bed at 7pm tonight and was back up at 9pm.  At 10:00, he coughed on me, my drink and my food for the 10th time.

me:  hey honey….. i’m so sorry you feel bad.. do you want me to keep taking care of you while you’re sick? 

him:  uh-huh

me:  then you may want to stop coughing all over me and my food.  Otherwise you are gonna be shit out of luck. 

him:  {giggling}..  oh, sorry mom

next 10 coughs— COVERED MOUTH!

love my boys ;)

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5 Responses to "“dude..cover your mouth”. and other parenting lessons"

  1. Heather Collins says:

    He’s no dummy!

  2. That poor baby is probably sick of your face. Send him to the bar with Muffy and I’m sure he will be better in no time. I’m a doctor.

  3. heather says:

    hi i am your new follower i love your blog and can’t wait to read more

  4. Anne says:

    lol that’s so cute

  5. RobininHouston says:


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