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Sponsor a MILF

  Okay, so many people who are unable to attend the Million MILF March, have inquired about donating. If you wish to donate to the Friends in Need Foundation, you an do that directly from their website at Many of you have asked about donating directly to the Million MILF March.  I feel kind of weird about this one as MMM is not a charity.   However.. I think I’ve got it! IF you believe in the cause… love the message… think we are making a difference for moms everywhere….  and want to contribute,  I’ve added a “sponsor a milf” button on the Registration page.    So now.. you can Sponsor a MILF for the Saturday pubcrawl.   If you know someone who wants to attend, but cannot afford it, you can enter their name and … Read entire article »

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Happy Independence Day!

  Today marks the 236th birthday of the United States of America.   It also marks the first time in 2 weeks that I have opened my laptop.  (One of those is probably more important than the other). I have much much MUCH to share about the past few weeks including by not limited to: Having the police called on us by a 4 foot Asian man in a tank top and socks When I worked on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska How much I love the Georgia Coast.  (and why) Hanging in the mountains. Number One’s camp experience And much much more….   However, today is July 4th..   A day for national pride,  hamburgers, apple pie and fireworks. For the past week in Savannah, we had a French exchange student with us.  A beautiful 16 year old girl… in the … Read entire article »

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Vacation Update 7

okay….   so now we are in Durham, NC. We left the mountains yesterday morning, dropped Seven at the airport and came to my girlfriend’s house.  We will play with her and her chillins until Friday when it’s time to get get my big boy from camp!! We spent the last few days with 2 of my favorite people on this Earth- The Bird and The Bassett Hound.   We ate, drank and laughed for 72 hours straight.  Oh, and the guys played golf.  The Bird and I did not.  But we did drink wine.  It’s so important to have hobbies. We stayed at an awesome cabin so high up it was like a treehouse..  Hummingbirds, butterflies, and fireflies were our only company…  oh, and the sound of hound dogs howling from down the mountain…   bliss … Read entire article »

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Happy Camper?

  Number One is going to camp for the first time ever. I never went to camp.   Well, I did go to camp once when I was in high school but I got kicked out for drinking and smoking and was banned from all YMCA sponsored camps or activities for the balance of my youth.   So, let’s just say I never went to camp. My complete camp impressions have come from Meatballs.  That is honestly what I think camp is like.  And, of course, I think that is awesome!   Panty raids and sneaking out and paddling across the lake to the girl’s side (I guess in my camp impression, I am a boy..  I’m pretty sure I’m Bill Murray).   Awesome counselors who encourage the kids all day… help the weakling win the race… then drink around the … Read entire article »

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Final California Update…

More vacation pics….  the last few days in Cali were full of adventure. We stayed on Fisheman’s Wharf.  Ate like kings. If you don’t follow me on Facebook, I’ll try to give you the cliff note version of what you missed: (see updates 1-5 for the first 5 days and pictures of PCH, Point Reyes, Muir Woods, Monterey, 17 mile drive, Pebble Beach, Santa Cruz, etc) Bought a few Dungeness crabs for the kids and I…  they loved it, of course….  even more they loved the stories of when I worked on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska and my job was to measure Dungeness Crabs and empty bait jars.  I was the worst fisherman to ever hit the shores of Alaska…  I’ll post about it some day.. 😉 Ghiradelli hot fudge sundaes and … Read entire article »

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Travel Update- #5

  I have officially spend a summer’s worth of money over the past 2 weeks.  Which would be okay if I didn’t have 4 other trips planned.   And I feel kind of guilty and I’m getting that “oh shit what have I done” pit in my stomach.   But I just keep smothering it with food and wine until I barely notice it. And I keep telling myself.. it’s not like I took the kids to Savannah for the 100th time and am going overboard.  We are in California.  Thousands of miles from home.  I don’t know when they will ever be back here.  I want to show them EVERYTHING.  I want to do EVERYTHING.  I want to eat EVERYTHING. So I am. And I’m spending too much money and Seven is gonna be pissed … Read entire article »

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Vacation Update 4: I’m feeling super blessed.

As you know, we left Seven in San Fran yesterday and headed South on the PCH.  We did EVERYTHING there was to do between SF and Point Lobos, had a wonderful dinner in Monterey and stayed the night there.   Hotel PPV movie and asleep by 9 pm. Today.. up at 7, big breakfast and down to Cannery Row…   Monterey Aquarium, a wonderful lunch and then back North on the PCH..stopping in Santa Cruz, and then at a dozen different beaches before our final stop at Half Moon Bay. It’s now 5:30 pm.. we just got back to hotel.  I have wine, cheese, bread and fruit in the room.  We will not be going to dinner.   We will stay in, munch on fancy cheese and sour dough, and  watch The Lorax on PPV. Over … Read entire article »

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Vacation Update 3- PCH, 17 mile drive, Point Lobos, Monterey

The boys and I left Gooley yesterday morning and headed to Muir Woods..   It was amazing.  Truly..   Then we picnicked in Sausalito under the Golden Gate bridge… enjoying our fancy salads that we purchased from Trader Joe’s… (my new favorite place). By the time we got back to the hotel yesterday, my back was killing me.   We ate at the hotel and hit the hay early. This morning we got up early.. packed a cooler and a suitcase and headed south…   The temperature today ranged from 50-62.  We had the top down and the heater on 😉 17 mile drive (complete with hot chocolates at Pebble Beach) Point Lobos Monterey A wonderful dinner on the water on Cannery Row. We saw sea lions, sea otters, deer, bunnies and countless other critters…  Watching seal surf the waves is one … Read entire article »

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Pictorial from Tuesday with Gooley – San Francisco/ PCH

Lombard Street Golden Gate Bridge Muir Woods Stinson Beach Point Reyes Bodega Bay Gooley’s house Sausalito   … Read entire article »

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Vacation Update- Week 1

Our week on Longboat Key was wonderful.   It was an unfortunate mixture of sun, sandcastles, boating, thunder storms, Urgent Care visits, Vicodin and severe pain.    If you remove the Urgent Care visit, drugs and pain… it was a perfect week. I’ll try to recap.  (However I am on pain killers and not feeling super so this will probably be short and boring). The house we rent on LBK is wonderful.  Private beach, private pool, putting green, basketball hoop, gated entry and beautiful gardens complete with mango trees, koi ponds and water features.   The house has different entrances, which is great…  My parents and sister have one side of the house and Seven, I and the boys have the other…complete with our own garden entrance and movie room.    It is the perfect location for … Read entire article »

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