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Thoughtful, homemade AND alcoholic…. makes a damn good gift.

  Teacher gifts piss me off.   It’s not that I don’t appreciate teachers..  it’s the opposite.  My kids have been blessed with amazing teachers.  The gifted kid has extra teachers…the SLD kid has extra teachers…. add to that tutors and music teachers.. it’s half of my Christmas list.   And I’m a thoughtful gift giver.. I’m not generally a “walk through Marshall’s, pick up some stationary or some expired chocolates” type of shopper.    I like to put thought into my shizzle…. I have 3 kids.. they’ve been in school for a combined total of 22 years… I’m done.  I’m out of ideas.  I’m sick of monogramming. THIS year, they are getting liquor!!   {anyone who teaches my kids every day deserves liquor}.   I found a recipe and was very excited … Read entire article »

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Mean Halloween

   Last night was our Mean Halloween shindig.  We  had to dress like each other.  It was awesome.  Enjoy the pics ;)     Don’t forget to click that banner!   thanks!! … Read entire article »

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the creator of the school lunches does not have children. {according to Number Two}

  I pack my kids healthy well-balanced lunches every day consisting of fruit, veggies, juice, cheese, nuts and a protein.   I’m an incredibly responsible and health conscious parent.   Unless I’m tired.  Or lazy.  Or forgot to go to store.  Or stayed up too late.   Then they buy lunch.  Which basically means that my kids buy lunch 80% of the time.   (Okay.. 90%). My boys have the tendency to obsess over stuff.  { I have no idea where they got that trait..  weird}.    Monday is pizza day– everyone loves pizza day.  Tuesday is nacho day.    This is our conversation EVERY Tuesday afternoon and it repeats en total throughout Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning only ending at school drop-off. Hey Number Two!  How was your day?  Fine. Best thing that happened?  I got an A on a test, we … Read entire article »

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Seven better watch it or he’ll be eating frozen pizza.

Seven better watch it or he’ll be eating frozen pizza.

So, I’m making these awesome little souffles with a pork tenderloin for dinner tonight.   (Found the recipe at The Home Heart) Seven is home this morning.  I’m making the cauliflower puree.  After steaming the cauliflower, I added some salt/ pepper/ and fat free cream and put it in the blender. What is that? It’s cauliflower puree… I’m using this for dinner tonight. Oh. that looks awesome.  (dripping in sarcasm and venom) Shut up.  It’s gonna be good. Yeah…looks it. Why don’t you … Read entire article »

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Perfect children, cheese and chocolate.

I’m still a little buzzed from last night’s dinner.   Not boozey buzzed…  happy buzzed.    I surprised the boys with dinner at The Melting Pot.   If you know me at all, you know that I do NOT eat at chain restaurants.   There are a few exceptions..   1) if someone invites me   2) when Chili’s donates to St. Jude  3) Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse  and 4) The Melting Pot.   I am a sucker for fondue.   My boys are fun to take to any restaurant.  They are adventurous eaters.  They generally use their manners.  And they get overly excited to have soda.    I have never taken them for fondue.   Last night was Wednesday.  Just a normal rainy Wednesday night.   We dressed up a little and hit The Melting Pot.   You know those nights with your kids … Read entire article »

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You can keep your dollar..

You can keep your dollar..

I am a cook.   I love to cook and I’m good at it.   (note:  COOK, not bake!  I hate baking).   I generally make everything from scratch.    I tell you this only to explain that I am comfortable in the kitchen.  I can chop.  I can dice.  I can work all four burners on my stove like Lindsay Lohan can work a crack pipe.   I am a good cook.  The thing I like the least about cooking … Read entire article »

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Today~ I cheat.

I’ve been looking forward to this day for 18 days.     I have been SUCH a rule follower since I started this diet.    I have had 4-5 drinks total during this time.   I have eaten nothing but grilled chicken, fish, fruit, veggies and brown rice.    I have lost 12 pounds.  It has been worth it. It’s a 24-day challenge.   I”m not done.  I have another week.   But TODAY…. I cheat.    And I will cheat big time!  You know the 3 other families that we do so much with?    {if you are new to the blog, visit almost any post under ANTICS and you’ll know about our little group of alcoholic pranksters}.    Tonight is our  Valentine’s Day.    Because honestly…  with 50+ years of marriage between us, nobody wants to spend Valentine’s Day alone with their … Read entire article »

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Do you know what it means…

Do you know what it means…

  To miss New Orleans? Walking down the riverfront and this lovely gentleman seranades me with  “Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?”.     Yes.   Yes I do. I love this city.   I love this city with all of my heart.   It is my blood.  It is my heritage.  It is my culture.  It is my family. I come from a HUGE family.   My father was one of 10 children.  I am the 5th of 40-something grandchildren.  … Read entire article »

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i just ate a baguette. (yes, a whole one)

  Well, I think we all know how my “pre-Thanksgiving, pre-Holiday, post-rockstar bender” diet went…     in two words:   not well.   Seriously, I think I gained weight.  I’m an uncaged animal. I cannot stop.  The eating, the drinking, the eating.  The drinking.   I just really enjoy those things.  I was raised on great food.   Eating was the focus of the day.  The focus of the family.   We do not “eat to live”  we “live to eat”.   This was fine when I was a kid.  And okay in my 20′s.  A little troublesome in my 30′s, but I was pregnant most of that time, so whatevs…    but NOW… NOW that I am knocking on 40′s door…  something has got to give!   ( something other than the button on my jeans!)     I have clearly proven to myself that not eating delicious food and abstaining from … Read entire article »

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Thanksgiving Chicken and vegefruit.

  Me:  Number Three, what did you have for lunch? Him:  Um…  chicken……….. Me:  What kind of chicken? Him:  You know.. Thanskgiving chicken.  Since it’s almost Thanksgiving. Me:  So, turkey? Him:  yeah, turkey. Me:  What else? Him:  well,  fruit of course,  and chocolate milk.  and……………. Me:  Stuffing?  Potatoes? Him:  yes! Potatoes!  And I had mine with gravy. Me:  Were there any other vegetables or were the potatoes the vegetable? Him:  Well, the fruit was the vegetable.   It was pears.  And they are green.  So they are pretty much a vegetable AND a fruit. Me:  Huh.  Alright then. … Read entire article »

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