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Summer 2013 Trip #1… Longboat Key~~ a pictorial

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Number Two’s Birthday Extravaganza

  Number Two is 10.  I’m not sure how this happened.  I’m not one to lament over the “baby days”.. I like my boys just as they are.  But Number One will be a TEENAGER this year and Number Two is double digits…. Number Three is only 15 months behind that…  In another 2 years I won’t even have “boys”… I’ll have “tweens” and a “teen”.  ugh. I tend to go overboard with birthdays.  When they were younger, I’d have ridiculously elaborate parties.  As they got a bit older, they got a choice between a weekend at a resort or a party.  Numbers One & Three always choose the resort.  Number Two always chooses a party.  His best friend lives across the street , is the same age, and has the same … Read entire article »

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March- A pictorial

MARCH 2013- A pictorial 😉 March, as you know.. was a BIG Month.. New Orleans, Savannah and Saint Simons Island. And 6 pounds gained.. Here is the pictorial in no certain order.. Worth every ounce 😉     … Read entire article »

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St. Patrick’s Day- 2013 Savannah, Ga

St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah… This was our 7th or 8th year. Such a great weekend. Don’t know who has more fun, the kids or the adults.. {okay, probably the adults… but it’s a close call}. It’s the 2nd largest St. Pat’s celebration in the world, and the longest parade in the U.S. We had a great set up….  bull riding, blow up doll Leprechaun, ‘Hot Mess” award ribbons, Jameson, the Irish Whiskey baby, and more 😉   And, of course, as you will see by the photo evidence… I really DO think people like when I make fun of and/or violate them whilst drinking.  It’s a problem. … Read entire article »

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Is there any such thing as a bad vacation?

  I had a roommate in college who used to say “Sex is like pizza.  Even when it sucks, it’s pretty fucking good”. I feel that way about travel. We spent the last week at a cabin in the Georgia mountains with my family, my parents, and my sister’s family.  One of my oldest and closest friends came up one night with his family.  While the kids played, the adults sat around the table, had cocktails and told stories.  We got on the subject of our family vacations..{we were always big travelers}.  My friend asked if we had ever had a bad one.  We all agreed NO!  Then we started telling stories. “Remember that time the boat broke down and we had to call the Marine Patrol?” Remember the time Mom got food poisoning in … Read entire article »

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Thanksgiving 2012 in New Orleans- a pictorial

    I always WANT to write about Thanksgiving with my family, but then I just can’t..  There aren’t words. So, here are pics from our week in New Orleans. Swamp tour, French Quarter, Plantations, friends, family, food, drink and lots and lots of playtime.    … Read entire article »

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Saint Simons Island- my happy place.. {again}

  Truly one of my favorite places on this Earth.  Not sure if it’s the island or the people.  I suspect it’s both.  I love our SSI friends.. love love love.  My Bird lives there and she is my soul mate 😉  If you’ve never been, you should go.  I will live there one day.  I will either have to win the lottery or wait until I”m very very old, but I will make it happen.  More pics from other visits can be found here 😉 … Read entire article »

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Girls’ Weekend- Take 2

  Last year, shortly after the blog began, I wrote a post title I Like Women attempting to express both my surprise and gratitude at the number of women in my adult life who I am blessed enough to call true friends. A few days later, these women and I went on our girl’s trip to a beautiful cabin on 35 private acres in the Georgia Mountains. It was awesome. So  I wrote THIS.  And then THIS.  Now… exactly one year later… here we go again.  15 women…. celebrating our collective 40th birthdays together.  If you haven’t  “Liked” Hot Mess Mom on Facebook yet, now would be a good time… The ridiculous that will ensue over the next few days will be worth the price of admission.  Promise 😉   where to get steroids … Read entire article »

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I love where I live

I love where I live

  I live in Florida.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Florida. Specifically, I live in Central Florida…. home of the theme park.  I’m not a fan of theme parks. But where I live…. my area.. away from the concrete and the traffic and the World’s Largest McDonalds……  is beautiful.   Truly. If you’ve been on HMM awhile, you know we have bear, deer, wild turkey, hawks, great blue herons, and all other manner of wildlife in our yard daily.  We … Read entire article »

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don’t be too annoyed with me. i know i suck.

  Listen.. I know I am the shittiest blogger in history right now,  And I’m sorry.  I really am.  And if you are on my Facebook or Twitter, you are probably soo fracking sick of hearing about the Million MILF March, you want to block me. And I totally get that..  for realz… But to be honest… I am all MMM all the time.  And I probably will be for the next several weeks.  I get up at 6am, turn on the laptop, and turn it off around 10 pm.  In between, I’m marketing and soliciting and whoring.  Oh, and watching the Olympics.  And not eating.  And letting the kids have unlimited time on the iPad, Wii, and DS (which NEVER happens at my house) just so they will leave me alone. I am overwhelmed.  … Read entire article »

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