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Baking with your children can help to improve their education ~~Sponsored Post

Baking is an activity that parents and children can really enjoy together. It’s messy, tasty and creative fun – three things that most children would love to combine! As well as the fun element, however, baking also has another function that is just as important. This function is its educational aspect. Baking merges a broad range of skills that can greatly improve your child’s education from start to finish. Simple activities such as counting can be incorporated at any stage for children to complete from counting how many ingredients are needed for the recipe, to working out how many cupcake cases can fit on the tray. Baking also provides the perfect opportunity to teach older children basic units of measurement such as pounds and ounces.


As well as math skills, children can also be taught important social values through baking such as working as a team or learning to share through interaction with parents and siblings. Following a recipe is also a great way to improve a child’s reading ability by providing them with access to different reading materials.

Role-playing games or ‘pretend play’ have long since been great ways to get children to engage with others, improve their imagination and creativity, and learn life skills to prepare them for adulthood. Games like ‘mommies and daddies’, going shopping, playing doctor, and dressing up are all great examples of this as they address all these skills and more. Baking can be a great extension of these pretend play games as, for instance, children can be encouraged to make products to sell in their own shop or play mommy or daddy making treats for their ‘baby’.

There are many other advantages to baking on top of the ones listed above that can help to enhance all aspects of a child’s learning and provide parents with a fun activity that they can enjoy with their little ones at any time.

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3 Responses to "Baking with your children can help to improve their education ~~Sponsored Post"

  1. Agreed. I was rather shocked when I realized how little my 4th grader knew about measurement in the kitchen. I sort of took for granted that she’d know from watching and stirring and stuff. Kids who don’t learn these life skills in the kitchen grow up depending on convenience and fast foods, imo. Not a healthy lifestyle either. Thanks for sharing. ;-)

  2. Malissa says:

    My daughter has always loved to help mommy cook and bake. It’s one of our favorite activities and it really does teach them a lot. My mom never cooked with me so when I moved out on my own, I was really on my own. I’m happy to make sure my daughter knows how to cook before she leaves the home and we have fun learning new recipes together to. It’s definitely a great family activity.

  3. We LOVE spending time in the kitchen with our 3 year old–she really loves to help and have special jobs to do like pouring and stirring. It definitely helps to encourage fine motor development!

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