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Tattoos… what?

ok… if you are under 25, upper middle class and high/ drunk/ stupid…  please don’t get a tattoo.

I love tattoos.  I have a few.  I will get more.   They are a wonderful expression of who you are.

Except for who you ARE is NEVER who you WERE at 20…   NEVER..


I have an eyeball tattooed on my ass.

Except for when I got it wasn’t on my ass.   And the “tramp stamp” did not exist.

I was the girl who the old biker asked…… “Are you SURE honey??   I’ve never done a tattoo there… it’s really gonna hurt…. ”

And I WAS sure..  cuz in 1992 pants came up to your waist.  And no one would ever see my top-secret tattoo.   Until 1996.  When pants dropped down to your hips.  And I was fucked.  Damn.  Huge ass  + eye tattoo = debocle.   Seriously.

Fast Forward a decade or two…   i have other tattoos.  Will get another this year on my 40th.   However… none could ever be worse than that one I SWORE i would love forever.  At 20…..  Here’s a hint…  if you break up with a companion, change your major, switch apartments, or become vegetarian…   chances are you will change elsewhere in your future…  so please… don’t brand yourself at 20.   It’s just dumb.


Eyeball Ass Tattoo……..


AND….. for your enjoyment………


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8 Responses to "Tattoos… what?"

  1. Regina says:

    I agree with you on that! I wanted to get a tattoo when I was 21. Even went with my friends, same age. One got kermit with a stethoscope because she worked for a doctor. And the other, got a tooth because she worked for a dentist. I thought these choices both odd. And my profession, i worked in an office, would I get a desk, chair or a phone Nope. I choose not to get one because I see me at age 80 with it and wondering what I was thinking (as you suggested).

    So I’m still without one as I can’t find one that I can live with and now I’m 40. 🙂

    It’s always interesting to hear the stories behind them, and maybe you can get a heart and the letter U to go with your eyeball. then again maybe not.


    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      i love my other tattoos. very small. can be hidden. have a meaning…. if you saw me you would NEVER think that i had tattoos. never. … but i do. and i love them. but not that stupid fucking one from 1992. Damn. 😉

  2. Kelley says:

    Why an eyeball???????

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      i dunno…THAT is why your decisions at 20 should not be permanent!!!

  3. Chrissy says:

    You need to post a pict of your third eye, it truly is hideous and scary and funny as shit all at the same time. Xo

  4. I got a tattoo when I turned 18. I was an exchange student in Australia and wanted something to forever remember my time down under. The very next month, I met Aaron, my now husband. 11 years later and I’m still here…with a kangaroo just above my ass.

    1. Hot Mess Mom says:

      a kangaroo above the ass.. gold. 😉
      much better than an lsd induced eyeball….

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