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Everything that I never knew I wanted.

  In 2004, when my husband began traveling extensively for work, my world was turned upside down.  With three sons under 4 years old, we had always shared the parenting responsibilities.  We both worked full time jobs and had scheduled our work hours accordingly.  I worked from 7am – 3pm while he took care of the children.  He worked from 3pm – 11pm while I did.  {Occasionally we even got to sleep!} Our offices were close to one another and we met every day to do the “hand off”. My husband has always been a great dad.  Back then, he was also a great mom.   He had the day shift.  He made pancakes, changed diapers, got them all dressed and almost daily took them on an outing..  the park, the Science Center, the … Read entire article »

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Why being a bad “parent” makes me a good “mom”

  Admittedly, I’m never going to be in the running for Parent of the Year.  Never, ever, EVER going to happen.  Ever.  {ever} Sometimes my house is a mess.  Sometimes I forget to pay the bills and services get disconnected. Sometimes my kids come home from school to a messy house without power.  Or cable.  Or without power AND cable. Sometimes, when my kids beg to sleep in or play hooky, I let them. Sometimes I feed them bushels of fruits and veggies. Sometimes I feed them processed foods. Sometimes I even feed them GMO’s. Sometimes I don’t register them for sports in time and they don’t get on the “right” team. Sometimes I don’t register them for sports at all because the game/ practice schedules are conflicting with our vacation plans. Sometimes I wake up early and make … Read entire article »

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I am BLESSED and I don’t care who knows it.

  I just returned from a weekend in New York City with my first born. It was an incredible few days.  Truly, one of those weekends that many can only dream of.  I am blessed. There.  I said it.  I am BLESSED.  Change “blessed” to lucky, fortunate, or any other word of your choosing.  THAT is how I feel and THAT is what I am. Every minute of every day I am grateful.  I am grateful for the things that I have earned and the things that I have been given.  I am grateful for plain, dumb luck. This blog (and specifically the Facebook page that accompanies it) has grown exponentially over the past few months.   While posting on Facebook this weekend, many times I wrote, and subsequently erased, the word “Blessed”.  I could … Read entire article »

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To blog or to Facebook? That is the question….

  New Year, New resolutions, New blog post. Same bullshit. In addition to my normal “let me be better” goals of lose weight, exercise more, drink less, don’t smoke, blah blah blah….  I REALLY do want to get to back to writing on the blog on a semi-regular basis (ie: weekly). But here’s the rub.   Writing on the blog is kind of a pain in the ass. Let me e’splain…  No, it’s too much…  Let me sum up .. I need access to a computer.   I’m a busy bee.  I’m not home that often.   I have a smartphone.  Updating a Facebook status with my thumbs is easy.  It’s quick.  It’s painless.  It offers immediate gratification. I do not run diagnostics on either my Facebook page or the blog.  I should, but I don’t.  I … Read entire article »

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Why December kicks my ass. Every fracking year.

  I’ve written and bragged and yelled from the rooftops to anyone who will listen about how I make Christmas my bitch.   I do.  I really do.  But every year.. EVERY fracking year..  there are a fucktillion things that I’m in charge of, outside of my own family’s Christmas, that get the best of me. When I was working, we had a two weeks of mid-year reviews the middle 2 weeks of December.  2 weeks of 12-hour work days with business dinners at night.  When I quit working, I was so excited to have my holidays FREE!  Then I volunteered to be in charge of several activities and chair several committees that all culminated around the Holidays.  And that was okay.. I’m a good scheduler..    I was overwhelmed, but made … Read entire article »

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Mom, I miss you.

  When I began this parenting adventure, I had a full-time job that required some travel and my husband traveled full-time.  We had 3 boys in 3 1/2 years.  We had a part-time nanny and two full-time day care centers.   Life was crazy and was tackled one day at a time. In 2009, I left the work force and became a SAHM to my 8, 6, and 4 year old sons. Our life is amazing.  It’s hectic and messy and sticky and stinky and we love every second of it. If you follow Hot Mess Mom at all, you ,know what an active family we are.  We take about a dozen trips each year.  We have “afternoon adventures” and “mommy/son dates”. We lay on top of each other like cats to watch movies.  We … Read entire article »

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Dear Teenager, Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  I’m a mother of boys.  I’m a friend of boys.  I’m married to a boy.  I understand boys.  I  like boys.. even the gross and bad parts..  I’m a “Boy’s Girl”. In addition to my affinity for the opposite sex, I consider myself to be a very socially liberal person.  No prudishness here.. no sirree. My boys ask about body parts, I tell them.  Babies?  I tell them.  Sex?  What do you want to know?  I tell them.   I talk to my kids about EVERYTHING.. the good, the bad, the difficult and the very ugly. They bleed, I don’t faint.  They get injured, I don’t cry.  The leave a big huge shit in the toilet without flushing, I yell and then I flush it. I am UN-RATTLEABLE. Except for when I find porn on … Read entire article »

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Rocket boots should NEVER be confused with a jet- pack. Just sayin’

  Driving home last night with Numbers One (almost 13) and Three (9).   Their conversation went a little like this: One: If I win the lottery, I gonna buy an Aston Martin.  And then I’m gonna trick it out with crazy rims and a wild paint job. Me:  Please stop talking. Three:  Why? Me:  Because I’ve tried very hard to not raise trashbags and it’s clear to me that I’ve failed miserably. One:  Okay.. So, instead of rims on a $300,000 car..  I’m gonna get a race horse, and a jet pack and the jet pack will be powerful and the horse will be so fast that we will be able to fly all over the world.  Flying around the world on a turbo-jet-pack horse is WAY COOLER than a plane. Three:  Your horse’s tail is … Read entire article »

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and now I’m experiencing “white guilt”

  I live in Seminole County, Florida.  The same county that held the George Zimmerman trial.  While I understand that this case affected, and will continue to affect  the entire country, it is especially close to home here.  The Mayor of Sanford was Number One’s football coach.  I feed the homeless two blocks away from the Seminole County Courthouse.  Sanford is a wonderful city only ten miles away from my own. Like much of the country, I was engaged in this trial, watching it daily.  At the end of the testimonies and after listening the the jury instruction, I believed that LEGALLY George Zimmerman would be found not guilty.  And he was.   That does not negate the moral aspect of the trial. I am not an attorney.  I was not a jurist. … Read entire article »

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Life has gotten in the way, and I’m sorry.

  Where to begin, where to begin??? First of all, you guys must hate me.  Or, if you already hated me, then you probably love me ‘cuz I am NOT writing.   Remember when I used to pride myself on the fact that I was a blogger who actually BLOGGED?  Hot Mess Mom was more than just a Facebook page.  It’s not anymore.  Not really.  And I hate that. I have legitimate excuses to explain my lack of quality time with my laptop.  I do.  Flood in the house.  2 months of living in a gutted house and through a semi-renovation.  No internet during a portion of that time.  End of school responsibilities.  Vacation.  Doctors appointments. Life. Life has gotten in the way.  And it sucks.  (Not my life, my life is awesome.. but … Read entire article »

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