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Summer 2013 Guest Blogger series welcomes Abandoning Pretense. {and she does.. and I dig it ;}

But… I Don’t Hate My Blog… I’m only posting here because I told Hot Mess Mom I would clean her pool if she let me bogart her blog for a day. Of course she said yes, and then afterwards I found out she lets bears swim in her pool. She’s really sneaky you guys; don’t let her trick you. And she said I have to write about my love-hate relationship with my blog. (But… I don’t hate my blog! I love my blog!) Well, I’ll take her topic and expound upon it with utmost exuberance—but as far as the pool-cleaning goes, I’m not touching that shit with a ten-foot pole… (which, incidentally, is exactly what is used to clean a pool.) The thing about blogging… I love writing. I wrote all the time before … Read entire article »

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Summer 2013 Guest Blogger series welcomes Mel from According to Mags!!

I was asked by the fantastical Hot Mess Mom to do a guest post about the love/hate relationship I have with MY blog. So, I sat and thought. And thought. And thought. It finally came to me when I was packing for our upcoming trip to the beach. Writing a blog is like building a sandcastle.  It can be magical. You make lavish plans of the design in your head. You teeter back and forth on where the best spot would be to create it. Then you arrive at the place where you’ll set it all up. Using various tools, you painstakingly begin to develop it granule by granule. It starts off small, building it as you go, while filling in any holes. It’s important that you lay a solid and … Read entire article »

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HMM’s Summer Guest Blogging Series welcomes Old Dog, New Tits!!! {i just love that whackadoodle}

I Am My Blog’s Bitch   About a month ago, my friend, Hot Mess Mom (HMM) asked me to write a guest post she could feature on her uber-successful blog during her summer vacation. “What a great idea!” I thought to myself (or likely aloud, because talking to myself is sadly becoming the norm). It’s hard to keep up your writing while out of town. (Anyone remember the San Francisco journal I posted daily at 2am last summer?) But the alternative … ignoring your blog for these periods … can be deadly. Alright, fine. Not “deadly” as in snake bites and fatty foods. But it can result in tumbleweeds … just a-blowing across the website for which you’ve sold your soul for readership. Ironically, this very topic is what HMM asked me to write about for my guest post. The theme is “Me & My Blog: … Read entire article »

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Summer 2013 Guest Blogger Series welcomes Maura from Playpen: The Irreverent Parents Guide

I want to thank Hot Mess Mom for providing me with the perfect opportunity for an ‘airing of grievances’ about being a mom blogger.  For the record, I hate that term, ‘mom blogger’ by the way.  It makes it sound so inconsequential.  Anyway, I have been wrestling with the love/hate aspect of this for weeks now since I started my own blog, but I had reservations about posting about it on my own site,  I don’t want to seem like a complainer.  I’m pretty sure, as far as an outsider is concerned, I’m living the dream right now. I know that being a ‘mom blogger’ probably seems like a walk in the park, but quite honestly, if you’re going to do it well, which I’m not necessarily saying I do … Read entire article »

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Summer 2013 Guest Blogger Series welcomes Molley from “A Mother Life”

  I LOVE to HATE my blog.. but I think LOVE is winning. Hi I’m Molley from A Mother Life, Hot Mess Mom offered me success and ‘awesomeness’ status to come and guest post for her. She promised me all manner of increased readership and exposure, even fame if I could help her out while she was absent from her blog. Haha, sure, right, that’s what she offered, ok let’s be real, that little red headed fliberty gibbet is out sunning her vodka infused carcass somewhere so fabulous, she’s too drunk to write about it and just needed us to fill in the blanks, so her readers wouldn’t find other places to go. Am I right? You know I am.. so now we’ve cleared that up. Today you’re stuck with me, but I think … Read entire article »

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