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Choosing a beautiful headboard ~SPONSORED POST


Your bed is one of the most imposing pieces of furniture in your bedroom and can make or break the room’s feel. While your bed frame is generally hidden by linens, the best way to make your bed stand out it to focus attention on the headboard.

The right headboard sets the entire decorative theme of a bedroom.  Unlike the old days of purchasing matching bedroom suites, beautiful headboards are available all over for individual sale.  You can find great pieces made from wood, metal and even upholstered in leather or soft fabric.

Upholstered headboards

Any piece of furniture that comes upholstered instantly brings a warm and luxurious feel. Headboards can be upholstered with materials such as chenille, cotton, faux suede, jacquard, leather and many other type of fabrics. With such a vast choice in fabric and colors to work with you can create a multitude of effects to style up your bed.

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Tufted, stitched, or with deep buttons, there are many ways to work with an upholstered headboard.

Metal headboards

Here are a few examples of how to enhance your bed look by complementing it with a metal headboard. Made from wrought iron, steel, antique nickel, burnished or even slightly rusty, styles of metal headboards are endless. You can easily bring some romance to your bedroom by working with an antique looking headboard or add modernity with a minimalist steel headboard design.

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Wooden headboards
Wood is a very common material to design headboards but it doesn’t mean they have to be plain and boring. Made from pine, solid oak, distressed or even painted there are many style possibilities to work with depending on the type of wood, the finish and the shape you choose for your headboard.

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  1. Angel says:

    I want the upholstered headboard for when I knocked into it it won’t be so painful.

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