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Bubble Farts


Number Two:  Mom, if you were naked, and laying on your stomach, and farted, would there be a bubble coming out of your butt?

Me:  Uh, No.

Number Two:  Why?  It feels like there should be a bubble.

Me:  {note scientific answer} because farts are made of gas.  It would take something solid to make a bubble, like when you use soap for bubbles or you blow up a balloon.

Number Two walks to kitchen.  I hear cabinets opening.

Me:  What are you doing?

Number Two:  Getting the soap.


Lord help me.


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One Response to "Bubble Farts"

  1. Too embarassed to say says:

    My hubby and I are in bed, I’m laying on my side. Hubby:”What was that?”
    Me:”I farted.” Hubby:”Are you sure?” Me:”Yes.” Hubby:”It sounded like somebody knocking.” Me:”Yeah, on my backdoor.” Then through maniacal giggling we start singing “Somebody’s knocking on the door…” (Paul McCartney’s Let’em In). It gets worse but even I can’t cross that line.

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