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And NOW I’m a couponer. Sort of.

  Coupons.  Coupons make me crazy.  I am not a fan.  I mean, I WANT to be a fan.. I WANT to use coupons..I WANT to save money.. but I’m just not that organized.  The idea of sitting at the kitchen table with the Sunday paper and a pair of scissors gives me anxiety.   The times that I have actually attempted to clip coupons, I wind up “saving money” on products that I would never normally buy, therefore don’t normally use, therefore waste $5 in order to “save” $2. That all being said, I have three boys.  Three big, hungry, disgusting boys.  My weekly grocery bill is over $300 and that doesn’t include alcohol!  I do my best to shop “BOGO” specials when available, and normally see about a 15% savings … Read entire article »

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Sliding Doors ~ Sponsored Post {alternate title, I want these terribly}

Y’all know I don’t do too many sponsored posts and am super selective to what I publish.  This post came to me at the perfect time as I’m going through this whole kitchen remodel and AM currently replacing the existing doors. My plan was to only replace the french doors in the kitchen.  Now I’m seriously budgeting for some of these for the hallway and my closet.  The look amazing.  I’m attaching pics of a few of my favorites, but they have styles for every taste..  I’m a little shabby chic in case you didn’t know Sliding Doors, a Great Way to Update the Look of Your Home A great way to improve the look and feel of your home is by adding small changes that will have a big … Read entire article »

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Today, we talk Menopause. Come on, you know you want to.

  As you know, I have recently turned 40.  The majority of my friends are between the ages of 42 & 49.  There’s some weird stuff that happens when you turn 40.  And I don’t mean “in your 40′s”.  I mean like THE DAY you turn 40.  So, I’m taking it upon myself as a public service to create a new category on HMM for issues and topics that don’t matter until the fateful day you leave your 30′s.  {You’re welcome;} Today, class.. we are going to talk about Menopause. I’ve been hearing about this menopause thing for awhile now.   When I was 35, I thought I was pre-menopausal based on the insane, irrational, and unrelenting mood swings I was having.  Lucky for me, that passed.  Many of my friends aren’t so … Read entire article »

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Baking with your children can help to improve their education ~~Sponsored Post

Baking is an activity that parents and children can really enjoy together. It’s messy, tasty and creative fun – three things that most children would love to combine! As well as the fun element, however, baking also has another function that is just as important. This function is its educational aspect. Baking merges a broad range of skills that can greatly improve your child’s education from start to finish. Simple activities such as counting can be incorporated at any stage for children to complete from counting how many ingredients are needed for the recipe, to working out how many cupcake cases can fit on the tray. Baking also provides the perfect opportunity to teach older children basic units of measurement such as pounds and ounces. As well as math skills, children … Read entire article »

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It’s an App, App, App, App World! ~ Sponsored Post

by David Schwartz, CEO and Co-Founder, Analytical Path You’re at the supermarket.  As you go up and down the aisles you’re bombarded by an array of products in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes with all manner of messaging emblazoned on the packaging – “NEW & Improved” or “30% MORE!”  Some are high above your heads out of sight garnering nary a glance and others at ankle level (great for the kids to see so they can call their parent’s attention to it, of course), while others sit comfortably at coveted eye level shelving for which companies pay high slotting fees.  Then, at the end of the aisle as you turn the corner, are those at the end caps that are “featured” product.  Finally, there are the small impulse-buy items … Read entire article »

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Sponsored Post from “My Olive Flower” Etsy shop. {so cute y’all…}

 A little bit about myself…..(cough cough)…..My name is Jenny and I am the owner of My Olive Flower Custom Embroidery.  I’ve always dreamed of opening my own business and stumbled upon it when I was pregnant with my second child. My sense of humor is pretty outrageous and it was hard for me to find baby clothing that suited my humor. The onesies I did find on the internet were either too expensive or didn’t say the things I had in my head. I decided I was just going to have to make them myself….and so I did!!!! The feedback I received was remarkable and so I decided to make them available for everyone AND to make them affordable! If you are looking for a unique and hilarious gift to give … Read entire article »

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The recipe for getting blissful sleep ~ Sponsored Post

This post came in this morning minutes after I complained about my ever-increasing insomnia and 24 hours after I purchased a new mattress.  I’m taking it as a sign    This information is provided by Wedo. Simple. Shopping.  Although bedtime should be a restful part of any day, a British study shows that barely 39% of adults sleep well at night and the causes involved include insomnia, sleep apnea and partner disturbance such as teeth-grinding, snoring and especially the other’s midnight shuffles. Let us focus on the issue of “partner disturbances”. The Sleep Council has conducted a poll showing that one in four couples have decided to sleep in separate bedrooms in order not to suffer the other’s bad sleep habits and eventually enjoying the sleeping space they deserve.     We believe … Read entire article »

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Choosing a beautiful headboard ~SPONSORED POST

  Your bed is one of the most imposing pieces of furniture in your bedroom and can make or break the room’s feel. While your bed frame is generally hidden by linens, the best way to make your bed stand out it to focus attention on the headboard. The right headboard sets the entire decorative theme of a bedroom.  Unlike the old days of purchasing matching bedroom suites, beautiful headboards are available all over for individual sale.  You can find great pieces made from wood, metal and even upholstered in leather or soft fabric. Upholstered headboards Any piece of furniture that comes upholstered instantly brings a warm and luxurious feel. Headboards can be upholstered with materials such as chenille, cotton, faux suede, jacquard, leather and many other type of fabrics. With such a vast … Read entire article »

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Gift Professor~ Finding the perfect gift ~~ Sponsored Post

  Gift Professor Solves – Finding the Perfect Gift for those Hard-To-Shop-For People   Y’all know I make Christmas my bitch.. Now you can too! You’ve all been there. It’s the beginning of December and you have that one person on your list and you have no clue what to get them. You aimlessly wander around the mall, debating over  meaningless trinkets or something useless.  By the time you’re done navigating the crowds and lines,you’ve had it. {……. Drumroll……..}  FINALLY a personal shopper you can afford!! Someone else to do the work for you.  The Gift Professor is the newest online personal shopper that help you to find the perfect gift for that impossible person and more importantly, your family and friends. The holidays are a time to make sure that you show those important … Read entire article »

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  Sooooo… you know I am a compulsive online shopper.  It’s a problem.  Especially when I’m drinking.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you will see that I have an entire board named “Shit I buy when I’m drunk or bored”.   It may be my most populated board. Truly, online shopping is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to me.  I get overwhelmed when shopping in a store.  It’s sensory overload.  I go in looking for a black dress and walk out with pants, shirts, and a hot pink dress that a) I don’t need, b) I’ll never wear, and c) I won’t return because the cycle will start all over when I walk back into the store. When shopping online, I can filter and view only those items … Read entire article »

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