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Fat Ass- less fat ;)

  Haven’t gone to weigh as I’ve been traveling, but I would be remiss to not mention Medi Weight Loss Clinic this week.  After a week in New Orleans eating and drinking.. I got on the scale today and have NOT gained weight.  Not even one teensy pound. If you read my post yesterday about how I made the day my bitch… you will know that while trying on clothes, everything I tried on fit.  EVERYTHING.   Such a great feeling.  A great feeling that I haven’t had in too long… I want to lose 10 more pounds..  that will not put me at ‘skinny’, just at ‘comfortable’.  I’m sure that will not happen until 2013 as my only goal for the next 6 weeks is just not to GAIN 10 pounds.  Anyway..   no reason … Read entire article »

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tapTrak- Sponsored Post

  I was recently asked to review an app available for iPhone, iPad, iTouch called tapTrak.  Y’all know that I do not post about products that I do not love. I read about tapTrak on Huffington Post and, quite frankly, while it seemed like an interested application, I expected that it would be more for the “uber-organized” mom and not so much the “hot & messy” mom.   I was wrong. Basically, tapTrak is a journal, without the journal.   You can “track” things quickly and easily with just a fingertip.   Being that my life is “unstructured” to say the least, I had to watch the video tutorial to try to figure out what sorts of activities would be worth tracking?  The company provides many examples from what you cooked for dinner to how … Read entire article »

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Do little boys like anything more than bunk beds?

  I think one of my biggest failures as a mother of boys is that my boys don’t have bunk beds.  I love them.  I couldn’t wait for my kids to get them, however since my boys were so close in age, they each had to move to a ‘big boy’ bed at 18 months so I could use the crib for the next baby.  Obviously I couldn’t put an 18 month old in a bunk bed, so I bought very cute captains beds. As they years went by and  I kept looking for bunk beds, one of two things would happen.  A) I wouldn’t have the money to replace perfectly good beds or B) I would have the money, find the perfect bed, and Number Three would have some crazy accident, … Read entire article »

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Losing my fat ass week something.. ;)

  Soo..   I totally went rogue for the week of girls weekend AND the week after.  Gained 3 pounds.. (which is actually far less than I thought considering one of my girlfriends was making homemade cakes and brownies the whole damn time.   Back on the program…   Lost only 1/2 pound but again…  It took me 18 months to gain 30 pounds and 8 weeks to lose 20 of it.   These last 10-12 are stubborn and I need to really be committed.  You hear that Halloween candy???  Leave me alone!!     😉 … Read entire article »

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Hair Fairies~ How to treat head lice. {Partnered Post}

  About the author:  Maria Botham is the President of Hair Fairies and founded the company 13 years ago. With a degree in Physiology from Long Beach University, Maria has been an entrepreneur her entire career. She has developed numerous companies and credits that experience to aiding her in each project she takes on. Maria is committed to understanding head lice and its effects and continuing her research and development into managing head lice effectively is a lifelong goal.   How to Treat Head Lice Head lice are annoying, but luckily modern medicine has finally caught up to the resilient bugs and provided solutions less drastic than a completely shaven head. Never use folk-remedies such as gasoline and kerosene to treat head lice. Although they are popular traditional remedies, flammable liquids are very … Read entire article »

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Losing my fat ass- week 8

  I skipped 2 weeks at the clinic— at the Million MILF March for one of them, and recovering from the Million MILF March for the other.   During those 2 weeks, I ate and drank what I wanted.  Much more than I’ve eaten since beginning the diet, but still probably less than I was eating/drinking over my gluttonous bender the past 18 months. I wasn’t concerned about gaining weight.  I knew I would gain a few pounds while away and just have to refocus when I got back home. I went to Medi Weight Loss Clinic yesterday to weigh.  I lost 5 more pounds!  WTF?   5 more pounds…  for a total of 22.1 pounds over the past 8 weeks.  Slow and steady…  so happy. Feeling great.  Ready to recommit and get back on the … Read entire article »

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Baby it’s cold outside….

    A few months ago, I received a coat from Santa Fe Apparel’s Coffeshop collection. I love winter.  Love Love LOVE winter.  Of course, I live in Florida so winter means a month of sub-40 degree weather and the other four months in the 80’s… but still..  I love winter.   My hair looks good in the winter.  I look good in winter clothes and winter makeup.  I love sweaters.  And long-sleeves.  And boots.  And jackets.  And COATS!   I own more sweaters and jackets than any southerner should. And now, I have another coat.  And it’s so phenomenally awesome that I brought 3 other coats to Goodwill.  My old coats cannot compete with my new super awesome ivory wool beauty.     In 1998, Santa Fe Apparel created the CoffeeShop label – an energetic and fashion-forward line for the … Read entire article »

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Playdin toys… Zip-Itz & Cotton Candy Cutesies {sponsored post}

  These whimisically magical toys are created by a fun startup toy manufacturing company called Playdin  Check out their site – it’s precious! They offer two new plush lines for 2012 called Zip-Itz  and Cotton Candy Cutesies  Both lines are availalbe now at and  will hit stores this month at,,,, as well as specialty and boutique toy shops. Zip-Itz are magical plush creatures that came to life after a mysterious malfunction at the Zany Zipper Factory.  While no one is quite sure how they came to be, one thing is for certain – they make the very best pals! Adorned with rainbow-teeth zippers that open to reveal secret pockets, Zip-Itz are perfect for hiding all kinds of treasures.  Each character has a unique personality, story and design based on what they were … Read entire article »

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Reviews ;) Magnabilities & KENU

  I’ve been turning down most product reviews as of late..  Either because I’m too busy or the product doesn’t fit with HMM and what we do here.   I have promised you guys that I will NOT turn into a “products and reviews” blog.   And I won’t.   But I will share products that I think are worthwhile and also accept 1-2 sponsored posts per month from businesses that I believe fit into the scope of the site and the readers. Okay…disclaimer over!! Only 2 products that I’ve received lately are worth telling you about..  {that’s not totally true, there are 2 others that I am THRILLED about and in LOVE with, but you’ll have to wait til next week to see them ;}  I’m an accessory whore.. I have jewelry in every color, shape, … Read entire article »

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Losing my fat ass~ Week Two

    It’s Wednesday.. Day 3 of Week 2..   just got home from 3 days with family and friends at the beach.  Lots of booze. Lots of junk food.  LOTS of snacks.  And pizza.  And biscotti.  And bagels.  And fruit. And I at NONE OF IT!  NONE!   And it wasn’t even really that hard..  I definitely have more of an appetite than I had last week, but I’m still not “hungry”.  The addition of veggies has been great!  I’ve been snacking on artichoke hearts, raw asparagus, cauliflower and nuts.    AND I had a few vodkas with crystal light lemonade…  Yay for me! Feeling really good.  However, I will say.. the past 2 nights I have dreamt of food.  And not a little bit of food..  I have dreamt of having dinner parties with 100 … Read entire article »

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